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dk2012 2012-06-21 11:56:18


  40~45 kids in a small bus is too much.

Are they able to manage pickup and drop time with 45~45 kids?

If yes, then how? I am not able to understand.

If not then I suspect that kids are not reaching to school on time and while coming back to home they start bus early.

They should provide more than 1 bus if no. is more than 30.


PC28 2012-06-21 12:10:38


The transport chaos still continues.

Day1 - I dropped and picked my son. While picking my son - it was a mad rush and teacher would write the name down and bring the child. How many children could they manage this way?

Day2- I decide to drop my son and pick. I tell the teacher I'd not need a transport. Teacher makes a note of it - but when I reach the school - I am told my son was sent with 'SOMEBODY'. On checking again - my son was sent in a wrong bus route. Bus was stopped and I picked him up.

Day3 - School bus driver refuses to come to my pickup/drop point. He waits at the previous drop point (claims so) and leaves. He is too early. During drop - same issue. Bus comes 1 hour later than the time mentioned in the roaster.

Day4- Bus driver issues continue, bus comes 30 minutes earlier than schedule. Transport care taker forgets to give the child his bag while leaving the bus to school. Teacher calls up to ask where is the bag. Later they find it but don't feel it is important to inform that they found. Same day, I go to the school to talk to transport - they promise to provide drop at the place as decided earlier.

Day-5. Bus comes 30 minutes earlier than schedule for pickup and drops 1 hour later than schedule. Routes are going to replanned.

Day6 - I drop the child to school and waiting...fingers crossed for the 'Event of the day'.

But my son likes the class and school - he says it is fun. That is perhaps the best thing for me :)


 Former member 2012-06-21 15:00:38



Hi All,

I agree  with  PC28,  on the First day we  visited the school  to pick  our son.

I was shocked to see the transport chaos going on there,my observations:

All parents were gathered at the gate ,teachers were coming out taking down the name of the kids to bring out kidsand going inside never to come back.

We  waited for another 15 minutes  another teacher came  and she  repeated  the same procedure  ,she also  didnt turn  up ,we asked another teacher for which we got the reply that she is not taking care of UKG students.

After waiting for almost 20-25 minutes,we all suggested to  tecahers there  they instead of sending lthe kids , we will  only go in a batch of 5 to pick our kids,for which they readily agreed(i guess it will ease their burden)


i went straight up to check about our son

oh what ahorrible scene

in front of each classroom the kids were made to sit on the floors.... kids were crying their lungs out...teachers were running here and there ... some kids were being sent by bus.....

i went to check  about my son he was also in front of the classroom  waiting for his turn ,i think seeing the condition there his turn would have  come only after 3 hours since he was in the second floor.

 FinallyI picked up my son and came down ,having so many issues in my mind:

1. There was no tracking of the kid, in the sense when you send the kid through bus route then the kids are handed over to the driver of that particular bus and all the kids are counted and the driver signs the list.

if by any chance the kid is not going in the bus ,needs to be informed to the transport guy and even if the parent is picking up the kid they need to sign the register ,

If the kid is not using transport system then the teacher needs to handover the kids to the  parents (in the absence of parent,authorised person assigned by parents)only after taking signature in the register .

i could see no register being maiantained,that means anaybody can go and pick up any kid...???!!!

There was no stopping at the gate and checking about the entry and exit....

Initially My husband is only dropping and picking up our son but  we were planning

 to send our kid by transport but seeing the transport  chaos we are having second thoughts.

But what i suggest is

Any parents  STAYING IN AND AROUND AREAOF KR PURAM like pai layout ,kaggdaspura,cv ram nagr etc.  if interested should pool in and  should take our own private  transport system  to reduce this transport chaos.

feedback is welcome... 










surya4u 2012-06-21 16:18:22


I feel the best way is to approach the school as a group and discuss the matters. I have a created a yahoo group for this purpose. Request all parents of kids studying in this school to join by sending a mail to or directly through yahoo groups webpage by searching for euroschool_whitefield.


kpaul 2012-06-26 02:28:08


Hi All,
My son is studying in J K G - A . We had a bad experience with the transport. Details below.

Issue 1: We got the bus route No 13. The bus comes late both in morning and in evening right from day 1.

