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mango_mama 2009-08-11 14:17:49



Our school NAFL will be closing this week as a precaution.

Wondering if parents in Blr will be sending kids for classes--art, sports, music, dance, piano etc.?

Thinking of telling the piano teachers etc. to make sure all kids wash hands well before class and after class....

To send or not to send. And if to send, then what precautions?


Coolily 2009-08-12 16:37:10



I am planning on sending my 8 year old to her Badminton practice as usual. I calculate that kids who are sick cannot come in to play anyways.

I also accompany her and make sure that there is no sick kid in the class. Its easy cause they have their classes in the next lane from my house.

Not sure about other other kinds of Extra Curricular Classes though.





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