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thakursamy 2011-03-11 19:30:03



I am 5 months pregnant and we r still confused about good maternity hospital.We have shortlisted manipal and Fortis but we are open for any other good option. Anybody who has experience with these two please suggest which one is better.

Thanks in advance

rakulkar 2011-03-11 22:50:19


Hi, A lot depends on the distance of the hospital from your residence. Manipal is no doubt a good hospital. Both my kids are born there. I have heard that Cradle is also a good hospital. It is in Jayanagar.


NJ 2011-03-12 01:42:03


thakursamy, if you do not mind the cost then there is motherhood hospital in Indiranagar where my sil just delivered her baby. Its just like a 5 star place and my sil was treated like royalty. There were lots of doctors and nurses around her during her labour and my brother was also allowed inside the labour room to be with her(not sure if this is the trend now anyway in the cities). She delivered the baby through normal delivery- normal delivery is now not very common in the cities.


PiaKaushik 2011-03-21 12:23:34


Hi Shamiksha,

Happy pregnanthood first of all.

I had my delivery in Cradle, it is maternity speciality hospital in Jayanagar. I found doctors are good, approachable & nurses are very caring. They have pre-natal yoga classes, lactation expert & dietacian to help you post delivery. They allow father of the child into the delivery room. But costwise, Cradle is always on the higher side. And yes, you will not feel like that you have stepped into any Hospital.. this i liked most there as I always hate that Hospital smell.

I would suggest you to decide on the hospital depending on two criteria:

First, the distance from your residence. In the last months of pregnancy u need to go for weeky/ bi-weekly check ups. You will be tired to travel long distances for sure.

Second, which doctor you are referring and how much u r comfortable with the doctor. Doctor should be approachable and patient to listen all our worries and concerns.

P.S. I expressed my personal view point about Cradle..


negu 2011-03-21 15:00:36


 cradle is really bhabhi got her delivery done r too good



Nisz 2011-03-25 12:18:07


Hi Shamiksha,
I had my delivery in Cradle ,3rd block jaynagar.i started the consulting Dr. Prakash Kini at 6th month onwards. he is really good. my friend also followed me with him later ..
The nurses are very caring. They have pre-natal yoga classes, lactation expert & dietacian to help you post delivery.
 And yes, i agree too that you will not feel like that you have stepped into any Hospital.. 
 i'm not aware of your location .. but if u have chosen manipal i guess it near to indiranagar or marathalli side.. anyway .. u don't have to worry abt the distance.. its wll hardly take a hr max to reach from that side of the town.. i'm from kalyanagar  and my preference initially was manipal.. later my gynae friend had a bad experience with them. she being a doc was little rest assured but advised me not to go in there.
 the treatment and staff / service is really pathetic. about the cost .. i had c-section and it cost me 50k .
 i was a first time mother and it really made a delivery a joy..
 anyway all the best ..


negu 2011-03-25 13:30:54




PiaKaushik 2011-03-25 14:15:43


Hi Nisz,

I too consulted Dr. Kini..what i liked about him is that he is very calm, poised & had answers for all my questions!! Being a first time mother is always a spl experience.. & i really enjoyed having my bundle of joy there.

 BTW..I had a baby about urs? When you delivered.. just being inquisitive :)


Nisz 2011-04-05 18:45:19



sorry i don't chk  everyday. and i was out of station for a week ..

my "daughter" now is 2.4 years.. (oct 2008 ).till recently we were going to Cradle for her vaccines with Dr. Kishore.

yeah ur correct. he is a splendid doc.. u feel very confortable with him:)


thakursamy 2011-04-06 16:08:05


 Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your responses. 


thakursamy 2011-06-13 09:13:06


 Hi NJ, thanx fr yr response n sorry am bit late in responding. after all the responses we got and lil bit of survey we've zeroed down to manipal and motherhood. as we stay in whitefield area so both are at equal distance. The problem is that motherhood is not having any reviews on net and though the doctors seem good i am stil confused which one is best amongst them. I'l appreciate if u take some time and let me know which doctor yr SIL consulted and at the time of delivery she was the only doctor present or there were other doctors also.Her delivery was planned or it was an emergency and how good the hospital was in handling this emergency,  how was the attitude of nursing staff and admin. the package they give is all they charge or the cost goes very up.........Please please please help me sort out my confusion as i ca't find any other source of info regarding motherhood.

