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Shylajab 2011-04-03 22:33:54


My daughter is completing 2 years in  Pravesh Play School in AECS Layout Bangalore. I feel that the school has thought her the right things required for a 3 year old. In our case the school took extra personal effort to improve her writing skill and to teach good manners, hygiene and politeness.

I think Mrs Padma's long experience of more than 15 years in kinder garden helps the school to distinguish between hype and core values of nursery education. Admissions are open for the next academic year starting June.For more details you can call on this number 9739179733 .



kat 2011-04-06 17:05:38



My daughter enjoyed her stay at pravesh for 2 years and in fact i was keen to continue there but they do only till 5 years

It was great experience for my daughter and for us. We have learnt bit from our daughter which she learnt from school

I was very impressed with the approach by the teacher with kids they really take care of them at the maximum extent possible

For kids at 3 this is the place where they can really cherish




A3 2011-04-13 16:12:10



One of my friend suggested Pravesh Play school for my 2yr old son when we moved to Brookfields. And I am really thankful to him because this was one of the best we have seen.

Highlights of this place are (i) Cleanliness, which children are also taught to follow, (ii) Discipline, (iii) Teaching pattern and (iv) Well experienced staff led by Padma teacher.

I was totally tension free during the 2yrs my son was with Pravesh play school.

I would recommend this place for kids between 2-5yrs.




RahulS 2011-05-08 22:52:04


I agree with the comments written on Pravesh Paly School.

My daughter was in Pravesh for two years. Since we are a working couple, we were unable to spend much time in teaching her things that is normally expected from parents - that's the plain honest fact.

This is where Pravesh came in to fill the gap. Apart from language related aspects like alphabets and words, she was taught good habits, general knowledge,  singing the national anthem, learning different shapes etc. Our daughter used to surprise us with the new things that she learned at school.

I would whole heartedly recommend this school to any parent.


Anzy 2011-07-06 13:17:04


My son was in Pravesh Play School for 2 years from the age of 1.5 years.  For my son, Pravesh gave the right foundation in learning very good English spoken, good habits and general knowledge apart from the alphabets, words and many more .

The homely nature of nourishing the kids by Mrs Padma teacher & her staffs is excellent. The school is very clean and is above the mark in all the aspects. I thank Mrs. Padma and her staff for their effort and blessing in helping my kids to grow. You can contact me for any clarification.


Best Regards



sansekhar 2011-08-06 21:56:29



My daughter just graduated from her 12th grade and getting ready to move into the University Dorm. What am I doing here ? Well many years back when we were in Bangalore , she went to Pravesh Play School. Of course since then many changes have taken place in the school: in the campus, staff etc however the essence of the play school still remains the same. Jyotsna had a wonderful time learning her ABC's,her numbers and her rhymes; basic concepts of leadership, team building were inculcated in her in the simplest way. I am very grateful to Ms Padma and her wonderful group for building such a strong foundation in her. My best wishes to the school and all the students there, current and future.

Parents, my sincere advise to you is that do send your children there and watch them growing up into wonderful people.

Best wishes.





yoga22 2011-08-08 19:48:46



Having worked at Pravesh Play School as a teacher for 2 years (2001-03), I can definitely say that this school was an eye-opener to my teaching profession. Mrs Padma and the co-staff were very friendly and this has helped me gain invaluable experience in handling toddlers.The environment at Pravesh is highly enthralling to kids. Children are handled with utmost care and patience and are given individual attention. This is one of the few schools in bangalore that begin with writing skills at an early age.On the whole, Pravesh play school is an enjoyable and lovable place for children.

doguparthy 2013-05-12 20:09:06



Can anyone suggest how is pravesh play school since i am planning to join my some over there for this year.

you can send comments to my personal id as well




sarat2429 2013-11-27 15:53:01


We did extensive analysis of all play schools in AECS layout and found Pravesh to be the best one. We did both online research and research by visiting most of the schools.

The owner of the Pravesh, Padma mam is strict but she has vast experience in teaching field (India and US) which she uses for the benefit of the child. She gives you thorough and accurate feedback about Kid’s improvement areas regularly. The school doesn’t have transport right now but it can worked out. We are very much satisfied with our kid’s improvement and  definitely recommend the school to everybody. Franchise schools seems to be at the bottom of the chart. 



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