Jnana Sweekar Public School, Kanakapura Rd, Blore reviews pls.....

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manasisood 2010-12-02 16:36:56


I am also strongly considering JSPS for my son for Mont-1. Am very impressed with the school, could anybody get any actual feedback yet from JSPS Mont parents??? I have to decide in a day or two.



SoumyaSG 2010-12-06 11:55:40


Hi All,

No further inputs from my side abt JSPS.  I have not yet gone and had a look at the school.  Distance is also the matter for me.  I have not approached ANY of the schools in blore yet :(


blackstallion76 2010-12-06 12:40:23


Deepak and Sowya,

I have been following JSPS since Dec 2009. I was and even now I am very much impressed with the school. Currently, due to distance I have put my kid at Bangalore International Academy(BIA), NSVK, Jayanagar, 7th Block. Not much impressed with this school now after 8months of interaction. But, compared to Aurobindo they atleast share national college grounds for any sports event. The new building is coming up well. The drawback is of old teachers not able to cope up with new method of teaching. Lots of tests/homework. Less extra-curricular activities.

Probabaly, I would allow her to continue Class 2 here and plan to shift to JSPS as I would move somewhere near Uttarahalli next year.

JSPS is awesome the way infrastructure is built and I see they emphasis more on extra-curricular activities. And nothing is shared. Its all their own. And more over its huge. Here they are trying to get good/reliable teachers slowly and steadily. Have met Vidya (Principal) couple of times and seems promising. As time goes, it has signs to mould the school based on the visionaries listed in their school.


parentschool 2010-12-08 15:45:16



Admitted my daughter to Mont@JSPS



parentschool 2010-12-08 15:46:37


.....for 2011


manasisood 2010-12-09 12:15:19


 Hi all,

We finally chose JSPS over DPS, didnt get great feedback about DPS apart from the fact that it has a brand name. I found their nursery building was quite good but overall I had the  following issues:

1. Classroom too small, I counted about 43 chairs in each class, sections from A-G.

2. School says 2 teachers and 1 ayah per class, others (parents / guards / general contacts) say one teacher and one ayah.

3. They have a huge shed covered concrete area where the school kids were playing, skating etc, which was good, but stray dogs were running around there. When I asked the watchman, he said they dont bite anybody. This was most scary, since the school people said that nursery kids are taken there to play.at times.

4. School looks like a bunch of buildings, no real playground, just a dusty area somewhere behind. Nursery play area park has very hard ground instead of sand. Just a thin layer of sand but otherwise hard and dirty, with stones in it. I didnt find it very safe in case some child falls from a height.

JSPS has a lovely school like feel to it and the Mont section seems very very inviting. Am admitting my son for Mont-1 @ JSPS for 2011.

Hope this helps,



HappyMum 2010-12-09 22:31:56


Manasi, Parentschool,

Congrats! We too were impressed by JSPS, but due to some reasons had to move to a different area and school. It would be great if you continue posting your feedback on this school. There are almost no reviews on this school on the net and it will help a lot of parents who are interested in this particular school but are undecided as there are no reviews.

All the best to your li'l ones...



vpuneeth 2010-12-10 23:11:37


Hi Parentschool and Manasisood,

Congrats that you guys could make a decision. I would like to know more about JSPS as i am looking for schools in this area for my daughter for next academic year 2012-13. she is going to a near by montessori and i would like to admit her for LKG.

Wanted to know if JSPS follow pure montessori method of teaching ?

I also heard that the workload (e.g. homework) in CBSE pattern of education for higher classes (2nd std onwards) is high. Is it the same case in JSPS also as they also follow CBSE curriculum.

Have you guys got any feedback from parents who are sending their children to higher classess on the above concern ?

It would be of great help for me as i am considering admission to JSPS from the reviews you guys have left here.



blackstallion76 2010-12-13 10:01:43


@manai and @parentschool,

Congrats for your decision!!

@Sowya and @Deepakhon,

Please let us know the status of your kids admission. I think we ourselves can meet in JSPS coming weekend or so and finalize the admission. If need be please PM me at naganandk76@gmail.com. Its good that atleast 4-5 of us are interested in this school for good future of our kids.


The debate of ICSE and CBSE is endless. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Most of parents feel CBSE is better than ICSE. The subjects in CBSE is fixed. (6 only). This allow kids to focus on other extra-curricular activities. ICSE would have 11 subjects. Till 4th std, it does not make a difference. After 5th std, it should be clear to which pattern you want your kid to study. ICSE focus more on literature, CBSE focus more on Maths, Science stuff. But, all these are my perspective and nothing to hurt others.



SoumyaSG 2010-12-13 13:51:16


@parentschool and Manasi,

thank you both for the information.  This is so helpful.  Parentschool, it is good to hear you admitted your kid to JSPS.  have you found out if they have a breakfast period everyday, as the kids leave home ~7 am??


I have not admitted my daughter to any school as of now.  I am reaching bangalore on 24th dec.  after that I will have to visit the schools and then decide. 


I have got quite a feedback about JSPS in this website and thank you all the parents who have shared the info about this school.  Also, I am planning to speak to a few parents directly who are sending their kids to JSPS, the more feedback we get, the better, right?  After I speak to them, I will post it in this forum so that others are benifitted too.




