Jnana Sweekar Public School, Kanakapura Rd, Blore reviews pls.....

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vpuneeth 2011-01-07 07:30:01


Hi everyone,

Does anybody have any idea about cambridge school which is in J P nagar 7th phase near south city?? Pls share any info regarding this school or any experience.

Thanks in advance,



SoumyaSG 2011-01-10 17:49:49


Hi All,

Finally I have joined my kid to JSPS.  Finished the admission formality.  Need to yet check about the school van etc. 

Would like to thank all the parents who have directly shared their review on this blog and others who have shared reviews which they got from parents.  Let's keep this going.  May be the next year, other new parents will want inputs abt the same school for their kids :)  Let us share our views to them then :)

@vpuneeth - sorry have no idea about that school.




Pprasad 2011-01-17 18:00:23


Hi Everyboday,

Thanks for all the reviews about JSPS. I just joined my son to Mont-1 for the year 2011 in JSPS. The extremely inviting infrastructure there and friendly and most importantly approachable Principal. They dont burden kids at a very young age.Every 24 children have 1 teacher and 2 ayahs. Dont worry if ur kid is not potty trained yet. They will take care of it too. (as per the feed back given to me by a parent ).

The teaching staff literally SIT DOWN with the kid and help them learn.

Will keep posting as and when i learn about this school




vpuneeth 2011-01-18 11:38:43


Hi Pparasad,

Can u pls tell me whether the admissions are still open in JSPS? How far is JSPS from Metro cash and carry?



Pprasad 2011-01-18 13:09:46


@vpuneeth--- Yes admissions are still open in JSPS. The school is around 4.5kms from Metro, kanakpura road. The school has bus (the mini van)facilities. They charge based on distance . I havent talked to them about it yet.



Pprasad 2011-01-18 13:23:41


@vpuneeth---Sorry, forgot to mention that i know admissions are still open for Mont-1 . I see from ur previous posts that ur kid has to join LKG. I havent enquired about it but from what their website says admissions are open for all grades.


vpuneeth 2011-01-18 17:01:35


Hi Pprasad,

Thanks for the info. Yes i had posted previously that i want admission for LKG as we planned for admission for next academic year that is 2012. But as people are giving me a feedback that it will be diffficult for admission for LKG as their own pre kg kids will come to LKG which makes it difficult for new comer. so planning for this year admission for pre-kg.

Any ways will go to JSPS once and enquire. By the way what is the fee structure in JSPS?

Thanks in advance.



Pprasad 2011-01-18 21:59:42


@vpuneeth -- Thats a good decision actually. Fee structure of JSPS for Mont-1 : Rs.25000 Infrastructure maintenance and Rs.45000 Annual fees.


vpuneeth 2011-01-19 07:28:29


Hi Pprasad,

Thanks a lot for the info. :-)


vpuneeth 2011-01-19 07:30:19


If anybody has any info about Capitol school in J P Nagar 7th phase pls let me know.

Thanks in advance.



ritkeshu 2011-02-07 19:26:58


 Hi all parents, 


Thanks a lot for the great feedback about the JSPS. Today I also have completed the Admission formalities. As we have not visited to many school but some how i like the Montessari concept which JSPS has boasted about. My opinion about the school is as follows

1. School has neat and clean play area. 

2. Have checked all the material used for teaching which is very good and clean also.

3. Staff is quite supportive. 

4. The session for 2011 will start at June 2nd week and for first 15 days they have classes for 2 hrs and slowly they will increase the duration of classes. 

5. If your kid feels sleepy then they have a room where kid can go and take a nap :). 

6. No homework for Kid. 

7. From Montessari 2 the classes timing will be 8.15 to 2.30. as well they say kid will be having the swimming activity, which i rarely found in any school. 

I have visited to sherwood high school which is located @ banerghatta. Following findings from there 

1. Nice campus. 

2. Well processed 

3. have all the technology like video camera for the kid classroom, playground. Bus with GPRS enabled. 

4. staff (PR) has great professionalism when explain about the school. 

5. have almost all the facility which we can think in international school and which is owned by them, not in shared mode. 

6. Fee structure is Admission Fee - 45k, tuition fee 40k (In 3 installment), Bus charges-10k Approx based on distance, school uniform - 5k. 

I believe JSPS Method and campus is great and SH is well marketed, smartly positioned school. 

JSPS follows CBSE and SH follows ICSE. 


