KUMARANS School 1st standard Admission 2022-2023

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Happymother12 2022-03-09 14:17:35


Oh really

1kid2parents 2022-03-09 17:38:41


@ashvinny Thanks, for us it is still showing "Admission Accepted", will keep checking.

rgab 2022-03-09 18:44:00


Even we got DD acknowledge status update today afternoon

Man07 2022-03-15 11:31:27


Hello parents, I am writing this thread to help out and give clarity to the future applicants for Class 1 (CBSE) in Sri Kumarans Childrens Academy, Doddakalsandra (DKS) school.

I like to share my overall experience from the process of application till admission for the year 2022-2023 for Class 1. This information I am sharing as a reference for parents who wish to know the entire admission process from application to admission in Sri Kumarans DKS, Bengaluru.

Firstly, parents need to create an account by login in their EDCHEMY portal. All the information and communication related to admission process from school will be shared in this portal only.

 Application process:

1.     The application filling and saving window was opened from date 07/01/2022 to 14/01/2022.

2.     The filled and saved application to be submitted on 15/01/2022. The submit option was enabled at 10:00 AM. You need to be very quick to submit within in 3 to 5 minutes.

3.     If you delay in submitting the application, after fixed number of applications received, you will get a notification stating that already maximum number of applications received.

Tip: Login to the EDCHEMY portal 5 minutes before the specified time, have very good internet connectivity. Needs to refresh the page frequently from 09:59 AM itself to ensure you find the submit button right away when it appears on the page.


Man07 2022-03-15 11:31:49


Interaction (Written Test):

Once the school reviews the received applications, they will shortlist the applications based on their internal set guidelines. This means, some applications may get rejected in this step itself. As per my speculation, they short list the applications based on Locality (their address in Bengaluru), Schools they are currently studying, Education qualification of parents, Annual income of parents, and to some extent they may prefer if only one parent is working.

School updated on the confirmation for written test on 8/02/2022. Date for written test in the DKS campus was on 12/02/2022 at 09:15 AM. Only printed hall ticket was to be carried along with other things which they send in the circular. Parents were only allowed inside the main gate but not inside the school building. Total test time was nearly 1 hour 30 minutes.

Below is the list of questions they asked for my kid during the written test. I have listed the questions a much as my kid recalled after test.

1.     Student name and school name spelling writing

2.     Addition and subtraction

3.     Join the dots and colour (Duck image)

4.     Colour the Train picture, like colour name given on each shape

5.     Copy and write the sentences written on black board

6.     Dictation of words (3 to 5 letter words)

7.     Orals for spellings (3 to 5 letter words)

8.     Write sentences on a given picture (Girl dancing in rain)

9.     Number spelling

10.  Number the picture in correct order (Snowman image)

11.  Odd one out

12.  Matching the pictures (Bat-ball, cow-grass)


Tip: My advice to parents is to practice your kids on these types of similar questions, like mock test. Question types may change year on year but may revolve around the above topics. As I heard, only the question which generally kids learn in UKG will be asked.

Man07 2022-03-15 11:32:12



Based on the kid performance in the written test, applications were shortlisted further and called for face-to-face interview. Both the parent with kid needs to attend. The interview was scheduled on 28/02/2022 at 11:00 AM via video conference in ZOOM. The interview was with school principal and total time for interview was nearly 5 minutes only.

Questions asked for parents during interview:

1.     What is your name?

2.     What is your school name and where is it?

3.     What is your hobby?

4.     Who will help you in doing homework?

5.     What is your favourite game?

Questions asked for parents during interview:

1.     Why Kumarans?

2.     Why have you selected CBSE?

3.     Where you work?


Some tips for interview:

1.     Dress in formals, mother in saree or chudidar, father in formals and kid in any formal dress.

2.     Login 10 mins before the scheduled time. Ensure good internet speed and light for clear visibility.

3.     Do mock interview with kids in home couple of times before the interview day.


Man07 2022-03-15 11:46:31


Admission process:

Post interview, the shortlisted kids were sent a link in EDCHEMY portal to acknowledge the admission in school. For this year, results declared on 9th March (after 9 days from interview date). After that, dates were (within 3 to 4 days) to acknowledge and submit the school fee.


Fee structure for 2022-2023 (Approx.):

Fees and other information about admission can be found in school website. Link http://cbse-dks.kumarans.org/index.php/admission-a-glance/


SwathiParent 2022-04-07 10:21:42


Hello All, After the interview
In how many days will they declare it as Confirmed?

We had our interview on April 5th for Grade 2 , Anyone else got?

Nyra3798 2022-09-04 01:52:55


@man07 the link provided does not work can you please share info regarding the fees structure approx

Satheesh1411 2022-09-18 12:27:51


Hell All, When link will open to apply 1st standard for 2023 - 2024.

5694 2022-09-23 10:01:56


Can I apply for ICSE & CBSE for the same kid?


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