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SoumyaSG 2010-12-17 19:20:48


Dear Parents,

I have been trying hard to search for a good playschool/daycare for my 3.5 yr old kid.  Something which acts like a playschool until she joins LKG in a regular school and after that, the same old playschool which can hold her after regular school hours (like a daycare).  I have searched this blog and not found one place where I can get all information.  I assume there may be several parents like me, so to make it easier, I have started this discussion so that we go on adding playschools we know and their reviews.  One more thing I would like to mention is, I have constrained the topic as Bangalore South, because, I am looking for something around Banashankari 2nd stage.  But other areas can be included in this.

The following are a list which I searched on google:

1. Little Elly, Bsk 2nd stg - It must be a new branch, so got no reviews as yet

2. Prayag Montessori, Padmanabhanagar - got mixed reviews of this.  Few say it is excellent, some say really bad.

3. Maple Bear, BSK 2nd stg or Jayanagar - Not got reviews

4. Eduland Kindergarten, bsk 2nd stg - not got reviews

5. Magic Puddles - no good reviews

6. i-cue, JP nagar - yet to get reviews

Can any parent who has visited any or a few of the above listed playschools give their feedback so that parents like us can be helped? 

I am yet to reach Bangalore, so not seen any of these playschools.  Will be in Bangalore in Jan 1st week, and will obviously visit these schools and will post my personal experiences without fail.  Meanwhile, would appreciate if parents who have already visited these particular branches give their feedback.





SoumyaSG 2011-01-03 23:22:21


Hi All,

I visited a few playschools.  Would like to share my experiences with everyone:

1. Planet kids - the lady incharge spoke well.  All the teachers were having a meeting when I went so happened to hear them, as I was seated in the same room.  All the teachers were speaking in only English (which is actually the medium of education).  Dint happen to take a look inside class rooms as they din't provide daycare facility which I wanted.

2. Little Angels - Not a playschool, only a daycare.  Food is provided by them.

3. Prayag Montessori - Quite a big building, though looks a little old and noisy (noise from the kids inside school).  Spoke to only lady (maybe a teacher).  Spoke well.  She said they have montessori and daycare facilities. 

4. Little Elly - a regular preschool.  Looked good.  The classrooms also were reasonably good.  They have playgroup, nursery, LKG and UKG.  Daycare facility is also available.  Food provided by us.  Overall good.

5. Roots Montessori - Looked good.  Quite expensive.  They follow the typical montessori method.  Materials were good.  They too have daycare facilities.  Food to be provided by us.

Din't visit Eurokids as my requirements were different.  Din't also visit Eduland as it was on the main road (imagine the dust levels)

Any parent needing any clarifications or anything else I can fill on about these playschools can post comments.  This discussion was brought up to put some/few/all Bangalore south playschool reviews at one place, to help parents.




bandy 2011-01-04 18:17:21


My kid has been going to Podar Jumbo kids in J.P. nagar 2nd phase for 13 months now  ... its a preschool cum day-care. I am very satisfied and plan to put my second kid also there ... they provide food also and till date I have no complains ... if interested you may look at that.


SoumyaSG 2011-01-05 22:17:43


@CHampa - thanks for that info!!  I had a look.  It is quite detailed abt playschools in Kormangala area.

Hi Bandy,

when I checked with Poddar in BSK 2nd stg, they said they do not provide daycare facility and only have 1/2 day school?  Does only JP ngr 2nd phase have that?



Wiwa 2011-01-06 00:28:49


Hi parents,

@ Soumya: Thanks a lot for the above review.


My daughter n me attend a mother-toddler school and now am looking for a good pre-school admission for my daughter who'll turn 23 months by June 2011,

pls let me know of playschools in south bangalore, if they include sanskrit in their curriculum(like prayers n sanskrit rhymes).


thanks in advance,






SoumyaSG 2011-01-06 15:33:36


Hi Wiwa,

I would suggest Euro Kids - JP nagar 2nd phase, Scribbles - JP nagar 2nd phase.  For these 2 I have got direct feedback from a parent that both are good and she preferred Scribbles upon Euro Kids.

Also, Roots montessori looks good.  They have branches in JP Nagar, Jayanagar and BSK. 

Once I put my child in any of the playschools, I can give the actual feedback of that playschool.




Wiwa 2011-01-06 23:17:22


Thanks Soumya,

Today I visited Growing Wonders, they're into purely Mont method of teaching, there were arround 15 students Vs 1 Teacher.

H'ver I felt Mont method alone is too slow n prefer mix of Mont n KG so that the kid can catch up with the KG group. Wats ur take on the Edu sys?

I'll soon b visitin Roots BSK branch as its near to my place n the fees too is affordable.

I heard a good review about Maple Bear Canadian School located in J P nagar n yet to start thier new centre in BSK, they've invited for a school visit on Sunday

Any review on Little Elly... all I know is that they're into both Mont n KG Edu Sys.







saideep 2011-01-08 22:45:39


 Hi Soumya/Wiwa,

                   We have been looking for playgroup for our kid who will be 2.4yr by May2011( right now he is going to mother toddler). Been to Scribbles, Roots, Root to Wing, Jumbo kids, Planet kids, akshara play school, little Elly,  still confused which one to choose.... thinking... Scribbles.. which is very near to my house... but not gr8 curriculum... other one is roots montessori right now not sure of its curriculum, how it would fit in when my kid joins 1std. please advise 




SoumyaSG 2011-01-10 17:43:25


Hi All,

I have joined my kid to Roots Montessori, finally!!

