KUMARANS School 1st standard Admission 2021-2022

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deepika5 2021-03-11 15:33:38


Yes, i received a message . My child is selected. yipeeee

deepika5 2021-03-11 15:35:27


@siddushri : is your child selected?

Ash79 2021-03-11 15:42:26


Is it updated in the site and are results out for cbse also?

2prathi 2021-03-11 15:44:50


Hi everyone , status change to selected, congrats everyone who got selected

deepika5 2021-03-11 15:44:55


@ash79: site is updated for icse

AmitWaswani1980 2021-03-11 15:46:56



1234sush 2021-03-11 15:54:11


Hi all, My boy is SELECTED ICSE....congratulations to all who got selected n no regrets for the ones who didn€™t.....can give a try next year too....

Ash79 2021-03-11 16:03:47


CBSE @ MLS are also out and my daughter is selected :)

 Former member 2021-03-11 16:07:02


When was your interaction? 9th or 10th?

jo29 2021-03-11 16:07:32


CBSE@MLS My Son also got selected. Finally RELIEVED!!!

SnehaHejamady 2021-03-11 16:12:18


CBSE @dks are also out. My kid has got selected!

 Former member 2021-03-11 16:15:26


What time message came about cbse mls?

Ash79 2021-03-11 16:16:13


Site got updated 10 min back and got SMS just now

siddushri 2021-03-11 16:21:54


Yes @deepika. My kid got selected too

khanreshma01 2021-03-11 16:21:56


Selected CBSE Mallasandra

deep2102 2021-03-11 16:24:51


Selected for CBSE Mallasandra ...

nages 2021-03-11 16:54:26


DKS-CBSE selected. @SnehaHejamady - can we form a whatsapp group for DKS-CBSE-1-STD?

They are giving time till tmrw - 12th March - to accept the admission. In case any parents do not accept by tmrw, then the admission shall stand cancelled. Pls keep in mind. Also - 1st instalment DD to be paid by 15th or 16th in person - to complete the formalities and secure admission once and for all.

Congratulations to all parents & kids whose kids got selected.
Ones that did not make it - pls don't lose heart. This is a game of numbers and is not a reflection of the kid's capabilities. There are many good schools out there. Wishing you ward all the very best.


S2021 2021-03-11 16:56:11


Selected for ICSE

deepika5 2021-03-11 17:14:28


@amit: can we create  whatsapp group for  MLS-ICSE-1-STD ? Msged u my number

prrekh 2021-03-11 17:17:13


My daughter also got selected for CBSE-MLS. If anybody has created whatsapp group, pls let me know. 

24jyo 2021-03-11 17:21:04


My son got selected for cbse malasandrA

24jyo 2021-03-11 17:22:10


Yes we can go ahead and create a group for malasandra

8lakh 2021-03-11 17:35:36


Hi...anyone here applied for tsf?


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