Issue 2: One day the bus came early or before the scheduled time in afternoon and we all were not informed about it. There are 5 kids from our apartment, they left all the 5 kids with one of my friend and just left. 

Major issue yesterday(June 26 2012): The bus came late in the afternoon and I found MY KID WAS NOT THERE IN THE BUS. Some driver or someone who doesn't know English/Hindi etc call me saying that my kid is in a wrong bus route, route No 10. I was SHOCKED. I called Mary. She somehow managed to get my son back in say another 45 minutes or so in some car with someone. We went to the school to talk about this. They say just EXCUSES like - Buses were parked side by side, She (Mary) was on some phone call, Some other kids were crying so staffs were attending them, we are sorry, this wont happen again etc . I don't find this as reason at all. And they just say that this is not going to happen again. I didn't feel that she mean it, just for the sake of it she just says it. 



kpaul 2012-06-26 02:34:35


 I have joined the yahoo group  Europarents  . I am waiting for the approval in the group so if anyone is the moderator of that group please approve me(kavitha_000) to the group. Please avoid duplicate groups and Request you all to join  Europarents as there are already 71 members



kpaul 2012-06-26 02:41:56


 Euro school whitefield parents please join the group  Europarents.

 I have joined the yahoo group  Europarents  . I am waiting for the approval in the group so if anyone is the moderator of that group please approve me(kavitha_000) to the group. Please avoid duplicate groups and Request you all parents to join  Europarents as there are already 71 members


kpaul 2012-06-26 03:30:49


 I have created a group in facebook. If you are a parent of the kid studying in Euro School whitefield then please join the group. I have added few members whom I know as parents there. Please dont create more similar groups in facebook so that we can gather at one place instead of shattering here there. I will be monitoring the group everyday so that there is no delay in approval.

In face book just serach for: Euro School Whitefield Parents



PC28 2012-06-26 18:31:55


I would suggest we all go to the school together and demand for a meeting with the transport and all school management.


mommama 2012-06-26 22:32:11



 Hi all, 

congrats for enduring the transport mess all these days. Latest I heard the  drivers may be different for a few routes tomorrow. Lets take  care from our previous adventures.

Addendum - we do need to group, at yahoo or Facebook, and yes we can make a change for the better.  Thanks kpaul et al.

 Any update on the princi- I believe it is MOST IMP so as to get all the issues straightened up fast.

kpaul 2012-06-27 11:30:58


 Hi All,

I have deleted my group in face book since I found some other group in facebook itself which is active and uptodate and is already running. In facebook just serch for and EuroSchool, Bangalore select the one in Group section. All the parents of kids who are in euroschool bangalore can join that group.




Deeps1309 2013-04-22 14:28:51


Hey ,

I see so many reviews about transport chaos . This is last year.

But Can I know how the situation is going forward and did the school management found a solution to the transportation problem. 

Also what about the academics. My son is 3+ and we are planning to put him in LKG next year in Euro shcool.

Is the syllabus as per the CBSE standards or the syllabus is decided by euro management.

Thanks in advance for all your replies.



divisarath 2013-10-11 17:18:01


hey...lukin a school for my son,siddarth who will b 4 in jan  was tougher than expected...with too many schools promising a lot and mixed reviews we find it really tough to take a decision..and moreover fees r soo far the oly school I got a gud opinion was this euro school in of my neighbours daughter goes there and supposedly she svery happy with d school.....and thy say thy hav seen a big improvmnt in their daughter and tat the school calls fr pta very often to giv d progress of d child.....and also not too much burden on kids.....we had gone to d school last week and the teacher who sppke to us was very nice nd I really liked the luk of classrooms which were well aerated colourful  nd bright...the playground construction is still goin on but my neighbour says thy hav all d extracurricular activities thy said thy have....
    the fees was like:
 admission fee 55k
annual tution fee 63k excluding bus nd uniforms

adinish 2013-11-16 18:53:45


Any idea about the transportation issues at the school now. I am planning to send my daughter in UKG next year..any further information on school is most welcome..

