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 Former member 2010-12-20 16:31:56



Can anybody details the difference between the syllabus for Nursery and LKG?

My daughter has attended a preschool (playgroup) and the learnings covered so far is( taking ref of her learnings)-





Animals and Birds

Counting upto 20 (only speaking, no writing)

ABCD- identification only

30+ action rhymes

Boby parts

Opposites (like in -out , wet-dry, day night and so)

free hand drawing

coloring and pasting big objects

Freedom fighters and few iconic things as on when festival comes

India map and flag etc.

and small stories like thirsty crow, monkey cap etc

I am wondering what will they learn at Nursery and what further at LKG? Is somebody can give details, it will help a great deal to keep up the learning pace and assure children are not overloaded.

Thanks in Advance!


 Former member 2010-12-20 16:51:29



they start with writing A-Z capital &lower case.

writing 1 to 20 oral upto 100

also words 2letter and 3 letter words


some science concepts plants, frog life,wild animals,domestic animals

crafts activities, coloring,etc


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Is this the Syllabus for Nursery or LKG?


May i know which Play School your Daughter is studying?




 Former member 2010-12-21 15:51:46



It is for LKG.There is more they cover on science and GK and crafts.. i do not have their syllabus sheet with me


 Former member 2010-12-21 15:54:53


Hi Cuty,

She goes to Foundation playhome, very new in Malleshpalya. It is their first batch and may be my baby is the one of the first few students.

I am just a bit concerened if they do not get the same attention in NH, and will she get kinda bored if curriculum is repeated. She is attending mont1 now at her present playhome; and normally children do not enjoy LEARNING things which they already know.

Any suggestions?



 Former member 2010-12-21 16:00:04


Even am seriously wondering abt this..Because my Son also has learnt all these (whatever you mentioned) from School. Plus i am also teaching him abt Planets, Concepts like Jungle, Nature, Days of the week, Months etc..(Surprisingly he understands these at this small age...For eg:He automatically comes to know tht after 5 days of school, its Saturday and that it is time for him to go for an outing and Enjoy...)

Everyday thinking of what to teach him is kind of challenging to me..Probably i should stop myself , so that he wont get Bored when it is taught to them at school..What say?

Can someone please tell me on the Syllabus of Pre KG?



Hriday 2010-12-21 17:03:26


Hi Sheetal,

My Son is in LKG at NHPS, till now he has been taught alphabets both small and capital( importance was given more on small letters), numbers from 1-20 writing, oral upto 100.

One good thing i liked is lots of creative writing involved, for eg, for each alpahbet they make them write a picture of any fruit/animal/phsical object starting with that word.

Also while writing numbers they make them write some beads on a line that will equal to the number they write.

They have worksheets which use matching objects with corresponding letters, some worksheets on numbers and colouring pages.

So even some syllabus repeats they learn in a different way. 

My son was going to a normal playhome when he was in nursury and there everything for straight forward method but after going to NHPS he has learnt things in a different way and his creativity has improved a lot. They have good combination of traditional and montessori( not pure montesorri) concepts which is the greatest advantage. 



 Former member 2010-12-21 17:15:48



Thanks for the Input. That was useful information. Just tell me ,will anyway the introduction of these concepts at home make them feel bored at School???


Hriday 2010-12-22 09:28:08


No anyway if u teach them before then kids do well in school, even they feel good about it .

Also let me know are u working? how much time do u spend with ur kids for studies and others. What is general u teach them how do u plan?



 Former member 2010-12-22 11:45:05



I am a working mom. On a typical day, apart from the usual chores of feeding the child, giving bath etc, i can spend 1-2 hours of quality time with my little one.

Generally ii would be playing with him. (Running, Jumping or Playing with Ball or other Physical activities.), Sometimes it would be usual conversations about things happening in School. Somedays it would be going through the Books he has, somedays colouring , Somedays Stories or going through Old Albums on any Tours and talking about it, Somedays some new concepts on Science ...Sometimes when am too tired, it would be viewing Rhymes in the Laptop...

I may be running out of ideas soon..Please share on how you spend Quality time with your Kid.


alsu 2010-12-22 12:25:09



my daughter goes to cbse school LKG. whatever hriday has mentioned its all there even for her. adding to it monthly recitation on genral topic based on the concept of the month. 

also missing nos, what comes after, dictation, drawing includes. when they gave books they also gave cursive writing book. but still now the have not started. do ur kids also have cursive writing? 

cutysweet - nice to hear ur son likes to learn.. u can teach him opposites, shapes,colors, vegetables,fruits, parts of the body, sticking stickers, counting, adding, alphabets, etc.. suppose u teach him hard and soft in opposites take only tht 2 words and show him objects around the house and teach him first. then u can ask him to find other things. like tht for each concept u can do this. 

u can take rooms of the house also as a concept and teach him wat things belong where. so tht he learns to keep those thibgs only in tht room..

if u look around ur house itself u can find many concept.. it wont be boring at all for him if he learns it again in school. as teaching method in school wil be little different. he will enjoy answering them in school.  at one point they will have diversions  tht time even if u force they wil not be ready to learn.. so when he is ready to learn utilise the time..


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Thanks for the Quick FB. Yeah few of the concepts which you have mentioned are already introduced to him in School.Touring around the house is something new..May be i will try that.


Can you please tell me what was the Syllabus in Nursery???


Hriday 2010-12-22 13:41:30



  My name is Ashwini, my sons name is Hriday.

  Even i have run out of ideas ...he is allready in LKG and i cant go back and teach fruits, vegetables, colours, shapes which he will get bored.

Academic wise twice a week i make him write alphabets, numbers in a book. Initially i used to do like each letter 10 times to improve his writing skills,  no i left as his handwriting is ok. Atleast through this excercise them will remember all alphabets and numbers otherwise if they dont practise they might forget.

Daily i make play with puzzels/ blocks which he likes the most. Also he is an hyperactive kid and in this way his concentration will be improved.

I will give him plain white sheets, crayons and sketch pens and tell him to write anything he wants. He writes and some animals..some good creative stuff which i can't explain here, even i dont know how is knows without me teaching him. The answer i get is that he learnt in school. 





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