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Jesh 2015-04-29 11:50:22


i am not able to share it here as its not happening..

Jesh 2015-04-29 11:52:05


i am not able to share it here as its not allowing... 

doos 2015-04-29 14:24:31


i got it. We will come and see next week. 

aagl 2015-07-10 10:06:32


Not happy with the school... fees increased and quality gone down.. Teachers are not trained properly to  handle small kids...

ravira 2015-07-10 18:34:06


@ aagl - which class your ward is in ? I have taken admission of my son in LKG this year and I also feel they have taken lot of new admissions higher than their capacity.

SandeepK 2015-10-08 21:18:20



I am looking for information on BEML Shishya:
  • Quality of education
  • Focus on Extra-curriculum activities
  • Infrastructure
  • Fee - structure
I am looking for good school for my twin daughters - 1st standard.
any info on BEML or any good school near Kaggadasapura/Mallesh palya will help me.


Srinu7 2015-12-20 01:00:30


i heard all BEML Shishya parents are techies but no latest discussion here. :(
Hi SandeepK,
Have you got answer for your query ? 
Hope by this time you got it or well enquired.. if so please post here.
i am looking for a LKG admission for my kid, its useful.

Advance Thanks,


pro18 2016-02-21 09:10:11


Can anybody give a overall feedback on this school...

serchskl 2016-02-22 16:12:47


As far i know the school standards got down for primary ... for Pre-primary it is ok .
And about admissions they are giving for Nursery. Not sure about LKG and age criteria as for june 4years have to complete by child for LKG.

VelMuruganS 2016-09-27 14:54:12


Anyone please share the admission process and fee structures for Nursery in BEML Shishya.
Thanks in Advance.

raja16 2016-10-12 18:25:58


Admission enrollment for 17-18 has started. You can enroll the name in the allotted time slot of 10.30 - 12.00.

coolpnn 2016-10-16 23:15:19


Hi Sandeep,

Which school did you admit your daughter's finally?any luck on reviews on shishya public school

AshM 2017-08-07 20:05:47


Feedback on Shishya BEML school

AshM 2017-08-07 21:09:52


Feedback about the school if you are seeking :

I have my son studying in this school for the last 3 years now ,he's in Std VI now hence can't say much about pre-primary level .
Fees : The school has hiked the fees this year(like most others) but still the fees is at a very descent level comparatively i.e its not very high.
Education : I'm quite OK with the quality of education here ,although sometimes I feel the no. of class activities should come down a bit.
Sports : It was not upto the mark till last year ,this year the school has made lot of changes to improve on it ...renovated the  basketball court, playgrounds etc., need to wait n watch this year how it goes. If you are looking for a school which is good in sports you can skip this one ,as of now.
Infrastructure : I feel they are quite descent in infrastructure ,had built a new building/block last year  ,has playgrounds & courts .They have 3 schoolgates which makes it a tad easier, comparatively, for students to go inside /come out of the school . The school is usually quite clean including the toilets & corridors .The security team is quite serious about their job & school follows some strict processes .
Teachers : Most teachers I've come across have been quite good & well qualified although there is usually some or other  exception  .There seems to be high pressure on Teachers here,school follows Pearson curriculum & seem to work in a corporate way ,attrition may be a bit higher than other schools .
Principal : The present Principal has joined last year & seems to be more aggressive on improving the Sports /Extra curricular activities in the school .Still early days I guess but seems to be innovative & very serious on discipline . 
As far as I remember this school has been in top 25 schools in Bangalore for Academics & Value for Money in the last couple of years .
For XI/XII  they have only Science (PCMC/PCMB)
To summarize .....Its quite a simple no frills school which is good in academics & trying to get better in sports/extra curricular 

Hope it helps .

101sanadi 2017-08-10 22:44:07


Hai anyone does the school admmit any child with difficulty .if any parent of differently abled study in this school let me know your comments

eshine 2017-08-14 15:07:05


Thanks AshM for your very informative post of Shishya BEML, can you please tell us more about the following points:-

1) Association of the school with Pearson? Does this really improve the school experience of the children or just a marketing gimmick to attact techie parents?

2) Could you pls tell us more about the fee structure?  

Thanks a lot for your time..


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