School admission for 16-Sep-2008 Borne

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SajiSmitha 2011-04-11 17:45:47



I stay in CV Raman Nagar ( near to Tippusandra, Indira Nagar). My seond kid was borne on 16-Sep-2008. My elder son studies in Poorna Prajna, Tipuusandra.

I got a shock of my life, when I inquired PPEC, for admission of my second child.

My main understanding was till the kid is 3 years, he is not eligible for school.

Which is wrong !!

All the admissions for 2008 year borne for Pre-nursery is closed and there is no application process for LKG, that means almost 0% of getting admission in PPEC. Next year Pre-nursery intake is only for 2009 borne. 

I fail to understand why Age Entry criteria for both lower age and upper age.

Are all school admission forms close by September/october?

What are my other options?

1) Should I go for Little Elly/Kara/Eurokids/Kidzee for prenursery and then look for a school next year for LKG admissions

2) Are there any schools that take in applications now for pre-nursery, where my child can continue through




Hasumom 2012-03-21 18:29:56


Hi SajiSmitha,

Can you please give your feed back on PPEC, tippasandra..



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