Schools giving admissionfor 3.10 monts old kids for LKG

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ANB 2010-10-27 18:37:29



 My kid is 3 year 11.5 month old by this june.. just for the sake of 15 days i really do not want to waste 1 year again in nursery..

 Could any one suggest a good school who gives admission to 3.10 kids or who are plexible on this aspect  for 15 days ??

I am in Bangalore south..





HappyMum 2010-10-27 19:54:04



Most of the schools consider 3.11 for LKG (some are even flexible upto 3.8 and 3.6 yrs)

There are many threads on schools in south bangalore, you can use the search feature and you will get feedback on some of the famous ones. Also check the thread on admission dates, as many of them have already started admissions. I am listing out some of the south blore schools (in no specific order)

- PSBB LLA (Bannerghatta road)

- Kumarans (Kanakapura road)

- DPS (Kanakapura road)

- Clarence (JP Nagar)

- Sudarshan Vidya Mandir (Jaya nagar)

- Oxford (JP Nagar)

- Aurobindo (Banashankari)

- Presidency (off Bannerghatta road)

- Mitra academy (Bannerghatta road)

- Samhitha academy (off Bannerghatta road)

- BGS NPS (Bannerghatta road)

- Radcliffe (Bannerghatta road, new school)

- Alpine (Kanakapura road)

- Jnana sweekar (kanakapura road, new school)

- Carmel (padmanabhan nagar)

- JSS (banashankari)

Plz google to get websites of these schools.



 Former member 2010-10-27 20:05:12


most schools the cutoff is 3yrs 10 months only.ur kid will be eligible for most schools



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