Kumarans 1st STD Admission - 2023-2024

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aa1722 2023-03-15 08:12:05


When is the medical certificate due for submission? They have uploaded the template but haven't provided a date of submission on edchemy.

2023KC 2023-03-15 09:10:32


@lightonmind - no point worrying much. If school bus is not an option then can't help ofcourse. Also if other parents have not yet faced problem it'll be ok. Private van definitely adds more flexibility for choosing where one wants to stay

123santu 2023-03-15 12:14:15


Hi All, As anybody Opted for CBD - 5 route Chennamakere Park Stop for Class 1 DKS Branch ? If yes can somebody confirm is it same as Srikanteshwara park ?

2023KC 2023-03-16 12:53:34


Is anyone in this group staying in one of the apartment stops in CBM15 route. We are looking for rentals in that area based on bus stops. Brigade meadows, Shobha forest view, Shobha suncrest ets. In other routes we are interested in HM world city, mantri serenity, mantri courtyard etc. Help will be really appreciated


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