Geetanjali olympiad school

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adanne 2023-10-03 10:52:49


Hi, Please provide any feedback on Geetanjali olympiad school.

parenttoone 2023-11-30 19:04:23


I would not recommend this school as I have heard not so positive feedback from parents of children going to the school as well as teachers who have been teaching in the school. I have heard that a lot of qualified teaching and non-teaching staff left the school over the past couple of years. The root cause for this appears to be a recent change in administration, poor communication and a lack of qualified teachers. The school has not had a dedicated principal over the last two years.
Some examples of this chaos over the last two years include facts like delayed uniform and book distribution, no school diary or formal school calendar of exams, holidays and school activities, etc. Also, PTMs are only held 4 times a year for marksheet distribution after tests or exams. During these two years, not all students received the complete set of uniforms which was distributed more than 4 months after the academic session began.


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