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Kaviraj08 2010-11-30 17:39:56


 Hi Parents,

I put up my son in JGRVK-Rammurthy nagar for UKG this year and observed the following; i just want to know your opinion also because i am only the parent who is feeling like this or other parents also.

1.  School does not informed in advance/ while admission that they are not going to conduct any kind of examination in the whole academic year, as well as no books to be provided,  they just disclosed during first Parent teacher meeting.  This is an initial disappointment but convinced their clarification.

2. Parents are not at all aware of their methodology rather we are new, we felt that this is also like other CBSE schools,  later realized that it is not.

3.  We are feeling that the syllabus is very less comparative other CBSE schools.

4. Without knowing the syllabus of particular academic year, and without knowing what my son is studying, without knowing how my son is scoring in the examination, i am feeling handicapped.

5.  I some times feeling that it going as per standard only, but some times feeling it is not up to today's market standards.

I would like to request school management, before going a head; i just want to know the feeling of other parents.

crit 2011-01-19 17:39:28


Hello Parent,

Thanks for providing frank inputs. It will help many parents immensely. I have some more info here for parents.

I spoke with many parents of jgrvk as I am hunting for a good school. The report I got from almost all parents is that they are disappointed - teachers, method, activities, etc. Many want to FLEE from this school, and many said they are looking for other schools and say they made a wrong decision in admitting their children and feel bad for it.

I checked almost all students notes of higher classes. They do not have the look of notes at all. It gives an impression of a care-free attitude of all teachers in all aspects. I am thanking myself for the 2-day effort I put on this exercise.

For all parents - please please check for yourselves by going to the school and interacting with the parents. Do not even get biases with my opinion about the school. Its is your child, and therefore it becomes your responsibility to put him/her in a good school. Do not go by the looks and talks, etc. They say Indian Culture, Tradition, Values, blah, blah... But I saw the person in-charge of the whole school coming to school wearing leggies. I was wondering what sort of example is given to the students. So I decided to not consider the school.


srikar2309 2011-01-19 23:36:16


Dear Parents,

I am in a fix .. as I am looking for a good school in Bangalore ..  Could any one help me with the review of Kensri school and Jai gopal garodia school.

and do suggest me with some schools .. My kids are studying in DAV ,Hyderabad and we are shiting to bangalore in a month.






crit 2011-01-20 15:36:35


Hi Srikar,

I got good feedback about Kensri. Feels also seemed reasonable. I was told that the kids there have lots of non-curricular activities and enjoy them. But the school is sitting in one corner of Bangalore. If you are planning to move to Bangalore like me, think about setting up somewhere close of this school. Go ahead. I hope you are not too late by now.



srikar2309 2011-01-20 17:20:31



Dear Crit,   Thanks for your swift input..   In fact  we submitted the forms for II & VII std  to Kensri School on Nov 18,2010 and I was informed today that the final list will be in the first week of feb 2011.   Anticipating for a positive response from them…   We will put up in & around coffee board colony..     \\Srikar

pradeeps77 2012-06-21 19:09:26


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