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Ramakanta 2010-11-25 17:05:37


Hi All,

My son is 8th October 2008 born.I want schools for admission into Nursery for the session of  2011-2012.What are good schools near to Annasandrapalya/HAL/Basava Nagar?.What the age /admission/tuition fee  charges etc/CBSE/ICSE or State syllabus etc.Please tell me the details  who has already experience on these school.Thanks on advance.





 Former member 2010-11-25 20:37:53



i think u can go for ncfe malleshpalya and hal public school both are cbse also u can try geetanjali and ssb school in indranagar.


Ramakanta 2010-11-26 07:14:27


Thanks for suggestion.Can you please tell me the age and charges of HAL Public School.How is the Kairalee Nilayam which one follow up CBSE course also.


Ramakanta 2010-11-26 10:10:30


Hi easy,

I want to give my son's admission into VAGDEVI VILAS SCHOOL,Marathalli Branch as this was 15/20 mins distance by Bike from my home.Is every year same charge's for each promoted class? I think the admission charge 30K will not be charged every year.I unable to pay 50K evry year for studying like Nursery,LKG and UKG etc.If I will spend this much at lower Kgs then tell me how much will I spend for IIT,IIM for that students in future?I can give upto 20k to 25K max in every year.Fees for Nursery is, approx - Rs 44,000/- Inclusive all.If they charge same amount evry year I will change school after Class I.Whats ur suggestion whether charges is less or not in promoted class.



 Former member 2010-11-26 10:19:49


Hi ramakanta,

I understand the fees in bangalore schools are sky rocketing. in vagdevi the fees from ist std onwards is less than the pre primary and montesorri classes.becos in preprimary the class strength is less and teacher to students ratio is high.

i dont think the admission charge is 30k? that includes the term fee as well. i am not sure abt the exact amt, as they have increased the fees compared to last far as i remember i paid 7k for admission fee or something.

i think u can look at geetanjali the fees is less than vagdevi ,but ofcourse they charge a donation aka development fee the first year.i donot have much info on hal public school and i think the fees is also reasonable.

one more suggestion is you can try airforce school.but i think they have from lkg only. it is near wind tunnel road.


Ramakanta 2010-11-26 10:44:30


Yesterday, I enquiry for Nursery at air force school. They process and sales application form January 2011 onwards. They are taking student  from Nursery to Class IX.They are age calculation is very strict, even 1day less from 3yr up to June 1st , will not beconsider.So applying for Nursery 2011 will be reject  by them and I don’t want to waste 1yr for getting admission into Nursery in 2012 .

I will check fees and facilities at HAL public school and geetanjali on coming monday and then will take decission.....


 Former member 2010-11-26 11:01:33


ya tat is the challenge i faced my kid also.he is nov born and i also did not want to waste a year for few months. luckily for me vagdevi gave admission for him for lkg ,infact they give admission for lkg at 3.3. i guess geetanjali also follows the same norm.

one more school u can consider is "navaprajna".the school belongs to the poorna prajna school is a new school which has come up in kundalahalli gate. they also admit kids at 2.5 for nursery and 3.5 for lkg.the fee is reasonable but there is a dev.fee first year.


ryanrhea 2011-04-10 00:51:00


hi ramakanta,

i would suggest u to go for the Hello kids pre school,  there is a new branch opened in annasandrapalya,  why dont u give a try there. Hello kids is one of the best pre schools, i am saying this with my personal experience.  my children have become very smart and independent.  the fees is also very nominal. its within 20 k . u can go to the school and have acheck. the best part is they teach montessori as well as kindergarden which help children to cope up with cbse as well as icse syllabus. the amount includes fees, school uniform, books , bag etc.




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