Kumarans Pre-KG Admission 2023-2024

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20162020 2022-09-19 23:41:25


No under sibling quota form was submitted on the same day when u filled the form

happyparent2023 2022-09-20 14:08:20


Did anyone got SMS/Mail confirmation after submission? Form status is still showing submitted.

10ch 2022-09-20 15:16:53


Was that confirmation mail that you have submitted the form..?i have not received any email or message

happyparent2023 2022-09-20 16:13:04


ya confirmation mail/message i didn't get 

happyparent2023 2022-09-20 16:13:41


usually after how many days they call for interview?

venkateshsiddappa 2022-09-20 21:51:05


not received any mail/message but status changed from submitted to acknowledged. 

20162020 2022-09-20 22:08:35


Status changed to acknowledged

Avinash2822 2022-09-25 00:50:52


Next update on coming Friday right ??

Barathhhhh 2022-09-26 22:28:10


Any idea when will they call for interview? Status is in acknowledged but no call from the school.

Avinash2822 2022-09-27 00:09:52


Friday they will announce the short listed application€™s for interview

Loki123 2022-09-30 07:50:51


Hello Everyone,
I noticed that the status changed from submitted to acknowledged for my daughter.
Also when I downloaded the "Admission Notification for Nursery Tata Silk Farm for the year 2023-2024 Click Here", Noticed that Announcement of List is on 8th October, not today (30th Sept)
Announcement of List - Saturday, 8th October 2022
Please reply "yes" if you see the same?


Avinash2822 2022-09-30 10:15:10


Hy Loki , Yesterday night even i observed that it was showing as 8th October,But today morning again it is showing that 30th September they are going to announce shortlist ,Let  us know if the status changes from acknowledged

Avinash2822 2022-09-30 10:17:06


Now again it is showing as 8th October ,So we need to wait 1 more week

24Ssin 2022-09-30 10:34:09


according to the website it is on 8th October


24Ssin 2022-09-30 10:38:21


status as of today (30th Sept) is still Acknowledged. 

Avna8 2022-09-30 13:38:22


Hi all , anyone's application status changed from acknowledged to further ?

ankith4 2022-09-30 18:58:49


Still showing acknowledged, no change. As per the Admission notification it was supposed to be released today

12psa 2022-09-30 22:52:33


Hello All, Yes Its showing 8th Oct for the list announcement.

Avinash2822 2022-10-06 15:17:33


Just received an email from Kumarans, We have been offered SSLC stream , Now we are confused as to what to do

Avinash2822 2022-10-06 19:54:19


Have decided to reject sslc stream

happyparent2023 2022-10-07 13:03:49


Status changed from acknowledged to called for interview. Checkout yours 


Babyjoy 2022-10-07 14:10:08


just checked. no change yet. seems they are doing it one by one.

20162020 2022-10-07 14:44:42


Ya called for interview

20162020 2022-10-07 14:45:10


Have u applied under sibling quota

Babyjoy 2022-10-07 14:56:58


btw, will there be any quota for different professions. heard from someone that IT crowd is all over and kids of parents with other professions may have an edge.

happyparent2023 2022-10-07 16:00:25


@20162020 When will be the date for interview?

venkateshsiddappa 2022-10-07 17:20:19


Just checked, status changed from acknowledged to called for interview Round-1. interview Date 17th OCT

10ch 2022-10-07 18:58:38


Still status is acknowledged


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