As i inclined to Montessari method thats why i have chosen to JSPS, based on further growth of my kid, if required move to wither Kumaran or most probably SH. 

any more info required then mail to me at  ritesh.kesharwani@gmail.com




SoumyaSG 2011-02-07 23:09:56


Hi ritkeshu ,

thanks for your inputs.  Hope such feedbacks will help several other parents.





mom2addunminnu 2011-02-11 01:08:29


okay, not sue if its is elevant anymoe o too late but my immediate neighbo sends he daughter to jnana sweka and is extemely happy with the school. maybe you ae not finding lot of eviews as it is faily a new school


SoumyaSG 2011-02-11 09:47:33


Hi mom2addunminnu

thank you for this valuable input.  The reason of starting this discussion is not restricted for admission related to 2011, but even later if parents search about this school they should get information as on this date.  I found this as a problem when I was looking for feedbacks and thought let us give our feedback for parents who will look for, in future.





shai123 2011-03-16 12:19:16



Does anyone have any feedback to share about JSPS for 9th class and above.

Since it is new school,  how many kids are there in this standard.

If less then is it good or bad ? Overall teaching method. Any other activities like sports, and how well is the infrastructure like  playgrounds utilised ?



SoumyaSG 2011-03-18 12:11:30


Hi Shai123

Not sure of how good or bad the teaching etc is in JSPS, but I heard strength is low.  Personally I feel it is good if the strength is low as teacher will be able to concentrate better on all kids and also, kids will not have too much of diversion as there will not be many children in class.

The rest of the details about school, sorry not really sure.




anupamag79 2011-03-21 15:18:49


Hi friends,

I happened stumble upon this site just today. I am a Full time working mom to 6 yr old daughter who studies in UKG in DPS East. We will be shortly moving to our own new apartment on Kanakapura road and hence we have applied for transfer to DPS South. We are yet to hear from them this week probably.

We visited JSPS last month and spoke to the Principal and she was very warm and simple. They showed us around the school, but somehow I felt DPS was more higher in standard in terms of the teachers and staff. Maybe I am wrong also.

Keeping my fingers crossed on the transfer application, meanwhile if any of you have got transfer from DPS East to South, please share ur experiences. Also any feedback on DPS South, pls share.








prashanthmn 2011-09-12 21:58:48


Manasi, Padma

Can you give some details on what is the admission process, fee structure in JSPS I had a look at the school and was very impressed. Any idea on their teaching methods they look to have Montessori methods. Also my daughter is 2008 Dec 29th born would she be eligible for Nursery or LKG in JSPS



SumanRaghavendra 2011-09-15 18:39:02


Hello to all Eager Parents,

We did visit the school yesterday during the working hours and were very happy, both with the campus/infrastructure and teacher-student relationship...and today we have received a call confirming a seat for my son who will be joining 1st std from June 2012.

The first standard will be dealt with the montessori methods and the transition to the higher standards will be gradual....i was assured by a staff.

Admission criteria: as on 1st june 2011 - age 5 years 6 months for I std.

Procedure quite simple with no tests (or parents income interviews :-))

Admission fee @ 35k and annual tution fees @ 45k paid in two instalments....first in May end and the second in the month of Oct. Transportation @12k till Jayadeva hospital on Bannerghatta road (10kms).....Uniform, bags and books extra..probably 5k.

The last but not the least, good discipline and 20 students in a section and the student teacher relationship...fabulous

Would appreciate if others too join in with their views...will be very valuable, for others and us for taking our final decision.

Hope it helps :-)

Suman, Raghavendra





prashanthmn 2011-09-15 20:28:14


Hi Suman, Parents

   We had been to Jnana Sweekar school yesterday and like Suman's comments were very happy with the campus, infrastructure, teachers. Very cordial they took us around the school and explained the process. My daughter is eligible for Mont 2 (3 years 6 months as on June 30th 2012) the only issue I see is the distance ( 7-8 kms from J.P.Nagar 7th Phase where I reside) and how is the school in terms of co-curricular activities, inter school competitions etc, I was more looking at around 3-4 kms distance.

     Will also be trying my luck with Kumaran's school and then take a call whether to go for Jnana Sweekar.






Shyvee 2011-09-16 14:57:30


 Hi Suman,


Any idea if seats are still available for Std 1 for 2012? What did the management say when you asked for admission?


Any input is appreciated. thanks.



