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pfunk 2010-11-22 01:54:50


 Hello all,

We plan to move to Krishnarajapura (inside that big triangle between the road to Hoskote - NH4, whitefield road, and state hway 35). Can you tell I'm driving by google maps? :)

Anyway, I'm looking for a good school for my 2 kids - for nursery and 4th grade. So far I have Brigade International, Gopalan International, Deens Academy, and Ryan International. Any other good ones I need to follow up on? Are these good value-for-money type schools or are there others?

I've read through some other threads regarding these schools, but any other feedback will be very welcome. 

One thing I'm concerned with is the entry fee. I've read it is like Rs.75000+?!!! Man, with two kids, that will be pretty tough!



TS 2010-11-22 11:16:18


Hi Pfunk,

Deens addmission are already closed.

Both Ryan,GIS and BIS are good,but pretty expensive.The schools in and around KR puram is expensive.

You can Royal Concorde Banaswadi and JGRKV Ramamurthy nagar.



pfunk 2010-11-22 12:02:51


Thanks TS! Too bad about Deens. Is the school good? I'll call Royal Concorde, but just read alarming review for JGRKV so don't know...

I called all the 4 I mentioned, today. Gopalan's phone from their website isn't working. Can anyone share any other number?

At Brigade, the fees are shocking! - 1.6lacs for 4th, 1.32lacs for nursery!!

Ryan flat refused to give me the fee over the phone. I tried to push for it, but then the lady simply asked me to wait and I could hear office conversations for like 10 mins, finally I hung up. I don't know how a parent is helped by not being told the fee over the phone. Can someone share?



TS 2010-11-22 13:11:39


Deens is good,but fee is as high as 85K for Nursery.

The Gopalan's no is correct on the site,i called up the same no.It is easy to get admission there.

Brigade only first year you need to shell out in lacs,but every year it should be around 75K.They will increase 10% evry year.My son got short listed,but not going for this school bcoz they are not sure of the tranport facility.

Try Presidency,it is also expensive.

Now days education is has become business and it is very expensive.



pfunk 2010-11-29 23:01:07


 So did a little trip. Visited Deens, DPS W, and Whitefield global. Deens infrastructure looked good. DPS W is basically an act of faith at this point, also that the facilities for next acad year will be a downgrade for us, and the 'real' location is 1.5 yrs away at least. The person we met was honest in that she had a rider to most of the conversation - can't say specifically about sports focus or this or something else since we are at inception stage.

Whitefield global seemed a bit tired, and also under construction. Might be a good school but didn't seem polished as opposed to, Deens.Checked out Brigade International. Noticed that its very close to railway line. Surprised that no one has posted that. I care because the train horn has the power to stop all conversation - in person and over the phone, its that loud. I sure hope they have good sound insulation inside. On the other hand, it may not bother anyone else. Seems that some of the less desirable land for housing/commerce is getting utilized as a very lucrative site by opening a school on it.  

Some more observations: So many schools, Deens for example, just don't want to help you really assess the school - no sharing of syllabus, textbooks, meeting with teachers. Simple answer - fill out the form, take our exam, then if we're ready to offer you admission, we'll let you ask those questions. Man! You'd think that if a business is selling you something that costs more than a lakh a year and is high-touch, that the vendor would do all they can to make you comfortable. Not in the desi edu field!

Nursery seems pretty expensive given its going to be only like 3-4 hrs a day for 5 days/wk minus 20 odd holidays minus summer vacations.  

why do most schools NOT want to put up their fees on the website? What do they fear? I would like to see it all on the web so I can make informed choices. I would really like to try and understand - hope someone from some school's admin sees this and helps me/us gain some understanding.  

So. Aren't done yet. Want to check out Gopalan schools too. Not sure what to do with DPS W. Any comments? Like Deens for infrastructure, focus on acads, and architecture that would be endearing and attractive to a child. It's expensive though. Leaning away from Brigade for cost and proximity to railway track. Unsure about whitefield global  

Any advice, feedback is welcome.


AmarEllareddy 2010-11-30 06:05:18



I too agree with you On DPS-W director, she looks very promising with high vision, more over DPS track record and standards made me to think. I have decided to put my Son for LKG. Few other key things drove my decision was Sports focus and Advisory board members. I felt it was very difficult to get seat in any good(by choice!) school, most of them are seeing Nursery as entry point. As you raise the concern, most of the schools try to create that artificial demand and believe it is trap parents who wants to give best for their kids. It is happening in India and Bangalore.. All the best for your school search and keep sharing your thoughts, i found it is good platform share.  



TS 2010-11-30 11:21:17


Hi Pfunk,

Deens is good but too much of hype and we didnt even get a call.