anne14 2014-03-12 12:20:31


I have taken admission for my son this year (2014-15) in Sr. Kg. Admission fee was 55,0000/- Even after paying the admission fee, my child was not given any admission no. nor the login details for the ERP of school. Also when they posted an email for the deatils of uniform sale and orientation day, I didn't receive that email from school. I was informed abt this by one of my friend, who has also taken admission for her daughter in class 1. So I called the school and they sent the mail in the very next minutes.
When I went for the uniform collection I was informed that u r supposed to buy the whole uniform kit which was 6,350/-. This included 3 set of regular uniforms (need to wear only 3 days in a week), 2 sets of sports uniform (only 2 days in a week), one school jacket, one raincoat, one pair of black adidas shoes. Now I don't know why a raincoat is included in uniform! I said that I will need only 2 sets of regular uniform and no need of a raincoat but I was shocked to learn that all new parents are suppose to buy the whole kit of uniform. The option to buy or not is only with the existing parents. It is something like penalising new parents! The vendor ( a lady) even forced my friend to buy smaller size of raincoat when she asked for one size bigger. It seems this is because you will be forced to buy a new raincoat the next year. I mean jacket I can understand but why a raincoat in uniform!
The dress is designed by famous designer Neeta Lulla.
I think they can put a recommended list of set of uniforms, but forcing like this that you have to buy, this is not right. If a parent thinks that they need some extra pair, then option should be there that they can buy any time from the school premises.
In the previous school they had this system and yes the parents are not forced like this. The moment I paid the admission fee, they provided the admission no. alongwith the login deatils for school's ERP. So they didn't have to send mails to each parent's email ids, instead they use to put it on the school's ERP notice board. I changed the school only for the distance.
I am hoping some positive things from Euro school in near future. As of now school is new so no idea of teaching staff. Will have to wait...


surya4u 2015-07-07 14:17:49


One are where Euroschool bangalore needs to improve a lot in the transport and facilities. There used to be GPS tracking in the first year (2011) but after that it has vanished and there have been only promises. This year particulary it has become pathetic, hoping for the transport to improvie :(

seva 2015-09-26 22:03:35


Is school affliated to CBSE board ?, can someone share the status.....

amansb 2015-11-01 08:57:27


This school has not yet got CBSE affliation.Can any one provide feedback on Ryan International kundanhalli,they have started the admission process and would like feedback for Ryan as well

divisarath 2015-11-01 10:20:38


Hi.. My son is studying in euro school whitefield...we got a mail few weeks back sayin the affiliation to cbse has been approved nd nw they r officialy affiliated to cbse board..and v r very happy with the school....

divisarath 2015-11-01 10:22:14 i posted earlier d school is cbse affliated ...even though d fee is high d kids r very son specially who was very shy ealier is now very actively participatin in all d activities....i vd strongly suggest d school...

mybutterfly 2016-02-03 21:43:11


Hi can some one plz share the fees structure for 2nd grade. ...

 Former member 2016-09-15 11:55:36


HI any one plz share the Fee structure  and donation for the next year 2017-2018 for 5th Grade 

 Former member 2016-09-30 13:40:13


Euro School Fee Structure for 2017 -2018 
Application form Rs 1000
Jr.KG - Sr.KG
Admission fee 55k
Annual tuition fee 81k excluding bus and uniform
1st - 4th  
 Admission fee 55k
Annual tuition fee 87k excluding bus and uniforms
5th - 8th
Admission fee 55k
Annual tuition fee Rs 99500 excluding bus and uniforms
9th - 10th
Admission fee 55k
Annual tuition fee Rs 100400 excluding bus and uniforms


RamyaSomanna 2017-10-12 15:45:15


Hi Dear Parents,

We am eager to hear from those of you who have enrolled your kids in Euro school Whitefield. Request you to provide your feedback after these many years of experience with the school. Looking forward to your review since we just have a day to finalize admission there. Please help! we really appreciate it!

mahep 2018-02-27 00:20:48


I have my kids in EuroSchool Whitefield, satisfied so far (5 years in this school so far for my elder kid) since my kids are happy going to school and eagerly participate in different activities. A good number of academic and non-academic activities especially in primaary level. The students have been participating in outside school ttoo (intraschool competitions) and winning trophies and laurels.  


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