Kumarans 2024-25 prekg admission

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1401gana 2023-08-30 17:57:23


Any information regarding this please let me know

BackHome2024 2023-08-31 08:18:38


I just saw the update on their website. Looks like we have to apply between 4-Sep through 9-Sep. Previous years' posts have mentioned that the Submit button is only enabled for few minutes. Anybody else applying?

1401gana 2023-09-02 11:53:48



Aanaaya 2023-09-03 21:52:18


Hi can I have the sample questions for kumarans 2024-24 prekg.

Man07 2023-09-04 13:32:25


Hello all,
Admission process for Kumarans school is started from today. You can fill and save the application from 4th Sep 2023 till 8th Sep 2023. Submit button will appear on 9th Sep 2023 at 10:00am.

Man05 2023-09-04 15:53:42


Yes, Admission process started. Please apply going to https://edchemy.kumarans.org/

I have a general query in application. I see they asked for category and caste. Does it impacts getting seat in Kumarans. Do they consider caste and category. ?. 


BackHome2024 2023-09-05 21:27:22


I am not sure, I hope it does not matter. But it seems like all school applications that I have filled have asked about religion and caste.

sanjeevhulyalkar 2023-09-06 20:11:39


Does any knows, what is the strength of the PRE-KG kids?
And also does any knows if the school provides transportation from AGS layout or nearby?

Aanaaya 2023-09-06 22:37:54


Kumarans pre kg it's showing no vaccine for the year 24-25

BackHome2024 2023-09-07 07:13:14


@sanjeev - Not sure about the strength. But AGS Layout is pretty close to Tata Silk Farm campus, so I'd imagine there would be buses available. 

BackHome2024 2023-09-07 07:13:54


@aanaaya - what do you mean vaccine?

kumudhs 2023-09-09 10:21:45


did anyone able to submit the application form? i tried to submit exactly when submit button was enabled i got meesage max application received. please let us know if anyone able to submit?

kumudhs 2023-09-09 10:23:16


This is for nursery DKS  school admission

Man05 2023-09-09 10:29:36


Submit button they enabled on 9th sept 10 AM. I exactly submitted at 10AM , but it says it recieved maximum applications. Does any one got success. ? . Looks like it is just a game. In just fraction of seconds I submitted but didn't get. Please share your thoughts?

Man05 2023-09-09 10:30:19


Same for me

sanjeevhulyalkar 2023-09-09 11:38:05


I am able to submit exactly at 10.am. I was refreshing the website every 10 sec from 9:59 am and the moment it was 10:00 submit button was enabled, and could submit.


BackHome2024 2023-09-09 17:33:35


I was able to submit as well. I was also refreshing the page every few seconds. And exactly at 10, it got through.

Man05 2023-09-09 20:30:10


what is the school fee in kumarans for pre-kg ? 
And how is NPS banashankari?

BackHome2024 2023-09-09 23:36:50


@Man05 I don't know about nursery fees, but Kumarans CBSE for Grade I last year was around 1.8 lacs. I'd think it would increase by about 5-10% every year.

NPS Banashankari seems to be good. They have pretty good sports infrastructure. We have applied there as well. We will try to tour their faclity next month.

pgkkumar 2023-09-10 06:43:47


Has anyone got any acknowledgment mail? I just see a submitted status in Edchemy

BackHome2024 2023-09-10 07:45:01


Nothing yet. Still waiting.

Aayu21 2023-09-10 10:45:57


Anyone applied to TSF today? 

Riyoma 2023-09-10 10:49:10


Yes applied for TSF

KRAP 2023-09-10 10:55:48



SSM11 2023-09-10 12:15:36


Submitted at TSF

SSM11 2023-09-10 12:17:17


Has anyone got status acknowledgement at TSF prekg.

Aayu21 2023-09-10 13:05:38


No. On the login page status shows as submitted.

Kaav1990 2023-09-10 21:12:54


Yes same here.. TSF.. No infoŸ˜ŸŸ˜Ÿ

BackHome2024 2023-09-11 00:51:05


Based on previous year's thread, the status changes from Submitted to Acknowledged. We applied to DKS on Saturday, it's still Submitted. Anybody else's changed yet?

SSM11 2023-09-11 09:52:46


Not yet.Still it€™s showing submitted.Let us wait for today May it acknowledged.If any one application Got acknowledged please update in the discussion thread.



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