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RenukaPrabhu 2011-01-08 21:28:01


Hi everyone,i have joined Parentree today..

i am currently living abroad wiht my hsband n soon-to-be 5year old daughter ..we may return to Bangalore in june is it possible to get my daughter admitted into a good school(around whitefiled area)?

also,what generally the entrance test will be  i have taught her numbers fom 1-300,3 lettered it mandatory to know cursive writing,kannada n hindi alphabets..

i'm worried sick about her admission..

indialover 2011-02-04 10:34:00


hi renuka , I joined today and looking for same infromation as you.only my girls are 10 and 12 yrs old.i read some other post  here and the fee structure looked so expensive.hope you get some information share with me if you have any and so will i.

tacke care.


HappyMum 2011-02-04 18:00:59



Many new schools have come up in Whitefield area - and they will be flexible in taking your kid. You can check out the following schools - DPS whitefield (there is a thread on that), Whitefield global school, Euro school (new branch in whitefield), Gear Innovative (new branch in whitefield), and some of the older ones such as Ryan, Gopalan, Vibgyor, Vagdevi etc.

Most of the schools start with 2nd language (hindi) from 1st and 3rd language from 4th or 5th. So I guess you shouldnt be worried about languages as of now. Cursive handwriting also starts from 1st. I think your child will be eligible for UKG from June 2011.

Try contacting the schools, the new ones should be able to accomodate her. You can read reviews on most of the schools in these forums.

Fees - the admission fees (one time) varies from 10 to 70/80K. The annual fees varies from 35k to 60k. Books, Uniform and transport is additional.

All the best!


RenukaPrabhu 2011-02-05 00:39:24


Thanks a lot for the reply..we have contacted several schools through e-mail...some schools have said that is we pay registration fee a seat will be booked for us..i wonder if this is true...


RenukaPrabhu 2011-02-05 00:45:18


Hi Indialover,i read several reviews on the net and have contacted several schools through e-mail..i feel ICSE/IGSE/IB schools are more expensive compared to CBSE.Few schools even ask us to pay registration fees in advance to book a seat..many schools asked us to personally contact them despite mentioning in my e-mail that we are not able to do so!!

I really wish all those schools who boast of international standards ahould atleast have an option to apply online!


atom 2011-02-05 11:16:46



If you contact some of the truely international schools, they may allow you to apply online too. However, the fees in such school are really exhorbitant and not affordable by many of us. Fees are usually 1 lakh plus going upto 3 lakh per annum.

If you feel like you could try some of them -Trio international school, Stone hill international, Canadian International school, bangalore international school etc.

All the best



Motherof2 2011-02-08 11:08:28


Hi Renuka

I understand your dilemma. International curriculum though a lil more expensive than conventonal school, do offer an edge over the others. If you are looking for a school which is truely value for money, i suggest check Inventure Academy as well.

It will be a breather especially for a parent who has to take up admissions online. They do support this facility. I know the lady Preet whom you can speak to with no 9448936678  or get on their chat online through their website.


HappyMum 2011-02-08 11:53:39



I dont think you have to pay right now to book a seat!

Most of the International schools (or wannabe International schools) will have seats available throughout the year. They are generally very expensive (1.5 lac minimum), hence cater to mostly returning Indians.Please do not get impressed by websites and sauve admission co-ordinators. Also, they might pressurize you to book a seat now.

Once you are back in India, visit the schools you have shortlisted, talk to parents (either on PT, or parents who are dropping kids at school, or parents in your neighbourhood). There is nothing to worry, and most of the school admission hype is created by schools and hyper parents.

Hope this helps!



MISHRAJAI 2011-03-05 15:31:37


Hi ,

I am having same situation as Renuka and I am late too. I am currently out of India and will be back in June. My daughter is 3.5 and is with her mom who is in Lucknow owing  to her 2nd pregnancy. We have got her admitted in nursery in a school there. Since I travelled to Europe from Delhi and have never stayed in B'lore I dont have any clue regarding the admissions there. I would be coming back in April and would be in a position to bring my wife along with my daughter to bangalore in June. So I am currently very worried if it would be possible to get her admitted during that time in a good school. The area most likely is going to be near ECOSPACE.

Awaiting for your reply. Please help





Karun24 2014-09-17 15:10:42


I feel IB Schools are offers world class education to its students. According to me  My kids have been studying at Candor International School for the last 3 years and so far I haven’t had a single day when I've regretted my decision of enrolling my children at candor. The curriculum is well prepared, focusing equally on academics & co-curricular activities. 


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