Thanx in advance


connectgayathri 2011-06-13 09:40:05



is st.philomena  hospital good?


NJ 2011-06-23 00:45:54



I just saw your pm this night. I shall ask my sil tomorrow on your queries and reply back more specifically. My sils gynac is a consultant in vittal mallya hospital. I dont recall her name now and I'm not sure if she recommended this hospital or if my brother found it or if any of my brothers friends recommended it. My brother stays in kasturinagar, so this hospital was also close to him. They were also considering manipal hospital at that time. This hospital was started only about a year or 2  ago and it is malayalam actor mammootys brother in laws hospital. You may not have found reviews on the net because its new while others have been around a while. My sils gyn had told her that if its a normal delivery then the doctors in the hospital would take care of it, but if she needs to have a c section then she should be called. My sils due date was March 20 but she went into labour on Mar 1st and my brother took her to the hospital. The nurses and doctors there attended to her and she delivered her baby in 3 hours. Everything went smoothly for them, there were no complaints. She was discharged in 2 days. I will get the details like the doctors name and hospital expense from her tomorrow.

Good luck on your delivery.


NJ 2011-06-24 18:27:45


The doctors name is Sushila shetty and the cost for normal comes to around 45 000  all inclusive(food, doctors fee , physiotherapy etc). For normal they usually stay in the hospital for 2 days and if you want to stay additional day its 2500. For cesarean its 90000 all inclusive. And the stay in hospital is 3-4 days.


thakursamy 2011-06-26 09:24:00


 Thanks a lot NJ i just saw yr replies as i was in hospital and delivered my baby on 21st in motherhood itself and trust me its the best decision we made.

Thanks for yr responses


meharjish 2011-09-18 08:28:02


 hi NJ and thakursamy

ur post has been a help for me to know more abt motherhood

i am pregnant and my due is on mar 2012. i'll am in indiranagar....and happen to visit motherhood a mnth back for enquiry.

when i saw their package was confused ........abt what they provide...and whether they try to make delivery normal as  far as possible.

but after reading ur conversation feel they provide good service.

NJ i need to confirm whether sushila shetty was the same doc ur sil consulted in vittal mallya?

and when did they started visiting motherhood ...i mean during which month of prgnancy?

please do write back

and thakursamy...which doc did u consult and from which mnth on wards?

thanks in advance :)



rubK 2011-12-14 17:40:52



I would also like to know about which would be the best and reasonable hospital near Btm, jaynagar....or any of the immediate surrounding areas? I agree about cradle /cloud 9 hospital in jaynagar in being a good hospital but as per reviews by many people around me ive heard they are very expensive.

it would be really nice if someone could be of help in sugeesting as i need to register to a hospital soon and need help in making that decision



hp123 2012-01-11 13:10:57


Hi NJ and thakursamy....

saw ur replies.. I am planning to visit Motehrhood... heard goodreviews abt them.. can u please let me know the name of the doctor u attended...

I heard abt dr. vijayalakshmi and planning to go ahead with her.. Pls suggest !!!


thakursamy 2012-01-13 11:41:41


 Hi meharjish,rubK and hp123,

Sorry guys if i'm late in responding. the reason z my son who keeps me busy whole day. I'l try to reply to u all collectively, i went to motherhood in my 9th month and i consulted Dr. vijaylakshmi and she is a very good doc. i had a C-sec and the cost came close to 93k its less for normal delivery i guess close to 50k and my doc was insisting on normal delivery bt we had to opt for c-sec at the last minute due to some complication.

Other details you can chek with hospital if they have revised rates and if you guyz need any more details feel free to mail me.


