12th standard CBSE admission, parents relocating to bangalore

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dxb2blr2020 2020-05-31 16:04:57



Dear Sir/Madam,

My child has been doing very good in accademics and extra curricular activities in her current school, in fact we as parents had some setbacks in terms of employment and business finances, so we are in the process of repatriation, The current school have issued the TC on our request but our Air tickets got cancelled due to the current travel restrictions. We are stranded in U.A.E, 

Hoping air travel will commence on first week of July. Are there any CBSE schools that will allow us to complete the admission and payments through an online option so my child€™s education does not get compromised. 

I am looking for 12th standard admissions, Her subject options are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and informatics practices.

Many people are advising us to go for concept schools, some advice open schools, but I am not clear about attendance and Lab exams, any advice on this will be highly appreciated


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