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monajain 2010-12-29 13:24:36


Hi Guys,

I am looking for a good CBSE school in east bangalore for my 3 yr old kid for the next session June'11. As i am new in bangalore i have no idea about the schools. Most of the schools which i searched on google are pretty expensive and the reviews are not good.

Can anybody help??




nalig 2010-12-29 14:53:28


Hi Mona,

Even I am sailing in the same boat. Admission for most of the schools are over.St.Peters of sarjapur road is still processing but it is ICSE borad.

So even i am looking for some CBSE schools.I feel CBSE schools are very less. I think we have to try for 2012 June session.But no gurantee. CBSE schools are very limitted. Most of my colleges u have appiled this year did not get admission in cbse schools.so they ended up taking in ICSE schools.

We have to try our luck once again in 2011 Oct for 2012 june session





subhapunati 2010-12-29 15:46:41



Iam planning to put my kid in Harvest International school (CBSE), which is coming up in 2011 June , which is in sarjapur Road only. They are runing Montessori school in HSR layout where my kid is in M3 there. I have seen lot of growth in him.

So for 1st standard iam planning to continue in the same school which they are opening by june .


nalig 2010-12-29 16:48:44


Hi Subha,

Thanks for ur reply. I have never heard of this school. Can u send me the school address. My only worry is the distance. And you are saying this is new school. How about the management and do they have proper vision. At present she is turning 3 years in june. she is too small to travell. Is there are day care facility there.

Please give me the present address of the school. And all the above info.


subhapunati 2010-12-29 19:32:20



Management is good. Actually now the school is in HSR layout till M3(Montessori) and even day care is also good. Montessori school is running from so many years. Its is in HSR layout. And now the same management starting the school from coming academic year on sarjapur road from 1st standard. I hope till first standard the classes will be in HSR layout only.

Here is the address of HSR layout.

173,9th Main Rd,7th Sector, HSR Layout, Blr -102

Tel : 080 -32963716,25724173. Landmark : Near to srirangam (which is near to HSR BDA complex)



monajain 2011-01-06 18:23:17


Thanks all of you for your reply...I was looking for school somewhere near whitefield and marathalli as planning to shift in that area. Does anybody no about Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir ???


abhinkoi 2011-01-06 19:31:22


Try NCFE (National Center for Excellence) on Sarjapur road...They have their old school in Malleshpalya near CV Raman Nagar...and came up with a new facility on Sarjapur road...reviews are good so far....pls check it out..its a CBSE school.


chiri 2011-01-07 11:26:50


Go for Vagdevi Villas School in Munnekollalu. That is the best school in all aspect in this part of bangalore, let alone NPS-Indiranagar. However, getting admission in NPS is nearly impossible.


indialover 2011-02-04 10:52:49


hi monajain,were you able to find a school.im looking for my 10 and a 12 yr old kids.i cant believe how expensive all schools are.let me  know if you came up with any good schools.

take care..


 Former member 2011-02-04 13:56:12



You can try Navprajna school in kundalahalli gate ..it belongs to poorna pragna mgmt,i think there is a donation but the fee structure is reasonable.also there is whitefield global school and brilliant school near aecs layout i think the fees there is reasonable compared to the schools in the locality.

also u can try vagdevi .the fees there is moderate.


monajain 2011-02-09 12:37:54


Thanks guys for all ur help, right now I am planning to put my kid in Euro Kids, Kundanhalli (Near MK retail) for Nursery and then will try in other schools.


shaikkhaleel 2011-05-06 19:23:54


Hi parents,

I am really wondering by seeing the fee structures in Bengalore schools.

I am relocated from Hyderabad to Bengalore and I am looking for admission for my 5 years 3 months old daughter.  She has finished LKG and UKG in Hyderabad at SATS The School Jai Jawan Colony, ECIL.  Here I am searching for schools, I have visited several schools as wel.  I want to give my perspective here, please don't consider this for your decision making.

All the schools who have the name with a work "International" are charging around 1 Lakh per year including all.  In general   20K  Registration + 20K Development/Annual + 30 Tution fee  +  10K  to 25K transport fee. 5K for books dress etc. 

Generally highly charging schools won't tell fee structure on phone, why they are not transprent we don't know.  They need us visit there and fall under their hipnotism talks and feel to pay their high fee. 

For LKG and UKG , 1st standard they conduct exam athen they decide if they will give the seat or not.  After the exam, I hope for 99% pupil they say you are selected.  Pay the fee.  Exam suppose to be to understand the strenth for the class teacher so that they can mould, if not what is the hell they are going to teach if the student is sharp and active by taking this much fee?

In details for Harvest internation school  55K fixed price (no special fees like registration , tution etc.)  transport is 25K for year 2011-12.  Next year may change.  School construction is about to finish and ready by July.  But its more than 10KM from Sarjapur outer ring road junction.

Goplan National School has the fee structure like 80K registration fee + 60K aditional fee , honest money earning people lik employed people can't dare to see the school fee. 

White field national shcool has fee like 20k registration and 50K tution fee (pauable in two installaments) + 12K transport + 5K may be otehr stuff like dress, shoe, books etc.

I also saw the Vidyaramba Montessori School in Marathahalli .  This is basically small school running in an apartment looks like play school.  Fee structure is  15K Registration + 1500 per month (18K per year)+ 12K transport + 5K others.  But my friends kids are studying there I have a positive feedback on this school. 

I see the AECS Layout Brilliant school has the meaningful fee, but I am not sure how the fee back of the parents there?  I am thinking to join my daugher there in 1st standard.  If any body has any idea can give me a feed back please?

