Sri Chaitanya Techno schools in Marathahalli, Bangalore

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dhanvin 2011-02-19 14:13:28


hii  purii..

u  r  100%  right  . In andhra  narayana and chaitany schools  are  colleting money  just  using  three  words   IIT  . thats all.... other then nothing is  there...



Manogna 2011-02-21 13:01:49


Hi ,

My name is sairam, i am also from andhra, i know about the Chaitanya and narayana both are money minded and no activities in both the schools. Presently iam in Marthahalli, and looking a school for 1st STD for my daughter. We have a Vagdevi school is there but the fees are very high we need to pay 65k to 70k. what ever the schools you are discussed, (Jaigopal and  garodia schools and Kidzee) are CBSC or state syllabus? Actually I am also middle class and as you said children should not suffer like us. I like that point. they need to enjoy their life till 6th class. my point is also same. they after all children they have a desire to play a lot in the school and some times studies. my point of view is upto 5th std., i don't want to put any burdon on children. i am plannig to pur her in Airforce school which is there in Old airport raod,marthahalli. if you have idea can u pls tell about the school. Feb 21 they started admissions.



MaggieM 2011-02-21 14:18:29



Vagdevi school fees is around 45K (including admission fees). I am not sure from where you got 65-70k number. Since you are in marathahalli, even the transportation will be less for you.

You can also check Navprajna school - marathahalli. It is on main road, near Shankara eye hospital. (Opposite golconda chimney).



purii 2011-02-21 16:13:49


Hi Sairam,

    in case the fee structure is less in vagdevi..u can happily go for tht school....jaigopal garodia is in rammurthy ngr it will b too far frm ur place i garodia school the fee structure is 15k(admission)+27500(school fee)+4500(uniform n books)...reasonable...but i heard in and around marthalli there r vry gud schools..dnt know exactly..what r those


Manogna 2011-02-22 13:23:34



Thanks both of you maggie and Prui.  I will enquire once again and also heard that fully crouded. I personally went to Navapragna school, they told me that, what ever the salary I am getting that one month salary they asking for donation minimum. that means depending on our job and salary what we are getting they are calculating the donation and that we need to pay. That is the main problem in the school otherwise its very good school. i can not efford that much.

I am trying in Airforce school. tomorrow i will go and i will check whether they will give seat or not. KV is also there in DRDO Township,CV Raman Nagar, its very far to my place.

i will let you know once i meet the people in Airforce school.





MaggieM 2011-02-22 13:43:57


Wow - one month's salary as donation! Now thats a first! Schools are coming up with very innovative ways to fleece parents!

Sairam - all the best for Airforce. Do update the site with more information.


purii 2011-02-22 15:16:35


Hi all..



purii 2011-02-22 15:17:39





ruthwiksmom 2011-02-23 11:27:45


 Hi All,


Plz have a look before joining in chaitanya school(Munnekolala Branch). The construction is still incomplete and i'am not sure that will get finished by june. The area is also very small. I really donot feel that it is a good scholl for small kids i.e. KG to 4th std. 


Best Regards.


Manogna 2011-02-24 11:51:45


hi purii and maggie,

Today i went Airforce school and they said they will join the kids from LKG not from 1st std. and coming to Sri chaitanya they still under construction just now i seen the place its very near to my place.

I need to try again in Navapragna school. if not possible in that i am planning to join my daughter in to Vagdevi school. Still in thinking or i need my daughter to be there in what is she studying the school. That school is state syllubus and Little Flowers High school, munnekoala, martha halli. that is also near to my home only thing is they state syllubus.



GovindarajGupta 2011-03-02 14:45:52


Angell, Which class did your kid go to in Sri Chaitanya?



GovindarajGupta 2011-03-02 14:49:00


Hi all,

I have two daughters, one going to 8th standard next year and another one going to second standard next year. Both of them are going to DPS, East now. DPS is definitely a good school but I do not see them building up any academic strength in my elder daughter. I do not see academic focus in building strengths in Maths, Science and Core subjects. I am thinking of putting her to Sri Chaitanya.

On the other side, we are thinking that our younger one should continue in DPS at least till she reaches 7th/8th standard.

Please advise on both.


HariHKrishna 2011-03-02 17:45:56


The discussion has bean really good till now, especially the flow :) . Its just that, as a parent , what you believe is right has to be done. But for Sri Chaitanya, they make students study a lot.. its for short period only ;) kindly adjust.

