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Jayavenkat 2010-11-17 13:29:11



My name is Jaya

I have moved into Bangalore recently and I am looking to put my son into a playschool the next academic year when he will turn 2. I reside in Sanjay Nagar.

I did a bit of research work searching for the play schools in and around this area.

I would like to know your experiences about some play schools which I have considered for admission.

Kidzee, Hello Kids, Little Elly, Roots to Wings and Kangaroo Kids

Can you please give me your valuable suggestions so that I can take an informed decision?

alsu 2010-11-17 14:34:22



i also stay in sanjay nagar.. my daughter studied in podar jumbo kids rmv 2nd stage. my son is now going to the same school. as far as i know roots to wings teachers r not efficient i heard.. mostly the ayammas take care.

hello kids the school is very small and kids r more.. kidzee is ok. they say they follow montessori method but no. they follow the usual play school methods and one or 2 montessori method. the head has stammering so i avoided tht school.

little elly and kangaroo kids i dont have any idea. Jumbo kids is good. they take good care. but one thing is in play school and nursery there are 20kids in a section. and one teacher to eac section. so thts the only prob. my son is in little school where only 2kids r  there.

u can visit Amora Montessori but fees is little high . but its really a good montessori school. Mithra montessori is also good but small and again high fees.

so wer do u stay in Sanjay Nagar? im near food world..


Jayavenkat 2010-11-18 19:21:05


 thanks a lot. I stay in Postal colony, near Shiksha sagar school. so, r u from chennai? I moved in recently from chennai, this June. I am at home at present, but will start looking out for a job. I stay here along with my in-laws. 

where does your daughter study now?


alsu 2010-11-19 14:44:05


hi jaya..

s im from chennai.. its been 5yrs in b'lore.. my daughter goes to Navkis in Gokula ,Mathikere.



pranjumom 2011-03-15 08:21:46



  I am also in sanjaynagar, looking for a palyhome/daycare for my 22month old daughter. my elder one is 8yr old, i need to get back to job any good maid or daycare ideas ? Most of the time i work from home but i need atleast 3-4 hrs hassle free. Any ideas ???

thank you....


gannamani 2013-03-28 17:07:08


hi all,

from your posts i understand that you all stay near shiksa sagar high school. can you give feedback on this school. about the quality of teaching, teacher student ratio, school academics and pass %.

i also want to know the rentals fora 2bhk in sanjay nagar.

thanks you



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