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mkp 2010-11-24 14:17:46



I am writting this as I feel it will be useful to someone, sometime. I am relocating from HYD to BNGLR , and hence I was looking for a 1st std school admission for my daughter by June 2011.

1. Age criterea - Many schools have strange age criterea for 1st std admission they want your child to be 6 years completed before June 1st. When asked about the CBSE guidelines ( that  5+ years are eligible for 1st std.Most of the schools says it is their experience that 6 years + students cope up well.Even schools started in last 3-4 years also says that they fix this based on their vast experience.

It may be OK for bangalore, but remember if your child is more than 6 years 6 months, many schools in India - Mumbai , Chennai will not admit child to 1st std. stating Overage.

(There is a copy of High court judgement in cbse site.)

ICSE age criterea says child should complete 15 years before writing 10th board exam. 

2. CBSE schools

Very difficult to get CBSE schools - most of them are ICSE schools.

I picked up a few schools in Bangalore south with relaxed age criterea.

a) Presidency - South

- School seems to be good, Infrastructure is good. But told me that they will let me know when vacancy arrives..

- Approx roads are very bad.

b) Padma- seshadri

No accancy - ukg strength is full , will let know by March. Also building as seen from road is not impressive

c)Radcliffe- CBSE

A new school- ready to give admissions without much hassle. But was not sure of the non-academic activities

d) Ryan bannerghatta- Very good , Though bit far.Infrastructure is good and have good school bus facility in and around .

e)  St. Patricks sarjapur road

I liked this school , but as I came to know from other st.patricks brother's institutions in chennai and other places. There academics takes a back seat and all other sports, cultural activities are encouraged. In fact it is compulsory to attend saturday school for these. I didn't like this concept.

Finally deceided on Ryan bannerghatta

3. Admission test

Easy ABCD , caps and cursive, 51- 100, simple additions 3 balls + 3 balls =?

Bigger number smaller number . Asked to read few simple sentences.



That I am happy that I enrolled her in Ryan.



 Former member 2010-11-24 15:24:21


whats the fee structure in ryan??? y dint u try geetanjali vidyalaya-cbse.??


mkp 2010-11-24 17:36:14


admission fee 30k

tuition - 25k

uniform books 6k

I didn't try geetanjali



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