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Madhu26 2011-03-03 00:19:09



Would like to get some feedback on these 2 schools. I am slightly confused which one would be better for my son, whom I am planning to put next year. Could you please let me know some other good schools in the south. Have heard a lot about Bishop Cotton Boys, but it is pretty far from our house in JP Nagar 9th phase.  We are basically not from Bangalore and therefore an honest feedback would help.


apar_sai 2011-03-03 10:21:09




I am happy with PSBB LLA. Kumarans has a very goods reputaion here, PSBB has a very good reputaion in Chennai. Both schools are good. I guess you should keep your eyes open and try for admission as early as possible. 


I do know that even LKG admission is now very difficult - even for siblings - in PSBB. Whatever the school it would be better to try at pre-KG.







Madhu26 2011-03-03 11:19:48



Thanks a lot. My son will be 2 years in May. I am planning to put him in a playschool for a year and try for school admission next year for pre-kg. Have a few of these playschools nearby - Eurokids, Podar Jumbo Kids.

As far as PSBB is concerned , I think they have a Smart Class program in tie up with Educomp. I don't know whether Kumarans has it. How helpful are these technology enabled classes in clearing concepts of children? Is'nt it better to have good teachers with soound concepts rather than having colourful ppt presentations being rolled out in front of children?



apar_sai 2011-03-03 11:45:01


Good question.  But  'good teachers with sound concepts'  - no school can guarantee that 100% !


Re. PSBB LLA, Smart Class helps bridge the timegap in the learning process. While the teacher is occupied with the slow learners, the faster ones are sometimes allowed to browse the Smart Class program on their own. (Of course, this cannot be guarantee-d either!) This keeps the kids more occupied and I feel that is good use of the system. 









omshri 2013-12-16 00:05:16


Friends, I am looking for admission to class 9 next year for my daughter. PSBB is one of my choices apart from Chaitanya techno. Kumarans and Oxford wont take admissions for 9th, they asked me to call after march to check for vacancies, but thats too late as I have to submit TC request before Jan in the present school.

1. If you have idea about how the coaching for class 9-10 is, that would be very helpful.

2. I need some contacts of higher class students/parents. If you have any contacts, could you please share. That would be a great help.

prathibha 2014-01-11 20:02:52


Hi Madhu,

My son is studying The Millienium school,Noida( Smart class tie up with Educomp).Am very happy with this school and curriculum esp the teachers here.Student teacher ratio is 1: 28 approx.We are going to shift  to Bangalore,in April 2014 .If u have an idea about Schools of this kind(Educomp associated) in Bangalore,Please let me know.

Also about preschool in Bangalore my co-sister son is studying Maple Bear and they always say good things about this school.



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