@Wiwa - Little Elly is good as I said.  If not for Roots, would have put her there.  Saw Maple Bear BSK branch, from outside.  It was in my list too.  One thing what I felt is it is right on KR Road.  There is huge amount of dust and noise pollution from the traffic.  Not that Roots is in a lane, but comparitively it is better near Roots.  I suggest, Maple Bear has one more Branch near DG petrol Bunk somewhere.  You can check which center is better.

@saideep - we choose roots based on what we want for our kid.  we have joined our kid to LKG in a school which starts from June.  Until then we wanted her to be in a playschool.  The school we have joined for LKG follows montessori method until std 1.  So that was the decision maker for us to choose Roots as it is a montessori too!  If we had not put her in a montessori school for LKG, we would have joined her in other playschool now.

So you need to take a call on whether you want montessori method or not.  The general feedback would be, if you want to continue in montessori method, choose a montessori now, else, join your kid in a palyschool which doesn't follow that.

From what I have heard Scribbles is good, a parent's review.

Hope this input will be of help to you.




SoumyaSG 2011-01-21 13:08:40


Hi All,

wanted to share my experience about Roots.  My kid seems to enjoy going to Roots.  Everyday when I get her back, on the way she keeps telling "I want to go to school...".   I have no complaints as of now.  They have a demo for all parents.  Anyone who is interested can join them tomorrow.



connectgayathri 2011-01-21 16:29:49



any idea abt playschools in hsr?


SoumyaSG 2011-01-22 14:05:52


@connectgayatri - idea...


lallusuri 2011-03-12 15:33:51


Dear parent

Does any one tell me whether little crest of basaveshwaranagar is good on planet kids of vijayanagar is better pl help me in this  selection


vinkal 2011-03-26 21:30:03


Hi all


Any reviews about Maple Bear Canadian School  in BTM?

Which one is better  Maple Bear or Little Elly.. I  cant find reviews for them...

Please help..




SoumyaSG 2011-03-28 12:45:54


Hi Wiwa,

Which one did you decide?


Gorgeous 2011-03-31 11:29:11


@Soumya..Your list of playschools was really helpful...

@All Parents  I need reviews about Maple Bear jayanagar branch and Eduland BSK . Iam planning send my 2 yr old son to any one of these .I didn't get reviews abt these any where...

I am looking for full time day care and play group along with food .






Gorgeous 2011-03-31 17:34:29


Hi wiwa,

have u found any pre-schools with importance given to sanskrit around south bangalore.


Where r u sending ur kid?

Thanks in Advance



DiptiPorwal 2011-10-13 13:07:31


 I am also looking for info on Maple Bear, JP Nagar.


lathan 2011-12-08 00:53:18


I don't know about Little Elly in BTM layout but i can tell you about MapleBear BTM layout and JP Nagar Maplebear - as i visited all 3 schools and other schools like Euro / Kidzee /RootsTowings in BTM layout. Little Elly - teachers could not speak proper English - they had a very strong south indian accent which is not bad in itself but they kept mis pronouncing and speaking very badly formed sentences. Their building is small and classrooms are even smaller. Euro had some management problem according to some websites...i visited but their coordinator could not explain anything. Kidzee they have made even corridors into classrooms - very poor facility. Maplebear JPNagar - infra was good with large classrooms but they have millions of children coming in - also unlimited daycare children - i did not want to put my child there because of the rush though i liked the curriculum. Maplebear BTM was a different story all together - they were the first school int he area to put my childs admission on hold and tell me that they had limited seats !! I met one of their teachers and saw their classrooms (i had to come after school hours as they did not take me inside the classroom during school time) - excellent work goes on there - i met a Japanese parent who had both her kids - 1 in Junior KG and 1 in playschool - the Junior KG boy did not know a single alphabet before joining but now can speak fairly decent short sentences - the focus is on English and writing in Junior KG. This is what was impressive. I have decided to go with MapleBear BTM layout for 2012 - i hope i get an admit...


chetus 2011-12-24 18:04:08



My kid is going to BTM 2nd Stage MappleBear daycare from 5 months. He is 3.5 years old. Facilities are good and care takers are friendly. Food is also good.  Though he is going to another regular school, MappleBear admin showed me their pre-school curriculum and classrooms. It is impressive.

 My son went to "Roots to Wings"  playhome,BTM 2nd Stage (Now Little Millenium) for a year. He didnt like it at all. Teacher was rude to him. But admin is good. My neighbour children too went there but they didn’t have much complaints.

Heard Shiksha Montessori is good. One of my neigbours daugther(3 year old) goes there and her english is excellent.


PiaKaushik 2013-04-13 16:26:02


 Hi All,

M a mom to 3 yr sunny boy n looking for pre school. Have visited Maple bear KR Road branch  Euro Kids Jayanagar 5th block branch........want to know reviews of parents on them. 

Personally i liked Maple bear curriculum but it worries me on the safety front as its bang on a busy road. 

Talking about Eurokids branch they hav a huge play area but classrooms are clustered.

Bit confused on both of them! Any guidance will help a lot.



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