Euro School (CBSE) - Whitefield?

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Bhavanazz 2018-07-12 11:14:38


Few pointers for you to join or not
- No blackboard / Whiteboard in Classes (it seems the contract got over and the vendor took the blackboards away) school was sleeping
- No Uniforms in Place (We paid for uniforms on 16th February 2018, its July 12th 2018... NO UNIFORMS YET)
- No Worksheets for few subjects (ICT)
- No answer sheets for worksheets given
- Worksheets not pertaining to whats studied in class (Math worksheet way to difficult for 3rd standard)
- If a teacher not good and complaints sent to principle, they would just to defend the teacher although its clearly mentioned teachers have signed they cant shout/insult the child. 
- Every month asked for some or the other Cheques, For Tennis during school hours/ for Skating etc.. these are activities during school hours. 
- Teaching methodology is good. some teachers are really good. some are just there to complete portions.
- No Discipline in School at all. Be it uniform, Bus leaving time, School starting time.

A worried Parent of a 3rd standard child (child in school for 5 years now) 
Would advice parents NOT to join this school as they are just in School business not looking for teaching.


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