I am also trying Vagdevi, I am not sure the fee structure here, does any body has idea for 1st standard?

Please share your thoughts... STOP PAYING MORE FEE !!!





shailajakumar 2011-05-12 17:36:29


 How do you parents thinks about Bregade International School  @ Mahadevapura ,Whitefield....

Can anybody advice ..I thinking to join my child in UKG there...





Pareesparents 2011-05-16 18:52:34


great mona, as i know euro kids curriculum.

My daughter has been going to eurokids for past two years & there is a great development in her in every aspect. Also looking at that i have got her admitted to euroschool whitefield which is soming up nicely & looking at their earlier school at mumbai, they seem to have good reputation.

this school is not that expensive as compare to other so called good schools. also they are very transparent about their fee structure. they are very clear in many terms but the only thing to worry is whether they would be able to finish the construction by second week of june or not. though they are very confident about it but i am sacred.

also right from nursery, they focus on curriculum as well as curriculum activities. they help you to recognise & devlop all the hidden talents in your kid.


bns 2012-04-29 15:47:11



I am planning to join my child in school. And its really very tough to find right school. Could you help me out finding the school in and around marathahalli. I am looking for the school with the reasonable fee.



laxmi9 2013-08-02 13:17:22


 Hi Shubha garu,

            I want to know the current academic status of the school and the grades your kids are in.Want to if you are satisfied.Your reply would be of great help



chapvinny 2013-10-29 00:06:09


Hi Friends,

Visitied few schoosl
1>Any inputs for Mount litera Zee School- in haralur road, Today i been there  for my kids 1st Admission. it is CBSE. Fee structure as followed
71K( Tuition Fee) + 20K(Admission fee first year) + 30K (Refundable once you opt out from school)+500 form...

For Kidzee kids they have some offers as my kid is not from Kidzee so not inquired. anyone have any feedback please do share, 

2> VIBGYOR- Haralur road.....ICSE so not looked much but AC rooms, expensive. 

Also why all shcools at Sarjapur costing minimum 1lk +, are they teaching rocket science to kids, do we have really some decent options in aspect of education and fee.

Emcol09 2016-06-05 17:47:27


Hope you all are doing good !
Being new in parenthood, I have very basic doubt which you all might have experienced in your life. 
What is the best age for child to start schooling ,.? My boy is 2.7 years old and we are planning to start his schooling. Another, Please help with your experience the best school in east Bengaluru. 
Thanks & Regards
PRaveen -


venkatprabhakar 2017-02-24 10:30:31


Hi Mona,
You have asked for CBSE schools in Bangalore East. Some of the schools in Bangalore East are:
 Delhi Public School - East, Ekya School, National Public School, Oakridge, etc. Hope this helps.


ClearTune 2017-02-24 11:49:13


This is for all those Parents who consider themselves to be patriotic and wanting to be part of the change to make India a better nation in par with other developed countries.

PLEASE REFUSE to pay fees/donation or any amount to any School or College in cash demand legal receipt for every payment you make.

It is difficult and challenging to avoid Schools/College demands but if majority refuse to pay in cash, it would compel the Schools/College to mend their ways. This will surely be a contribution to make India a better place.

Please realize paying school fees/donation in cash helps greedy Schools/Colleges accumulate black/dirty money, this dirty money is normally can't be used for any legal or good purpose. The stashed, dirty money is mostly used for illegal favors at various places making the person holding dirty money arrogant and such persons will be a parasite to the society.

Say "No" to all the Schools/Colleges that violate rules set by the Government. Schools/College are expected to be ideal places. Every parent dreams and works to invest huge amount of hard earned money to admit their child into a School that will inspire their child to be a better person.

Do not get carried away by fancy infrastructure and pleasing talks by corporate trained marketing admission staff of Schools/Colleges. Check with the senior students and parents of the School/College you wish to admit your child in.

Remember admitting your child to a School/College is not same as buying a material commodity like television, car, mobile, etc, You will be entirely responsible for your choice and what your child is turn into. Your choice of School/College for your child is the first step to helping your child change to good or bad. Tough job indeed, its not easy to be a parent and avoid searching for short cut or easy methods to shed away the responsibility of making right choice for your child.

After all these, ensure as parents you spend quality, balanced time with your child. Monitor their growth and activities without annoying them, encourage your child to make you their best friend. Remember best friends forgive mistakes and help in overcoming difficult times.

Circulate this message and follow it if you consider yourself to be patriotic/religious. "Be part of the change that you wish to witness".


pcktsams 2017-08-07 17:40:53


If you are planning to seek admission into Vibgyor high Haralur branch. Just some info.
1. School is good compared to others around Sarjapur.
2. Extra curricular activities are also enough/apt for a kid.

1. Fees is comparatively high and annual rise is also steep due to which many parents are compelled to change the school after a year or two.
2. Main concern about school is the roads around it. All roads leading to Vibgyor school are in very bad shape. When we inquired at the time of our kids admission about the road, they told it is temporary and will be repaired soon. This is around 2 years back and now the condition has worsened from that time. Its very difficult for cars, bike or buses to ply on that road. I have to park my car at least half a KM before and go walking to the school. The condition of traffic as well as pedestrian should be seen at morning time to understand the situation. This would have been acceptable for short period but for 2 years now, we really feel at times to better change the school. Please see for yourself if don't want to go by my words. Many of has raised this concerns in newspaper, websites but to no solution. Not sure if school is reaching out to any BBMP bodies for road repairs, but we as parents have already given any hope for the repairs. Not blaming school for this but new joiners should keep this in mind if going for admission in this school.


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