What I feel is, if you live like a king for first 20 years you have to be a slave for next 50 years and vice versa!!!. I might be wrong. But, trust me, for some time ( I know we love our kids a lot )  though its stressful, we need to enable our kids to build a career..

And another punch word "ENGLISH" haha.. that’s a nice one.... When I stared my career.. my manager called me and told me a sentence..

" Hari I know people from Andhra are good technically but you can not make so many mistakes in an email "  

I felt very bad.. but that is life, as of today all my subordinates get mentored from me to compose an email.  So!! don’t feel bad if teacher is not good in English, PPL learn as and when required. Its the 'EDUCATION' that you have to think about.

I don’t support Sri Chaitanya!!. But, IIT and IIM is something that every company in the world look for, success is much easier.



Manogna 2011-03-02 19:41:45


hi hari

ok  but we need to think about the childrens point of view also. i don't think so it is not compulsory to give stress right from the childhood. I will not agree. I think you are from chaitanya that why you are talking like that. Education is important but from 6th STD, we need to takecare of their education. Not from UKG and LKG ok, they don't even know what are the exams, IIT and other stupid things. Afterall they are kids they need some games and extra activities like Drawing. Giving the stress to small kids really i don't think so its complusory to put stress to the kids like this.

i know very well about Sri chaitanya, Narayana and some other institutions they are thinking about the money and its became a business for all the institutions not only these two. Now a days if we open any school we will get lot of money its very good business. Its direct looting money from the Parents and its punishment to have kids to the parents. All the people knows but they are helpless. Govt also can not control these people becuase of the bribing, Sorry we can not chage the society beacuse of this all these people are taking advantage.

please don't think otherwise..




ruthwiksmom 2011-03-03 08:53:07


 Hi Hari,


We agree that kids should study frm their child hood but study but how .... not necessary to become a slave to study ... instead njoy while studying( ppl who njoys their work will succeed in their life).

Cmng to english .....why should pple learn when required?y should we encourage our kids to procastinate things wasting their time in their child hood? why can't they learn beforehend..... and moreover english is not somthong that u can learn in 1 mnth by gng to classes... if u r frm andhra and learn tamil or kannada at age 30... then ur kannada/ tamil which not be g8 surely there will be mistakes..... If it is something like we do not have proper education due to finacila matters or  somother reason .... then .. yes we can struggle in the coming years to achieve that. 

We want our kids to njoy what they do that may e studied or something else. 

Parents are expecting stress free studies ..... becuase of some commercial schools... studies are becoming more worse.... 

Sad thing is that i have studied in one of those commercial collages and very sad to say that i used to cry in my +1 and +2 due to stress ...... 

Hari plz donot encourage studies with stress or not necessary to becaome a slave to achieve sm thing.... njoy what ever u do..... TRY this and u can do better than before....




 Former member 2011-03-03 13:32:17


hi Manogna

in navpragna did u go and check personally, i thnk the donation is app.25k .i think it is negotiable. they even discount for siblings.

there is one more school called brilliant school that is icse board near aecs layout u can also try there and also whitefield global school is there.i think both the schools hv reasonable fee structure.

airforce school is difficilt for lateral entry.

and as maggie said vagdevi fees is around 40-45k..not sure where u heard the amount from? i would suggest you go to these schools and personally checkup and dont go by hear and say.



HariHKrishna 2011-03-03 17:46:45


No heart feelings please, I don’t support Sri Chaitanya, it’s just my view. We have Ramaiah institute also, which starts at 5AM, stress is always a stress. But I totally agree that LKG and UKG kids should not be stressed. Not sure if Sri Chaitanya does it from UKG and LKG. I want to suspend my argument here on Sri Chaitanya.


About English, I don’t want to create a wrong atmosphere here by arguing  with ‘ruthwiksmom’. My core intention is to analyze the best school in and around Ramamurthy Nagar.


How about New Baldwin? This is another school that is coming up very well. You know what, I see around 25 students taking school every day morning in front of my house ( at Ramamurthy Nagar). When compared to Royal Concord (around 3 kids take the school bus). Does anyone have any inputs on this (New Baldwin) school?


vvn 2011-03-08 17:48:04


 Hi All,


This is a nice post and discussions. I would like to put in my view about Sri Chaitanya Techno School (SCTS) after having discussions with them at Hulimavu branch when I went for admission for my Son for nursery. I understand that now a days there is too much pressure and stress for kids in this ever growing competition world and the love we have for our kids will defiantly make us think twice about anything in the world. I heard that they do follow Montessori standards and teach in play full manner and introduce basic learning through 3D animated stuff (Most Kids love animated and 3D stuff).