SumanRaghavendra 2011-09-16 18:39:42


Hello Shyvee,


Yes, it is still open...and i would suggest that you hurry up. Coz all admission is on first cum first serve basis.

Day 1 (14/09/11)- Collected and submitted the application form.  Take a passport size photo of the kid along with copies of birth certificate & previous year report card.

Day 2  (15/09/11)- Received a phone call from the management confirming admission :-)

All the best.


Mr Prashanth

The application will be issued in Dec for Kumarans school. What if you the admission is closed in JSPS by then? Even we are facing the same dilema...and i wouldn't  like to waste a year of my son's education.


Shyvee 2011-09-16 19:47:34


 Thanks Suman. I am not sure if I can take a call this early, since we do have other schools on our radar which are opening up admissions only by end of October/ first week of November.

Plus, I currently stay on outer ring road- Sarjapur road and will be moving to Bannerghatta road/ kanakapura road only by next April,after my daughter finishes UKG here.

Thanks for the information and feedback. I hope your child is very happy with JSPS :) Let's see. FIngers crossed for our next big step.




prashanthmn 2011-09-16 20:37:59


Hi Suman,

    You are right it is a Risk never know when admissions in JSPS will be closed. We are looking at a couple of other schools like Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya (kanakapura road), Shwerwood High (Banerghata road)... most of these schools are opening up admissions in Oct 1st week/2nd week hoping for the best .... 






SumanRaghavendra 2011-09-17 16:12:11


JKV is not an option for us, since they take admission for 1st std only if there is a cancellaton so will know in mid of april, which is way too long a wait.

The other school I am looking out for is PSBB which will start in Dec!

BGS NPS was also an option, but they have stopped issuing applications long before the date mentioned in their website because they have received too many applications for too less seats. This is indeed very inconsiderate of them! My son lost a chance to even be considered because of this......

If anyone has any feed back on JSPS I would really appreciate.....


Shyvee 2011-09-19 13:20:33


 Hi Suman,

When you filled up the application form, what was the payment required? The website mentions that application can be registered by paying the infrastructure maintenance fee. what is the amount of this fee?

Have you finalised on JSPS for your child?

Do confirm.



SumanRaghavendra 2011-09-19 15:00:47


We paid 500 as fee for the application. After cofirmation of seat from their side, we will have to pay the admission fee of 35k. The yearly tution fee can be paid in two instalments later.

Yes we have finalised on JSPS, but if you get any adverse opinions abt JSPS do share....


Shyvee 2011-09-24 22:16:10


 Hi Suman and others,

My husband and I visited Jnana Sweekar Public School ( JSPS) this morning with my daughter in tow.

I must admit that I was  surprised to see a five-year-old school with such amazing infrastructure in place. The first opinion has been very good.

The tour of the school was undertaken by the school coordinator, who also answered all of our questions very patiently and pleasantly. 

Things we liked:

  1. The classrooms are big and airy.
  2. Student-teacher ratio is 25:1
  3. Large campus with ample facilities for tennis/ basketball/ volleyball/ swimming.
  4. The general feel of the campus (purely subjective opinion, of course :)
  5. Decent school timings: 8.15 to 2.30
  6.  Extra curricular activities for Standard 1 include yoga/ music / dance. Other sports activities can be chosen based on each child. The cost for the extra curricular depends on the activity chosen.

We collected the admission form on payment of 500/-. We were told that it would have to be submitted within a week.

Looks like a decent choice from the general feedback. I also spoke to a parent who sends her child here. The child is in first standard this year and has been in the school since Mont 2. She was extremely satisfied with the progress of the child, syaing that she enjoys going to school, doing her own activities and is completely stress-free. 

Bottom line, I would say that JSPS is definitely on our list. I now need to decide within a week. I could probably submit the form and take the call later, based on confirmation of admission.

Suman, did they inform you by when you would need to pay the registration fee for admission? How soon after they confirm admission would you need to pay the amount? I presume this would be the 35,000/- they informed us about.

Do confirm.




Shyvee 2011-09-24 23:48:40


 I also found this link with feedback on JSPS. May be useful for those considering the school as an option:



SumanRaghavendra 2011-09-25 22:16:29



The admisssion fees of Rs 35k should be paid asap.

The first instalment of the tuition fees to be paid in the last week of May 12

and the second & the final by Oct 12 end.

We have already seen the blog and we have commented also..thanks any way :-) Good.






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