Liked Brigade but dropped bcoz they were not promising the good transport system.

Gopalan Intl seems to be OK.

So went ahead with DPS-W.I feel till UKG any school would be same and decided to take a chance since the fee is reasonable and it will near to our home.



BhuChandhu 2010-11-30 14:27:54


Hi Teju,

How much is the fees for LKG in DPS -W.Where is it located? I am looking for my son's admissions for LKG.


TS 2010-11-30 14:44:42



Tutuion/Misc Fee-35K

Admision Fee-65K

It is located on Borewell road in whitefiled(it is behind Lakme parlour whitefield).


pfunk 2010-12-05 13:53:32


Made another trip to the area. Decided against DPS-W primarily because of lack of infrastructure. Maybe in a couple of years it'll be good but till then kids will have to make do with whatever. And it didn't seem fair that with nothing on the ground, the school is asking for full fees including 65k admissions.

Visited Gopalan International. Its a huge building with large classrooms, but in a very congested locality. Apartments abut the boundary right to the edge and the roads seem too narrow for the many buses that will come in and leave during the day. The building may be functional but is not aesthetic or on a child's scale. Also seemed to admit less natural light. When we asked for a tour, we were shown the ground floor with daycare room, KG etc., swimming pool... We asked for the other floors but they said classes were going on so we couldn't even walk the corridors. OK. Could we come on a saturday? No, parents can see it when they go to visit on a Parent-Teachers day. What? I guess it completely missed their view that parents might want to actually see facilities before enrolling. The playground is very limited as well (large on its own but with so many kids...) and noticed that the track was paved. A track should never have hard paving but its probably done to reduce maintenance. Similarly the pool was large, very functional but in space that can only be described as ugly. The whole school was spotless mind you, but it was clearly not 'designed' if you know what I mean.

The Principal of Gopalan International is very nice. She's obviously very experienced, and is able to speak with kids very easily with the right mix of authority and compassion.

Deens was a contrast in terms of the building. Beautiful, scaled down cluster of buildings with exposed brick. The neighborhood is residential but not as congested. They too have the challenge of increasing classes over the years and making space for them. The admissions coordinator gave us sufficient time and explained the school to us. The school seems focused on using technology in education, far more than other schools we visited.  The classrooms are pretty small, but seemed capable. The swimming is also scaled down but very pleasing. Again the whole premise was very clean just like Gopalan's.

Gopalan's is far more expensive - 60K admissions plus ~90k plus bus and other misc. Deens is comparable but without admissions fee.

Our child found Deen's written test not very difficult, while Gopalan's was very hard. It appeared to be a test to get  the measure of a student, not necessary a check of any minimum standard. Deen's was to check for an acceptable level of acads.

So. We have an interview call with Deen's and offer for admission at Gopalan's. What do you think?


AmmaAnni 2011-12-27 12:10:20


My analysis over few schools that we shortlisted/visited to finalize our son's admission.

New Horizon Gurukul -Heard a lot about this from my friend saying there is big rush for admission (oct-Nov timeframe), only 50 out of 200 kids got selected

etc so i was curious though it is far (a bit) for me. Visited their website to get more info on school activities/curriculum/focus etc. and called up to check fee structure. They said admissions are still open (Dec end now)

.so we planned to visit. In the reception as you can read in other parents reviews, they hide their fee structure like cats hide their shit.

we were first asked to buy application for furthey info. we were not too keen anyway so this incident confirmed our decision. Value,transparency, ethics is utmost important in educational system.

it may be a great school with 40+ kids in each section and 6 sections per class etc but for me i got an instinct not to go with it.

Gopalan National School - Before visting this school i had asked few kids in my Apt how do you like your school.

They said it is very good, we love to go to school. its like fun going to school.

Felt its a decent school with 30+ kids in each class, liked the PG classrooms.

fees also like 40k admission and similar annual fee for PG-II. But the reception itself felt congested and school surroundings is a little dusty.

Gopalan International School - Campus, classes seemed decent, well maintained. Clean environment

Since it was Christmas holidays i got to see the school - The dining area in the basement. Nursery and higher classe son higher floors,

decent enough labs - Physics/biology etc some music classrooms Corridors are spacious and classrooms have good natural lighting.

Fees seeemd a bit higher. 60K admission and 67k for nursery. Good thing is they prospectus shared fee structure upto 10th .

so with a hike every year we can calculate how much we need to shell out each year.

my review could be little biased coz GNS/GIS is close to my place. so i was for it.


 Former member 2012-02-21 18:46:38


pfunk: What you decide? Deens or GIS? Any new pointers? Thanks for any info.



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