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aanchal 2009-09-12 16:08:29


dear friends,

my 2 years old son goes to euro kids. we are planning to continue there till march2010..and look for new school for june 2010 session.

i have a confusion here..if i put him into a montessori school when he turns 2.9 in june 2010, will i face a lot of trouble in putting him into a mainstream school when he turns 6? if that be the case, how do i select a mainstream school for him for june 2010? i mean, what do i need to keep in mind before selecting one? i have heard that some mainstream schools refuse admissions in class 1, that few of them have some tie up with certain kids-schools, and that few of them prefer children from certain kind of schooling system..any clue?

Sumo 2009-09-14 09:36:46



Many mainstream schools offer Montessori system atleast till they enter 1st grage - and some schools like Shishu Graha have Montessori even in higher classes.  It may be a good idea to choose the mainstream school right now and put him there; because of the small uncertainity/tension in obtaining admission for 1st grade.  Number of seats for outsiders for 1st grade will be less and there would be entrance exams, etc.





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