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MaggieM 2011-01-06 15:19:42



Anyone here has heard about or been to this school in Whitefield? This will be a CBSE board school and appears to be somewhere near Shell petrol pump on ITPL road.

Have read good reviews of the school management in Mumbai forums. Also, there will be preference given to kids who are going to Euro kids.

Any thoughts? Please share...


minny 2011-01-06 15:21:53


 Hey Maggie,

Today only i cald ths school.even i'm lookin fr gud school fr my kiddo's admission fr nxt academic year.Dnt knw abt review.Even i wnt to knw others review.Bt i guess their fee wud b a lil high..


MaggieM 2011-01-06 15:28:36


I got the following fee break up on phone:

One time admission fee: 35k

Annual Fee: 42K

Books, Uniform, transport is extra. So approx 1L for first year. Most of the schools are in the same range.  Age cut off is standard - for LKG its 3.5 to 4.5 (i.e Jan 2007 to Dec 2007 born). Also, they provide transfers to all other Euro schools across India. Planning to check it over the weekend - no  idea about princi and other staff.


minny 2011-01-06 15:49:22


 Even i hav got the same info...


minny 2011-01-06 15:51:01


 Bt i think its a lil costly.wil enquire abt more schools.u r lookin admission in ths year or fr nxt year?/


MaggieM 2011-01-06 16:30:24


this year...

btw, checked from mumbai friends - fees is same there as well... its ICSE board in mumbai...



PVisuvanadan 2011-01-07 08:34:06



Yesterday I have been to the school. The infrastructure is yet to come up.This is run by management (and not a franchisee). They promised that school will be ready in 5months.

They have made ready a reservation office and the couselling and admission happens there. They have a model KG class including smart class (TM). Smartclass they sail will be ready by today or tomorrow.

I liked the following in the school

  • They concentrate on overall development on the kid.
  • No heavy bag. Books (work books) are kept in school and will be sent home in particular interval or parent can visit school to see (if they want to see) or during PTMs (in NCFE my 19kg child carries 10Kg of bag)
  • They ensure that seat is available in bus of the child. (I had bad experience with NCFE - after 2 years the rush increased and hence my kid has to travel in standing)
  • They promise Parent - school interaction to be transparent and professional. This is part of their mission statement. This is missing in most school. In most schools after admission, parents are not allowed to interact school (except PTM).
  • Smartclass and their unique way of teaching to focus on comprehension
  • Though the school is new , as my both kids studied in Euro kids, from that experience I believe the Euroschool will execute the promises.
  • In summary this will be the school, I would like to my childrent to study.


Visuvanadan P



MaggieM 2011-01-07 09:49:02


Thanks Visuvanadan!

This was an extremly detailed feedback!


minny 2011-01-07 11:10:58


 Thts really a nice feedback  Visuvanadan..Bt my concern is its fee.I'm very sure tht nxt year they wil increase tht fee.N once we put our ward in ths school,we've follow tht fee structure..


TS 2011-01-07 11:12:46


Can you pls tell me the exact location and address.



minny 2011-01-07 11:26:18


 Plz Google it TS.They hav their website.U cn cal them get the address.


MaggieM 2011-01-07 11:41:08

EuroSchool - Bengaluru East Campus (Whitefield Main Road)

No. 36 / 183, Behind KPS Yard,
Hoodi, Mahadevapura Post,
Bengaluru - 560048
Phone : 9916750000 / 9916760000

Landmark: Its supposed to be close to Shell Petrol Pump, approx 400mtrs from there.


abhinkoi 2011-01-07 11:44:39


Hi Visu,

Thx for the detailed feedback and comparision with NCFE on some points. I wud like to know how would you rate NCFE in terms of overall development and academics? I am assuming you are taking about the MalleshPalya branch. I have heard that last year they have opened a new branch on Sarjapur and right now its till standard 3 and in next session they will make it till 8th. Please provide more inputs about NCFE for the benefit of all as I am taking that new campus of Sarjapur as an additional option for my son (for grade 1).

Thx a lot for shedding lights on this.



Priyakutti 2011-01-07 14:07:38


Thanks Vishnu for the feedback. What do you mean by "smart school"?


PVisuvanadan 2011-01-07 16:59:07



From old airport road , take brookefield road, cross COSMOS mall on your left, you will get a shell petrol pump on your left. Take next U turn and take immediate left (this road will be approximately opposite to shell petrol pump). You can see sign boards from this point. Go further 500m inside the road to reach the school campus.


 Former member 2011-01-07 21:27:07



is it closer to the SAP campus etc in EPIP ,whitefield.

looks like whitefield is soon becoming school destinations..first gear, then DPS , now eurokids..not sure how many more schools in that area.


MaggieM 2011-01-10 10:19:28



I checked out the school over the weekend. Distance is a big plus, as it is close to ITPL road. A few concerns, anyone here has answers?

- The school is not ready to disclose who the princi will be - understandable as the its mid term and disclosing this info might cause issues. But without knowing these details, I am apprehensive.

