KUMARANS School 1st standard Admission 2021-2022

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AmitWaswani1980 2021-03-11 17:37:46


HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!! Good Folks who could not make it this time please do not be disheartened and give up...next year you will get it for sure...ALL THE BEST!!!

khanreshma01 2021-03-11 17:43:53


@24jyo how do we share contact numbers to create a group? My son got selected for CBSE mallasandra

AmitWaswani1980 2021-03-11 17:44:35


Hi Deepika...yes the group is a wonderful idea...sorry i did not receive your number...my number is 8217296185...you can create the group and add me:)

1234sush 2021-03-11 18:57:42


Hi ICSE mallasandra if anyone creates a WhatsApp group please add me in the list....

 Former member 2021-03-11 20:24:22


Hi, This is Mamtha. My daughter is selected for CBSE-MLS. If anyone is creating a whatsapp group, please do add me. How do we send or receive numbers to create whatsapp group if none has created it yet.

Anil0811 2021-03-11 20:34:01


My son got selected for CBSE@DKS :)

jo29 2021-03-11 20:34:31


Hey Guys think it€™s time to say bye. Thanks all for the support and guidance to sail through the anxious moments. And a very very very special thanks to AmitWaswani1980 for keeping the group alive at all times. Good luck to one and all

263007 2021-03-11 21:13:41


Hi. Everyone!! My daughter also selected for ICSE˜many congratulations to all and best of luck who didn't get selected!! Don't loose hope!! Everyone has tried at thr level best!!

263007 2021-03-11 21:14:34


Anyone is creation watss app group for ICSE Mls.. I also wanted to join.. Plz update

263007 2021-03-11 21:16:32


Hi.. I also want to join watss app group for ICSE MLS as my daughter also selected.. Can u plz share to whom I should share my number? Thanks in advance

deepika5 2021-03-11 21:40:35


@amit @prathima: added u to the group already

vaishrao88 2021-03-11 21:50:01


Yay! My kid got selected for CBSE mls. The wait is finally over!
Hearty congratulations to all who got selected. Thanks to one and all for updating information about the admission process and sharing their experiences. 


deepika5 2021-03-11 21:51:42


@everyone, icse mls can join the group using this invite link https://chat.whatsapp.com/JfYAdvriHvrLa6LYhImJdq

 Former member 2021-03-11 22:09:27


Please use this link to join cbse-mls group. https://chat.whatsapp.com/LUGf4WUeAjt91ayUfQ019A

AmitWaswani1980 2021-03-11 23:10:39


Thank u so much jo29. Yeah it was a wonderful journey we all had together for more than a month now. I hope and wish our group conversations would help in someways to future generations when they would look back at this group of ours for the references of their conversations as we had been referring to our predecessors for ours. I hope all of our journey continues together for another 12 years to come as part of this great and wonderful institution called 'Kumarans'. Goodbye and Goodluck to all!!!

1234sush 2021-03-11 23:20:19


Hi all though being a follower of this gp since long back couldn€™t create an Id as the process was not delayed by the management right from the application submission but then to an extent broke heart when the results got delayed...tot f creating a login then n joined but the results were out in a day after the join... thanks everyone!!!! Joined the wtsapp gp!!!!

nages 2021-03-15 11:34:11


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and shared their valuable insights.

This is for future reference:
This year, they have taken in 28 kids for admission to CBSE @ DKS. Rest of the kids come from their UKG.
Total strength for each STD (all sections together) seems to be 120. Reference: http://cbse-dks.kumarans.org/index.php/accreditation-corner/cbse-affiliation-report/

Fee structure for 1st STD CBSE @ DKS:
Total fees per year =  16,625 x 4 (Tuition fees per quarter) + 2,500 (Betterment fees) = 69,000
Books, uniform, accessories, transport are additional.
There is a one time Capital expenditure fees of 60,000 to be paid in 1st year. 
* Tuition fees (19,625 x 4) and capital expenditure fees (71,000) seems to have been reduced this year - maybe due to the pandemic.

On selection process:
Criteria for selection/rejection at application stage or interview stage is unknown.
Performance of the kids in the written/oral tests seems to be an important factor.

From previous year's threads, there are cases of rejections even during interview stage.
But this year, have not heard of any rejections in interview stage. Mostly looks like everyone who cleared the test and got call for interview - have made it. Again - maybe due to the pandemic, the competition might have been a bit less this year (just a guess. not sure though).

SPA23 2021-03-15 11:49:50


Thank you for providing this info.

Is the intake for class 1st & fee structure same for kumarans cbse @ Mallasandra as well?

 Former member 2021-03-15 13:33:01


@nages, Thanks for the details. The fee seems to be different at MLS. It is 71k capital expenditure fund plus the betterment fee n tuition fee of 19,625*4 plus the transport, book n uniforms. I'm surprised they have different fees for different campus.

S2021 2021-03-15 14:42:37


Kindly add me in ICSE group... Phone.. 9620722400

diamond18 2021-03-15 16:42:54


Are the admissions closed out for grade 1 icse mls, my ward attended the test on 24th, we attended the zoom 5 mins meeting on 3rd and status still shows called for interview from the conversation I understand , the admissions seems are done.
My ward goes to a full fledge school traditional one one of the few oldest icse schools in blr,  during the interview we were asked as to why we wanted to change and that there were children who were home schooled for ukg n who come from play schools which have only upto senior kg.
we have not applied any where else as if not here we would either try next year  or simply continue with the current school 
no offense to anyone  as such we just trying to analyze, I wanted to know if your kids go to full fledge schools or play schools till senior kg,
it is just to reduce our anxiety as to why we got rejected or were not offered after interview


deep2102 2021-03-15 17:37:35


@diamond18...my son goes to play school which is till UKG and another girl I know also goes to play school which is till UKG

amrutha19 2021-03-15 17:41:50


Congratulations to all who got admission... MINE GOT REJECTED at Application level .. Feeling very Low.. next year again I have to try for 2nd std.. Pls can anyone tell me are there chances of getting admissions next year for class 2.. Has anyone heard from ur friends getting admissions for class 2 or Class 3 etc..??

263007 2021-03-15 18:04:56


Hi, don't feel low and doors r always open!! My friend's daughter took admission in grade 2 only two years back!! Keep trying &Best of luck ŸžŸž

263007 2021-03-15 18:09:53


My daughter goes to play school which is till U. K. G and also 4 of my friend's kids also got admitted in kumarans this year.. They all r from paly school only

amrutha19 2021-03-15 19:20:04


Ok so I got some hopes for the next year after hearing from u.. Because our new house is very much near to the school.. I think the entrance test will b tougher ...and will there be seperate tests for all the subjects seperately... @263007 Can u pls confirm me about the details of the entrance test?? Pls help me


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