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Pushpa 2009-09-13 19:26:42



I am 8 months pregnant now, and would like to know fo some good site where second hand baby products like cribs, prams etc are available in bangalore. I want to train my 2nd child to sleep in the crib right from the begining. Since I did not do this with my daughter now she would just not sleep alone. She is 3 1/2 yrs old now. what are your thoughts on this?

DivyaRaj12 2009-09-14 10:00:46


Hi Pushpa,

My daughter is 14 months old....I am also unable to put her in the crib during the night because of the fact that she moves around a lot in her sleep, and thus she really needs a lot of space in the bed to do so.I guess once I start her on full fledged solids in the night,she will stop moving around so much in her sleep and then I can place her in the crib.Also, with respect to second hand baby stuff, I cud help you with a baby pram myself  (my daughter refuses to sit in it since she has started walking!!). Am also aware of a website where you can barter products....will share that with you shortly(don't recollect the name right now).....



Shruthi 2009-09-17 17:22:45


Hi Pushpa!

I have a 2yr 3mt old son, who has been sleeping in the crib since he was 7 months old.  I find it very convenient since I don't have to bother about him falling to the floor...which incidently hadn't happened till last night when my husband decided to put him in bed beside us and my son rolled over me and onto the floor!!  Putting my baby in the crib has it's own plusses.  e.g. I put my son's on the side where my husband slept.  He would pick him up and hand him over to me when I was still breast-feeding him.  Now, I've moved it away from our bed, but still keep it in the same room, although I've been suggested I move it to his room.

Some of my other friends were very apprehensive of rolling over the child and hence decided to put them in the crib and it seems to have worked for most of us.  And I would suggest you use a crib since you already have one child sharing the bed with you...and as much as I know kids they roll around a lot!!  Get one that has a push down rail on one side and butt it to your bed.

And like Divya, I too have a pram and an infant seat, in good condition, that I'm looking to do away with.  They were very useful till my son turned 20 months.  I live in Koramangala and you are welcome to see these items whenever you can.

Thanks...and best wishes



Pushpa 2009-09-20 21:04:16


Hi Shruthi,

Thanks for the advice. I stay in the other side of the city neear hebbal. So will get in touch with you when I come to that side. Now I am more confident it using the crib from the begining.






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