- There is high tension wire outside the campus.

- No building right now. Just a temp setup. They have the walls ready and will be installing it.

These three points are bothering me, esp the 2nd point. They claim to pay better, so probably their staff might stick for longer.

I might just wait and watch?



Priyakutti 2011-01-10 11:41:03


Also, I heard that they do not follow the text books practice and use their own work sheets method. Not sure if this is okay?

My concern:

1. If the child has to be shifted to any other school in between, how will the child cope up?

2. What about the entrance/other main exams which will be set up mostly on the basis of the CBSE syllabus text books?

Pls share your views on this.




MaggieM 2011-01-10 12:09:01



The school follows work books till 6-7 std, post that they plan to switch to NCERT books - as CBSE schools across India have to follow those books. I understand that quite a few schools follow this practice (such as Radcliffe)...

As per friends sending their kids to Mumbai Euro school, the same method is being followed there as well. There is no homework concept till 5th standard. Many parents are ok with it, and many are not... I guess we are so used to homeworks and notebooks being sent home.. I am not sure how parents track all that..


 Former member 2011-01-10 13:53:01



i dont know..genrally all new schools are promising too much..not sure how much they will is better to wait and watch rather than to rush..



Neeta12 2011-01-11 23:32:03



Just wanted to know if anyone has taken admission as yet.

We are a little apprehensive about making the payment as our experience with Euro Kids, Whitefield was not quite nice. They promised us that they would start euro junior and euro senior in Whitefield. But after a month or so we got to know that they have abandoned the plan. We were asked to put our child in Euro School instead.

This time I need to make sure that they will not let us down once again as we found that there is very little progress with the construction.


nigar 2011-02-10 19:35:18


The school promos are good. the vision is good. have got the admission for my kid for standard 1. If other parents concern is fee, most of the schools the fee structure is the same. The strength of each class is 15 students.



jayashree 2011-02-11 18:54:55


@Nigar....can you tell me how old your child is? My daughter is Jan 2006 wondering if they'll take her in std 1.


Shash 2011-02-25 14:55:07



I may sound a little rude, bear with me. Jayashree even if they agree to take your daughter in Standard 1, please don't send her. My sincere advice is to follow age-appropriate learning. Children now are no doubt very smart, very well informed and all that but when it comes to physical development, I believe in conventional wisdom. 6+ is the right age to start them on the rigours of class room demands. It is great for our ego that our child's the youngest in the class and still coping well. But there is no telling what damage we might be inflicting on them in the long run .Please wait for another year to send your child to grade 1. You will see it'll do her an ocean of good.



akhan 2011-03-08 20:56:27


Hi Nigar,

I am planing to admit my daughter to 1st standard in EURO SCHOOL - North Bangalore. Can you please tell me how is the school and how is your kid doing.


Anjum Khan.



nigar 2011-03-31 19:42:19


@JayaShree, my advice is the kid should be atleast 6+ yrs for standard 1. next yr is ideal.


Romi10 2011-06-22 19:00:16


The academic session of  Whitefield Euro School was supposed to start on 17th of June (compared to other schools  it was a late begining) . Nevertheless, we went ahead with our ward's admission believing that the school will stick to its schedule as they promised. But a week before the session was supposed to begin we received an intimation that said the dates have been postponed to 23rd/24th June. We understand that an initiative as this one is expected to suffer some unexpected hiccups. So we did not seem to have mind. However, today we have received yet another sms stating that the school cannot open till 1st July ...

Now, this is putting our patience to test. We expect some accountability on the part of the school and its management. Actions like this can seriously affect the credibility of the school. We hardly find any semblance between the promises made by Mr. Andy Gray and the practices followed by the school.

The situation at school is a complete mess. The construction is nowhere near complete; Visit the school at any given time and you'll find construction materials scattered all over.

 As for the arrangement of school buses, you can seriously doubt their intensions.  There is nothing in their approach that can offer some amount of reassuarance. They promise that they'll call up the parents to discuss logistics. But till date, we have not received any phone call whatsoever.

Besides, it is quite demoralizing for the kids as well. We keep tellin him that you wont be going to school for another week ... and will have to sit idle at home ....He wonders why his friends go to schools and he doesn't. Promises made are not kept ..... 

We are quite apprehensive that if we have taken the correct decision to admit our child in Euro school ..... 



MaggieM 2011-06-23 11:01:26


Thanks Romi10,

This was helpful. I do hope things get settled down soon. Hopefully we get more reviews as the session progresses. Thanks again for sharing - as I am considering this school next year. I'd expected teething issues anyways.

- M


mnm 2011-07-11 18:21:16


Thanks Romi for sharing your views.

Did they start on 1st of July? Have they got the affiliation? Please can you share your experience so far with the school as I am also planning to get admission for my son next year.



Romi10 2011-07-11 23:16:34


yep the school opened on time ... as its only a weeks time now theres nothing significant to tell ... shall keep posted as things progress .... so far so good ... :)



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