Bye and gud luck :)



hp123 2012-01-14 20:27:53


Hi Thakursamy ,

Thanks for the prompt reply from ur busy time. Hope you and your  lil one are doing good.. Planning to go ahead with Dr. Vijayalakshmi as I heard many reviews abt her . how is she ? is she friendly ? does she listen to our problems.? planning to go ahead with motherhood from initial days only. .how was the hospital in terms of facility . I mean do they have sufficient arrangements to handle emergency situations ???

Thanks !!!


thakursamy 2012-01-15 19:48:37


 Hi hp 123,

I found Dr Vijaylakshmi very friendly she always listens to you very calmly. I thot after getting so much publicity she might ve changed but i was wrong , got a chance to meet her again recently regarding some paper work and found her xactly the same warm person. rest you can decide on your own after visiting motherhood

Regarding the facilities i was satisfied with staff and other stuff can't say bout emergency, i guess its better to ask the doc r the admin.



rohiniGN 2012-01-16 10:54:26



I am a mother of of two year old. We had decided to go to St johns hospital in koramangala for my daughters delivery.

I was perticularly intrested in not going for a c-section therefore did not opt for a private hospital.

The people in St johns are very frendly and the doctor was also very approachable. The facilities are also comparable to any good private hospital in Bangalore

Though I have no personal experience, I have heard that the doctores at Manipal come up with some excuse for a c-section delivery based on the doctors convenience or perhaps to make money.

All the best in..


rubK 2012-01-16 21:33:00


hi rohiniGN
I would like to know / recommend which doctor (gynec) u consulted at St. Johns? How was she? And did u face any problems such as less attention, less nursing care, etc at d hospital.
Coz ive heard that at St. Johns one has to wait for a long time just for an appointment and also after waiting for very long the doctors hardly give u enuf time when u get in. I agree to the fact that St. Johns would be the most reasonable of all and also most of the doctors at private hospitals are into taking a call for C-sections instead of normal deliveries.
Ur suggestion would be nice .


VinRich 2012-01-17 13:40:17


 The posts on this page are very useful - thank you so much for sharing ur experiences and details.  Can someone please tell me more about Dr.Praveena Shenoy in Manipal - I am planning to go there for my delivery.  I stay near Old Airport Road - near Domlur flyover.


rohiniGN 2012-01-20 12:51:52



The doctor we went to was Doctor Annamma Thomas. We were initially consulting another doctor in St John's hospital but she was very rude and wanted us to consult her privately so we changed to Dr Annamma,

All the people we interacted with there were very friendly and helpful..

Dr Annamma Thomas was recommended by many of my friends and neighbors. Perhaps that's why she has a long queue of patients.

Yes, its true there are very long queues in St john's hospital, especially on Saturdays. But  on weekdays its better.

I did not have any complications or health related issues during my pregnancy so did not have to take much of her time. But I have heard that she gives the correct and required medical advice based on the need of the person.

Just to add.. there were four deliveries that happened along with mine at St john's on the day my baby was born.. All were normal deliveries.. So if that is your criteria, along with NOT getting "incorrect money making medical advices" you could opt for St john's..

Hope this help..




rubK 2012-01-20 17:59:03



thanx rohini ur reply is of real help to me. I will look into this. I too heard of two doctors from St. Johns, one is Dr. Annamma and the other is Dr. Shirley. Yet to decide on the doctor.
As you said there were four deliveries going on at the same time, i wanted to know did the doctor herself take your delivery? , since ive heard that since St. Johns is a medical college at times students are allowed to do it too.

Thanx once again



NYN 2012-01-21 14:54:21


Hi All,

 Firstly thanks for all your posts, I was searching for same from long time. Thanks I got one … We are planning to have delivery in Bangalore; we stay near Whitefield so were thinking which hospital and Dr is good and near by. Reviews for near by hospitals are not good, hence were thinking about Manipal or St Johns but St Johns is too far. Can you please suggest good hospital and Dr ?  I heard lot of good things abt motherhood, but looks like its expensive as my first delivery was C-section and hence second will be; 90-95 k  will be on higher side as insurance is only for 40 k , but money is not second criteria , we need good Dr and good hospital – specially hindi speaking

NYN 2012-01-21 14:55:59


correction last line as money is a second criteria 



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