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Anjali7783 2022-08-25 18:31:52


Hi All, 
need bit of guidance. I have a daughter who will turn 2 in september 2022. I am 6 months new to bangalore and have understood CBSE schools application forms are out by Oct/Nov.

Need to know :
1. If i put my kid to any of the pre primary schools + day care (eg Little elly, Poddar jumbo kids, Sandford wings international etc) to finish her pre-primary plus be in daycare after her nursery hour finishes, will this effect her chances of getting to bigger schools in 1st standard ??
2. I live near queens road and looking for CBSE schools for nursery admission with transport facility to one of the day care centers, do you think such schools and facilities are available
3. My work place is near HAL airport road and i live in queens road. I am looking for a facility where she finishes her nursery and spends time in daycare till 6/630
4. In absence of bigger school providing bus services how reliable are private vans/ buses- where can i get contacts 
5. Also what are the chances of getting into school as only i will be available to represent my child to the school authorities while interview .
Do you have any suggestions keeping the above questions in mind

mprabhakaran 2022-08-27 22:49:14


I am new to the town and also struggling with the similar issue.
Klay, Little Elly and Little Millennium are the biggest preschool chain here. 

1. Mostly these schools have a van service themselves.
2. Go and visit the schools. When I visited the Little Elly that is located near to my home, I found it in a bad shape. No infra, smells everywhere and No safety measurement. It was kind of stinking. They were hardly speaking in English. But, Little Millennium is the opposite. I found it better than the Elly. But, the fee was almost same in both the preschools.
3. This was the case in my area. It could be the opposite for yours. 

Do visit the schools and decide.

I do not know how it will affect the school admissions since I am also new here.


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