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cheen 2011-03-31 22:27:25


 Does anybody have experiences to share with Bright Kids, R T Nagar.

There setup looks impressive and the talks i have had with the teacher is quite encouraging, but i would like to seek more inputs regarding the institution.

If anyone has any experience ( +ve or -ve ), please feel free to share.




JAYEETA1976 2011-06-13 17:20:34



My son started going to "bright kid" sice he was 1 yr 10 months and now he is in LKG (bishop cotton boys school) and still attends the daycare.

It has been an extremely encouraging environment for him at bright kid.The teachers are very invlolved with the correct infrastructure and affordable.

Mostly I have noticed that all kids are very "confident".Thanks to their exposure to various activities at school.

I would definitely recommend the RT nager centre!





Anonymus 2011-06-17 03:30:29


I am an ex teacher of this institution and I would recomend you not to put your kid in Bright Kid.(esp.R.T.Nagar branch)

Reason 1. None of their teachers are montessori trained even though they claim so.

Reason 2. The toilet and the kitchen is unhygenic with cocroches and insects

Reason 3. They stuff students even when they do not have enough space.

Reason 4. Each class has 25 or more students taken care by 1 teacher and 1 attendant.

Reason 5. They charge unnecessary money.Lots of hidden charges which they reveal after a child gets admitted and the parents have already paid the money.

Reason 6. Unprofessional staff members

All in all i would says if you really concerned about the future of your kid then DO NOT put him in Bright Kid.


Jemie 2011-08-19 08:29:50



My son also used to attend playschool in Brightkids (RT Nagar). Now he is in class 1 at BishopCottons. But he still attends the daycare at Bright kids, RT Nagar.

He is very happy and enjoys his time at Bright kids. I had sent him to a couple of other daycares before Bright kids (nearer to my house), but he was not happy and hated to use the toilets (a little fussy about unclean or even wet toilets).

Now he is happy. His daycare attendants also seem to be very concerned if he is not upto himself or feeling tired when he comes from school, etc. So we as parents are also very happy now.

One other thing I've noticed is that he knows how to take care of younger children, since he interacts with kids of all ages at the daycare.

So, personally, I dont find any problem with having your child attend Bright kids (one of the very few playschools that also have daycare facilities).

Best wishes



Neodita 2011-08-19 12:53:23


hi jemima...

got to know tht ur kid is attending daycare in bright kids( r t nagar).whr do u stay?i stay in rt nagar itself and i have been searching for a good preschool for my daughter who is now 1.8 yr.

i did go to bright kid n euro kid just to check up the place.and heard tht there are other playschools also like shemrock, tree house but honestly speaking i am kind of confused because we really cant make out from outside whether the school is good or bad and the feedback we get for all is both gud as well as bad so can u plz suggest me a good school.


Jemie 2011-08-22 08:31:16


Hi Neodita,

We stay in Ganganagar Extn. For us any pre-school in RT Nagar would be same by way of distance.

However, from experience and feedback from other parents, both eurokids and brightkids are good. Of course, you cannot expect everything to be perfect!. Some schools will have some advantages over the other, and viceversa. One of my friends sent her kid to kidzee, but was not happy. I dont know about shemrock and treehouse, because they are new ones, and most of the parents in my locality send their kids to euro or bright.

I also saw a new one coming up.. planet kids, which has a lot of branches I believe.

Parents in my neighbourhood are happy with both eurokids and brightkids. The one disadvantage for working parents with eurokids is that they do not provide daycare facilities. Hence after pre-school timings are over, they will be sent home. But if you have a babysitter at home, then its OK. I would suggest that you vist both play schools  once more, and then based on your preferences, decide.

Best wishes





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