Looking for ideas for having kids make rakhis at home

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mango_mama 2009-07-29 09:25:30



My  8 year old daughter wants to take a stab at making her own Rakhi (it is on August 5th!) for her little bhaiyya. Any ideas???

Something on the easy and simple lines will be great. ;-)


Shruthi 2009-07-29 10:00:36


We used to do this in school:

  • cut up thin layers of sponge in different shapes and sizes -stars, circles, hectagons/octagons etc.
  • Place and stick two shapes one on the other.  Decorate with beads/kundans/sequins.
  • Cut up a length of thread - you could use the readily available thread rakhis- and stick to the bottom of the dial with a tiny cardboard/paper square.

I'm not sure your 8 year old can do this:

  • Cut up silk into a 3 inch square and separate the threads into a bunch.
  • tie up from the centre and blow into a circle.
  • brush(with a toothbrush), so the threads fearther out. trim the edges into a smooth circle.
  • place a bead/sequin in the centre and stick a length of thread at the bottom.




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