They also have their lower part of the classroom walls painted in black (a black board) for the kids to scribble on the black board which becomes part of their learning.  We know that practice makes them learn faster.

"Extra circular activities"- I love this. Any kid should never miss this. This makes then active, sharp, think out of the box and lots more... SCTS is opening with a new mindset in Bangalore and is having lot of activities with their curriculum.

"English"- I know this is the most important thing apart from core subjects. They are hiring local teachers for English and this should give us some relief. As part of teaching core subjects, the language involved there is minimal.

Most of all, language building mainly happens at home with parents / friends where they interact more often freely and without any hesitation. Few of my friend's kids from Andhra speak fantastic English coming from normal schools.

I am not sure if how many of you have spoken to the SCTS staff opening at Bangalore. But this is the feedback I have and this is my Personal view and understanding.

I hope, we all get what's best for our sweet loving angels (Naughty Kids  ) at affordable price.


Not to be offensive, I am not a student Sri Chaitanya. 


HariHKrishna 2011-03-09 09:41:15


VVN.. Maccha ( slang in tamil !!!) ... Nice talk on, stress for kids and English... you have re-iterated my words.  But… you missed one part actually!!

What is the fee structure??. What is the donation they are quoting and what is the yearly fee structure for LKG and UKG??


vvn 2011-03-09 12:21:52


Hari.... donation is 25K and yearly 40K is the fee..


Manogna 2011-03-10 16:41:13


Hi easy, Maggie and Purii

today i went to Nava Pragna School, Marthahalli. I spoke to the management and they asked me the details about my proffission and salary. They asked some questions to my daughter. After that they said we are willing to join her in our school. After that, they are started bargaining about the donation. I told them i will pay 6000/- they did not accept and they said its very less.i told them i can pay at max of 10000/- i can not give more that this. they accepted and asked me to pay that in 2 installments. i said ok.along with this we need to pay 6300/- ist installment Fee and non refundable deposite of 7000/- this is the story happend. Only thing i can tell you is the school is very good. they have both CBSC and State Syllubus.




MaggieM 2011-03-10 17:57:35



Thanks for the update on Navprajna.

And congrats for finally deciding on the school and getting admission. All the best to you and your child. Do update us with your feedback on the school, teaching etc once the session starts. Will be helpful for all.



purii 2011-03-11 10:26:02


Hi Sairam,

 thnks for the information.....all the best to ur lill inform us abt the teaching n other stuff once the session strts...fee structure is vry reasonable...but i stay in rammurthynagar..its bit far frm my place..dnt know wat to do....?anyways i hav one more year to decide...


BengaluruParent 2011-06-26 21:43:07


 Hi Satwik,

Bangalore schools and Andhra pradesh schools are the extremes. Former focusses more on extra curricular activities leaving the education for a toss and later completely focusses on studies making the kids completely studious. Both are not good. I didn't find any school in Bangalore which balances both education and extra curricular activities. Pls let me know if you come across any. 

Bangalore Parent



rejoice 2011-07-01 19:08:08



I too went today to joing my daughter in Navprajna school. Can you let me know the good school is? how they teach.

do let me know your contact number, if no pblms.


vijay -9886629712


rejoice 2011-07-01 19:11:17


Hi Sri Ram.

We stay at munnekolala. My daughter name is Rejoice. we are seriously searching for a school with CBSE syllabus for LKG.

i followed your posts, then i went to navprajna school. since your daughter/son joined in that school, let me know your feed back on this.




Subhasudheer 2011-07-04 14:43:14


 My son is in 2nd std and he goes to CMR National Public School. The school is very good in terms of the way they educate the child. They typically follow the montessouri method of teaching. They too don't have much to study at home and no homeworks, no exams. They do small unit tests each month which is for 1 or 2 lessons. They give enough scope for the child's curricular and extra curricular activities. It is really good but the school does not conduct any PTA meetings at all throughout the year and they keep increasing the fee every year. I had opted for this school as it was a well established educational institution, but just for a 2nd std student I am paying 94000 including bus fee. This does not includebook fee, uniform fee etc. Though it is a very good school I don't understand why they are so much money oriented. I am looking for a different school for my child from the next year as I also have another child who is to be admitted to school shortly.



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