Gifted children program in Bangalore

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KumarPhani 2015-09-03 22:20:29


Disagree with above points. Reasons:  1)- in US gifted identification starts at 1st grade (in some school districts it starts at 3 rd grade), where as in India it starts at 10 th or 12 th grades (so there is a chance that a gifted student may become normal normal student due to the lack of excitment or any other external factor (Ex: If you cage a chita, which runs 180 km per hour for may years, then it becomes a normal animal and looses its pace).   2)- in US gifted is not only considered by Accademic excelence, instead they consider 120 factors (refer Winchester IQ process) to identify a real gifted kids.  3)- In US, GT kids are given an opportunity to jump from 4 th grade math to 9th grade math even though that kid is in 4th grade,  but In India even in the best of the best private schools (I am referring only elementary and high schools) doesnot allow kids to cross their borders.  

Bairavsmom 2016-12-15 05:25:25


Would like to know if any of guys have found a school/ alternate learning place to help the kids without too much pressure?

101pinto 2019-03-11 05:18:22


Looking for any kind of gifted childrens counseling center at Bangalore ? Has anyone found schools that teach gifted children.

sathiya123 2019-05-17 08:14:33


My son is blessed with very good arithmetic skills and possess excellent interest in studying Mathematics.  (He is 8 years 11 months old)

He already learned topics like  
(1) Algebra, 
(2) Trigonometry, 
(3) Matrices & Determinants, etc.
and its applications....

Now he is learning Derivatives and Differentiation using Senior Secondary level Mathematics book.
(Most of the topics - he learned by himself.)

His learning speed and understanding are exceptional.

I would like to get your advice on "How to nurture his skills further?" 
also, I would like to know - 
"Is there any special coaching centres available for kids like him?"

Please kindly guide me.

Tmtp 2019-06-17 04:55:30


Was looking for the answer to this. Additionally, are there programs for parents to understand how to mentor gifted children on the social and emotional piece and the associated OE's. Greatly appreciate any pointers in this area

pooja05 2020-07-30 09:09:28


Did u find any resources for gifted child we have looking for it. Also how to mentor them


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