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shubha2010 2010-10-26 15:34:11



Anybody having any updates regarding Kumarans Admission process for prenursery may kindly post it here..

I hv applied to this school fr my son for prenursery (2011-12)..

They said shortlisted students will be intimated before 11th nov..

if anyone gets a call, kindly update..



panda 2010-10-26 16:55:18



I believe they have started calling for interviews. We had also applied for our son and awaiting their call.

Keeping our fingers Xed.

Wish u good luck.





sangee06 2010-10-26 17:15:56


Me too have applied......waiting for their call.....


anusaravan 2010-10-27 16:06:38


hi, i hv applied for my daughter for class prekg. tmw they hv called for interview...but its not a interaction with kid. its only for parents it seems...


shubha2010 2010-10-27 16:15:47


hi anu...all the best fr tomorrow...when did u get the call??

pls update us after ur visit tomorrow..


shubha2010 2010-10-27 16:19:38


hey anu...can u pls tell me your daughter's name? Heard they r calling students according to alphabetical just wanted to knw!


UshaArun 2010-10-27 16:25:44


Hi Shuba,


 I had applied and got a call for Oct 29. My son name starts with K. What is your son/daughter's name?


shubha2010 2010-10-27 16:27:47


Congrats son's name is Sushanth...dont knw whts goin to happen...getting tensed...

Gud luck fr the updates..okey?

when did u get the call?


UshaArun 2010-10-27 16:30:54


Sure. on Oct 25th.


sangee06 2010-10-27 16:36:33


my son's name starts with M...shud get a call soon.....


shubha2010 2010-10-27 16:36:57


any idea on wht basis they r shortlisting??


sangee06 2010-10-27 17:10:43


i thought alphabetical and keeping my fingers crossed...god knows....


shubha2010 2010-10-27 17:16:23


gud luck fr u too...sangee06....ur name?


Ramnath 2010-10-27 17:21:03


good luck to every one. my kids name starts with R


sangee06 2010-10-28 09:47:55


my name is sangeeta.....not got a call yet......wondering


Ramnath 2010-10-28 10:06:34



I heard that parents who are located closer to the school are being called in first. I live about in about 5kms of distance from the TSF school. Are all participants in this discussion have applied to TSF or Doddakalasandra?




sangee06 2010-10-28 11:18:48


TSF...I stay in Chandra Layout which is about 10kms....guess thats why did not get a call....I am trying in NPS, Venkat and Brigade.....


shubha2010 2010-10-28 11:54:32


i too hv applied to TSF...i stay in padmanabhanagar....hv nt recvd any call yet...


Ramnath 2010-10-28 11:56:55



This is what I have heard and am not sure how far it is true. Don't loose hopes yet



Ramnath 2010-10-28 11:58:02



I stay close to Padmanabhnagar



shubha2010 2010-10-28 12:12:10


whr else hv u applied? v hv applied in kumarans, dps n aurobindo... hopes...the way they handle admissions is very it is very very expensive..

nw i am relying only on kumarans n dps south



Ramnath 2010-10-28 12:32:31


The other alternative I have is Alphine, opp to dps south. Is dps not expensive compared to aurbindo


shubha2010 2010-10-28 13:00:55


dnt hv much idea regarding fee structure...

also consiering baldwins co-education beml layout, rajarajeshwari ngr


sangee06 2010-10-28 14:06:35


why dont you try nhvps and padma seshadri...both are good schools...brigade j p nagar


shubha2010 2010-10-28 14:12:26


padma seshadri is very far frm my hse...


sangee06 2010-10-28 14:24:36


national hill view and brigade...

Also if u are looking at a good montessori...there's one named indriya....upto 6years....


shubha2010 2010-10-28 14:32:42


heard tht nhvps is very expensive n getng admission is also very difficult...n brigade...i dnt knw...nvr thought abt it..

everything depends on kumarans  nw...if v dnt get thr...then v hv to think of othr alternatives..

my son is goin to kidzee at present...want to put him off to a gud schol itself coz getng admissions again fr lkg/ukg wud b very difficult...



Ramnath 2010-10-28 15:36:25


Did any of you receive any feedback from the ones who attended the interview?


sangee06 2010-10-28 15:54:12


nhvps and brigade..all have same fees...i have checked with all the schools....

iam sure you will get thru kumarans....but if u want your child to be groomed they say child developed most in 0-6....try 6 years u can seek for class 1 admission. i stay away or wud have closed my eyes and put him there....


shubha2010 2010-10-28 16:21:16


Anusaravan must hv attended the intrview at kumarans tday...and ushaarun will be attending tomorrow...

waiting fr anu's feedback n gudd luck to usha...pls post the updates tomorrow


Ramnath 2010-10-28 16:30:00



Can I more info on indriya and where is it located?



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