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7575 2011-01-12 16:54:42


HI all,

I really need help from some experienced parents outhere. I have a 2.6 year old daughter. We currently live abroad and need some advice how to teach writing to kids. I am not sure whether I will be able to put her into pre nursery, I guess I ll be starting her off LKG In St. Pauls jp nagar directly. But in schools In pre nursery they teach all alphabets and in LKG they start off with 2 letter words. But now  in India they  have a new method of teaching, they start with Sleeping line, standing line, slash etc.  So please let me know how this works in detail.

Thanks for your time

Warm Regards


RoshMom 2011-01-12 17:36:03


Hi Shwetha,

Standing line is nothing but a vertical line. Sleeping line is the horizontal line. Slanting is a line drawn with an angle just like a diagonal line. for curves they call it bumpety line. The alphabets will be a combination of these lines. for example L is written with one standing and one sleeping line. B is a combination of a standing line and 2 bumpety lines. 

You can make her trace or draw these lines, or make her connect the dots to form an object. You write the numbers to form a star shape or hexagon or any object with straight lines and make her connect the dots. also you can make her complete a maze.  

Once she is comfortable with these lines, start with alphabets with standing and sleeping lines such as L,T,H,I, E,F. Then the ones with the slanting lines  V,W,K,M,N,A, X,Y,Z and then the alphabets with the curves.


aanchal 2011-01-13 18:08:32


my son is in nursery in bangalore and this is the sequence in which he has been taught writing by me and by teachers:

  • introduction to alphabets (visual and oral)
  • tracing in wet sand
  • tracing on sand cut outs
  • thick chalk grip (they are rough and provide better grip to start with)
  • crayon scribbling
  • stencil writing of lines-shapes-patterns- alphabets(depth stencils and then cut out stencils)
  • paper writing with good pencils

sequence of lines should be:

  • sleeping lines
  • standing lines
  • slants
  • curves
  • combination of 1 sleeping and 1standing (L and T and the easiest to start with)
  • combination of more sleeping and standing (H, I, E, F)
  • combination of slants (X V W)
  • combination of slants and sleeping (A, Z)
  • combination of slants and standing (K M N Y)
  • combination of standing /slants with  small curves (B J P R S U)
  • big curves (O C)
  • combination of lines and big curves (D, G, Q)

some children find it easier to make circles than lines. you can change the sequence according to child's level of comfort with a particular pattern

i hope i havent left out anything..this is only related to writing of letters, and not handwriting..handwriting comes under proper visual motor coordination and there are different activities for that.


7575 2011-01-19 03:24:07


Roshmom and Aanchal!! cant thanks you guys enough for your reply.

I have tried my daughter making her write.. but she doesnt really  seem to be interested.. I give her a lot of colour pencils and paper to scrible.. but she doesnt like it doing more than 5 mins..  How do i make it interesting? Any ideas??


 Former member 2011-03-18 13:07:47


Dear 7575,


i too have a same problem and I end up writing myself........

just try with 4 year old doesn't write anything at all.............

good luck


itawer 2011-03-28 07:58:05


Instead of caling it standing or sleeping line, i made it rhythmc, saying up-to-down, up-to-down... left -to-right left-to-right. & he'd follow the rhythm and learn the motion along with the chanting....:)



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