Kumarans Pre-KG Admission 2021-22

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IshuVH 2020-11-27 10:30:41


@skpk, I agree with you. Safe surroundings is very much important. Cant take any chance with the kids' safety.

Emkay123 2020-11-27 11:58:19


I just got a call from Samhita Academy saying there is a concession of 20k in the tuition fee. Schools are desperately trying to fill the seats it seems! 

Deepsandy246 2020-11-27 12:03:17


@raggy 95k+20k admission

skpk 2020-11-27 13:27:44


@emkay123 - so its coming to 1.56L now at Samhita?

maqs1234 2020-11-30 15:55:49


Did anyone got interview from Kumarans

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 19:22:16


Yes got it

skpk 2020-11-30 19:28:34


Vidya1984 - wov! congrats. how does the message look like? 
I am still waiting. Is the interview communication already over?

raggy 2020-11-30 20:09:29


@vidya.... is it for Dks or TSF Did u receive the message or the status has been changed?

raggy 2020-11-30 20:15:03


Anybody else's status changed?

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 20:28:58


No message,only the status has been changed as called for interview. Applied for dks branch.

raggy 2020-11-30 20:30:03


Oh great.... congratulations....when did the status changed?

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 20:31:53



Vidya1984 2020-11-30 20:33:11


Thankyou . But no idea on what basis they are changing the status.anyone else have been called?

raggy 2020-11-30 20:34:36


Any date they gave u for interaction

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 22:16:46


7th dec

swe0812 2020-11-30 22:34:52


Congratulations!! Have you applied for cbse or icse from grade 1?

IshuVH 2020-11-30 22:39:16


Congratulations!! We have applied DKS cbse. No status changed yet.

maqs1234 2020-11-30 22:43:55


Congratulations.... what was your application number

pvk88 2020-11-30 23:11:08


Even we got interview call and we applied for DKS

pvk88 2020-11-30 23:12:36


I think this time interaction is in zoom meeting 

raggy 2020-11-30 23:26:30


@Pvk....what syllabus u chose for class 1

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 23:27:30


Pvk88 what s your application number

Vidya1984 2020-11-30 23:28:43


I have applied for cbse.from grade 1

Deepsandy246 2020-11-30 23:30:50


Any one who had applied for TSF have received interview call??

raggy 2020-11-30 23:34:58


@deeps....mine is TSF n nothing has changed

Prarajsubha 2020-12-01 00:19:52


No change. @vidya what's your application no., @pvk you got call? Or status is changed.. What's your application no

santsh 2020-12-01 07:14:22


got interaction call as well not sure when.. just checked the account.. was there.... applied for DKS.. ICSE from 1st


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