Sishu Griha - Montessori Admission 2021-2022

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aaj123 2020-10-08 11:54:11


Has Sishu Griha rolled out admission forms for academic year 2021-22? 
What is the admission process and fees structure for Montessori. Thanks.

 Former member 2020-10-08 17:46:55


Not yet. Last year it was between 4th oct to 19th oct or so. Guess most schools are delayed this year. My friend says that the fee for Mont 1 used to be 2 lacs atleast 2 years ago.  Additionally they had charged non refundable admission fee of 90 k as they were building the new junior school at that point of time. 

 Former member 2020-10-08 17:50:52


Fee : 214000 donation 90k ... found this on last years thread

Fk143 2020-10-14 11:29:30


Any good CBSC schools in and around kaggadasapura..
How is orchid international school near CV Raman Nagar..

 Former member 2020-10-14 12:10:16



Montessori section - 2 years 8 months to 3 years as on 1st June of the academic year
The Application Form issue date for Montessori 1st year for the academic year 2021 will be confirmed soon.

This is what the school website says today!


 Former member 2020-11-18 11:17:09


Sishu griha Montessori admission notice and link is out on the school website today

Montessori section - 2 years 6 months to 3 years as on 1st June of the academic year
The Online Application form for academic year 2021 is given below - 
Apply Here


Fk143 2020-11-18 14:22:33


@Newkid, Can 3.6 yrs kid can apply for Mont 1 in Sishu Griha

 Former member 2020-11-18 14:24:58


@fk143 - Not sure . Since it€™s online submission, the system may not take it. Better to check with the school directly I think. 

Fk143 2020-11-18 14:27:11


@newkid - Thanks for the update!
Each school as different age criteria for admission and getting confused as my kids born on 27th Nov :(

 Former member 2020-11-18 14:42:17


@fk143- you can try sophias girls high school, place road - they have nursery and accept from 3 years as of 31st august of the academic year you apply to. Admissions is usually in first week of January
Also sacred Hearts girls high school, Residency Road . I think they have nursery/pre nursery too. 

Fk143 2020-11-18 14:51:12


@newkid - Thanks will try Sacred Hearts.
For me, these schools are little far as I stay near HAL Old Airport road.

 Former member 2020-11-18 14:58:54


@fk143- okay. Scared hearts may be earlier, please check their website regularly. Maybe anytime now or Dec. Sophia's is definitely January. Good luck!

 Former member 2020-11-18 15:30:09


@fk143- new horizon public school was also quite popular last year in the indiranagar area. Admissions may have started there too...

26052015 2020-11-18 15:41:21


But can they open any admissions for grade 1..any idea about class 1 admissions for next year..I am.waiting eagerly..but none ofnthe schools opened for class 1

26052015 2020-11-18 15:42:55


I am waiting for sisugruha class 1 admissions..still no luck..

Fk143 2020-11-18 16:07:57


New horizon public school - is ICSE Curriculum and they start issuing application from Friday 20th Nov onwards.
My 1st choice is CBSE at this point, let me cross my fingers.

26052015 2020-11-18 17:35:55


For grade 1 I mean for class 1 will they open the admissions newnhorizon school

 Former member 2020-11-20 11:09:29


@fk143- I was mistaken . Last years admission notice at sacred hearts says age has to be 4 years for nursery. So your kids may not be eligible. Anyway, keep a look out on the school website. Who knows they may change their age criteria too ( like Sishu griha: last year 2.8 years. This year 2.6 years for Mont 1)

 Former member 2020-11-20 19:37:10


Is aadhar card compulsory?

saurabhsp 2020-11-20 19:42:58


Is it compulsory to get the birth certificate notarized ?

Fk143 2020-11-20 20:31:49


@newkid - Thanks for the updates. Sishu Griha my kids are not eligible 

Fk143 2020-11-24 15:46:02



Information Sheet for the Nursery and Junior I Admission for the Year 2021-22 will be available on the school website given below on 4th to 12th December 2020 under School Updates €" Download Section.


Note: The child must have completed 4 years on or before 31st May 2021 for Nursery and 5 years on or before 31st May 2021 for Junior I.

Kindly bring the Original and a Xerox Copy of the Birth Certificate on the day of submission of filled in forms with payment of Rs.500/-

sadekr 2020-12-22 19:52:26


Got a call from Sishu G for Mont1 admission. Had an online interaction and subsequently got call for payment a few days later.

shuchi0512 2022-09-21 16:02:49


Hello All,

Any idea when will Sishu Griha open admissions for Grade 1 for next year?



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