SoumyaSG 2010-12-13 13:59:34



where have you joined your kid?


have you already admitted to JSPS?  you have any direct references which helped you make the decision?


deepakhon 2010-12-13 14:37:56


@SoumyaSG and @Blackstallion76,

I have not admitted my daughter to JSPS yet. I still have not made up my mind on this school yet.


SoumyaSG 2010-12-31 00:54:21


Dear parents,

I have a couple of updates about the schools. 

1. I spoke to a couple of parents of kids of JSPS and both the parents seemed to be happy about the school.  They did not express any kind of disstisfaction about the school. 

2. I visited Presidency in Bannerughatta rd and JSPS.  Both the buildings look huge though some construction is going on in Presidency.  In Presidency one lady (probably admin, not sure) spoke to us and informed about the procedure for admission.  She spoke well.  She said we will get a call for a test for the kid and also at that time the parents should be there as the principal will have a talk with the parents.  So we are waiting for the call.

Then we visited JSPS.  Massive building.  We met the principal directly.  She spoke well too and educated us on the montessori methods etc in brief.  They din't ask for any test kind.  We have to decide now.  The school looked clean, well there was the christmas holidays so no montessori kids basically :)  well maybe even during school hours, its the same :)

May be we will decide in the next week.   Will keep you all posted.




parentschool 2011-01-02 20:50:50



good to hear that you are here and visiting the schools. all the best.

Initially even I dropped by @JSPS after school hours.

Later went during school hours.... :)

For montessori: The environments (classrooms) were full of kids....however there was an empty environment.

Did not count the numbers though..... :)


Did you finalize on a school for your child?


Wish everybody a very happy new year 2011.




deepakhon 2011-01-02 22:12:13



I have finalized on Kumaran's. I liked JSPS too, especially the infrastructure there. Not many reviews about the school made me look more towards Kumaran's after she got selected there too.


vpuneeth 2011-01-03 08:02:23


Hi Sowmya and deepakhon,


Thanks for the updates.

Deepakhon, can you share about the interview experience for you in kumarans and the fee structure kumarans is offering. can you tell me how far is kumarans school from Metro on kanakpura road??

Sowmya, thanks a lot for the updates about JSPS and would like to know if you have any feedback or any idea about Sharewood school on bannerghatta road?



deepakhon 2011-01-03 12:59:27



Kumaran's interview was more of checking out parents and child together. There were very simple questions asked to my daughter, like how many barbie dolls does she have, whether she likes math or english, stuff like that. They asked my wife whether she is working at present. She is not. They asked me where my office is. The whole procedure took about 2 minutes.

The school is asking about a lakh and transportation for the first year. It will be about 50k plus transportation for subsequent years.

From Metro, I believe Kumaran's should be about 5 km. You need to take a detour that takes you to Holiday Village on Kanakapura road, the one just opposite to Suraj Ganga Socrates apartments. You need to go about 3 km inside, and the school is after Purva Highlands.


vpuneeth 2011-01-03 14:23:31


Thanks deepakhon. thanks a lot for the info. will give a try to kumrans next year as i am planning to put my kid for next academic year.


vpuneeth 2011-01-03 14:35:32


Does any body have any info about silicon valley school?? Would be of great help if someone share feedback about this school.

thanks in advance,



SoumyaSG 2011-01-03 23:27:09



Thanks for the info.  Did you happen to actually see the teaching or something?  I mean did u spend time seeing the teaching or just passed by?


SoumyaSG 2011-01-03 23:33:27


@ vpuneeth

Sorry vpuneeth.  I have absolutely no idea about either Sharewood or SIlicon Valley :(

Although, I met parents of a kid going to BGS NPS on Bannreghatta Rd and both of them were happy with that school.  I heard the kid also speak good English.

U can probably give it a shot...



coolajju 2011-01-04 11:18:20


Hi parents,

Happy new year to all of you,


I want to join my son in first std in  any Good school in kanakpura  road .

I did hear about JSPS, if you can help me with below info it would be great ,

  1. Are they still open for first std admissions.
  2. How much is the fee?
  3. Does the school provide  Bfast.


Thanks in advance  .





SoumyaSG 2011-01-04 16:43:42


Hi coolajju,

Not sure of 1std admissions.  I think you can call them and find out.  One thing i know is they don't provide breakfast, but ~10 am they have a short break where kids can have snacks/breakfast what they have got from home.



coolajju 2011-01-04 16:59:14


Hi sowmya,


Thanks for the quick feedback


I did call the school  and they have asked me to come and meet the principal , am planning to do that Tmrw , they have not disclosed any fees on the phone , do you have  idea on the fee ?

How do you rate extra activities of the school  apart from the studies ?


Pls do share your thoughts it could be helpful for parents like me  who are completely  confused on the schools .








SoumyaSG 2011-01-05 22:10:06


Hi coolajju,

I have not yet admitted my child in any schools that includes JSPS.  So actually no idea about real experience of the school.  What info I have got is thru other parents.  The school has a swimming pool, tennis court, basket ball court as of what I could see the other day.  Not sure of how frequently EC activities happen.



deepakhon 2011-01-06 12:02:39


I still say that the astroturf tennis court at JSPS is the best I have seen so far in any school. I really loved that.



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