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SAHHEAL 2009-08-22 23:56:22


Dear parent,


How many times has your child come and asked you for the same question or told you the same story that happened at school? Have you paid attention to it?

It is extremely interesting to note the language of children ...they are so transperant and mean exactly what they say.

However so often as adults I have wondered why do we want them to understand and behave like us?

Sometimes we are over controlling and sometimes we just don't know what to do.

In my practice when I am with parents, we have had beautiful interactions to observe the child's physical asthma reducing by a margin of 80% when the mother understands the child's needs and talks in the language of children.

"I have learned....
That you should never say "No" to a gift from a child.

I have learned....
That simple walks with my father at free time when I was a child, did wonders for me as an adult."

 - Raj Bhowmik

We often are unaware of the biggest part in a child's mind that is active and picking up signals at all times. it is the subconscious mind that is 6000 times more powerful than the conscious.

It understands only emotions and takes about the first few years to form the glasses of perceptions. After which it starts building up the world based on the glasses.

This world is often built with the help of parents. But these days due to lack of time, how are we communicating to our children? what are the expectations of the school and family? are we treating a child like the blossoming of a rose bud?

are we listening to them? Are we really listening to them?





Chaplin 2009-08-25 16:50:04


I liked your post. you are right. We parents seem too busy these days to really listen to our children. Even when we are so-called listening our mind thinks of the things to do next. But parents are also under tremendous pressure. So I wouldnt like to blame them. We need to be aware that we sometimes appear too busy for the little ones.put a break and make ourselves completely available to them.



SAHHEAL 2009-08-25 22:50:16


Hi Chaplin,

Often interacting with parents, I find them breaking down under stress & pressure & telling me that they are also stressed. The whole point of the story is "Are we at all listening?" Listening to either ourselves or our children. We are all running the rat marathon right from our corporate housewives to children - runniing from this classs to the next.


the premise of the discussion is this is the condition & surely no on is to blame - because the intention of any system is always at its highest. SO surely no one is at fault. But if this is the condition what are we doing to address it - paying a deaf ear to it, ignoring it, or giving excuses to ourselves that everybody grows - my child will also grow....however the point is how and to what extent?


Thankyou for sharing your thoguhts on this.



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