Jnana Sweekar Public School, Kanakapura Rd, Blore reviews pls.....

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SoumyaSG 2010-10-26 12:58:12


Dear Parents,

I really need actual reviews/feedback/facts about Jnana Sweekar Public School, kanakapura road, bangalore, for my kid from montessori and further.  Am really trying hard for reviews about this school.

It looks good on their website and until 1st grade, may also be good.  But my concern is about after 1st grade.  The following concerns are in my mind:

1. is the teaching standards good through out until 10th grade?
2. is the study materials/infrastructure good?
3. will the teachers still continue with phonics for pronuncing words, use activities for teaching math/science etc, even in later grades ?  or is it make kids mug-up stuff in later grades? - i mean do they follow logical and practical teaching thru out?
4 .will the kids be able to cope up with CBSE syllabus from montessori method, as there is a slow transition in 1st grade until 4th grade? - will they be equally competetive with other kids in other regular schools?
5. If they follow montessori structure until 1st grade, it means language is taught in a particular way.  is it the same standard of language used thru out?

Dear parents, if your kid is studying here or you know kids studying here, pls share your inputs with me, as it will be of utmost help to me in making a decision.

Thanks & Regards

parentschool 2010-11-18 12:32:38


Hi Soumya,

Were you able to get some information regarding Jnana Sweekar Public School.

I am also comtemplating for putting my child there.

Appreciate inputs.

Thanks and Regards,




parentschool 2010-11-18 12:40:54


Also my child will complete 3yrs 8 months as of June 2010. Is it better to put into pre-nursery or LKG?




parentschool 2010-11-18 12:45:29


sorry June 2011


SoumyaSG 2010-11-19 01:13:15


Hi Sada,

Got some info about JSPS that it is good.  But not yet got direct info from parents.  Still trying to get that. 

Thats the reason I put this on several blogs to get info from parents sending their kids to JSPS and got no detailed/accurate responses until now!! :)  It's strange!   I guess none of the parents on any of the blogs send their kid to JSPS!!!!!!!!! :) :)

I think schools will want the child to be completed 4 yrs as on June 2011 for LKG.  Since your kid is 4 months short of it, they may ask you to join in nursery.  But it depends on each school.  What I told is the general rule.




deepakhon 2010-11-19 06:47:03


I am looking at this option too for my daughter. But this is for I Std. As you all have mentioned, I find it quite strange that there are no comments about JS anywhere on the net. I visited the school twice, and I find the facilities there quite good. I had a chat with the principal and I found out that she is quite approachable and she seems to have a good vision.


All I know from the one that helped set up the Montessori division at JS is that the school seems quite good, and they seem to be modelling more on NHVPS.


The advisory board looks very impressive. But I wonder how much of their expertise is leveraged on the ground.


parentschool 2010-11-19 12:29:39


Thanks Soumya and deepa,

Hmnnn, Yes, not able to find reviews from parents who have put their kids to JSPS.

While I was at the school, I met a person who supplies school books and materials for CBSE and ICSE schools. His opinion was that though JSPS is a new school, the advantage would be that the kids would get more individual attention.

I have visited most of the schools on the Kanakapura stretch. Without mentioning other schools, I felt good about SKCH and JSPS as I was easily able to meet the Principal. Didn't hear from SKCH though. So looking @ JSPS.  

You can get very detailed information of JSPS on the CBSE web site.

Hope this helps.   I'm leaning towards JSPS.

Thanks and Regards,




deepakhon 2010-11-19 12:36:26


Thanks Sada. I have a good opinion about this school too. I have already applied for I Std for my daughter. Hopefully, I will hear from them.

Tomorrow, my daughter and us, her parents, will have to face the panel of Apollo NPS near DG signal. Let us see where it gets to.


Deepak :)


parentschool 2010-11-19 14:15:43


All the best Deepak.

Any idea how ANPS is for prenursery, LKG? besides proximity..... 


 Former member 2010-11-19 14:18:49


@ Soumya,

Its a very new (3yrs old ) school, follow CBSE and they have very less strength.

Like in class VIII, they have hardly 10-15 children.

So it is an obvious advantage for the children to get more attention, unless school admits more children. My friends child studies there in LKG and she is happy with it.

School infra is good too. The chairman is son of one of the known political leadres in karnataka.

Hope it helps


SoumyaSG 2010-11-19 14:37:59


@Sheetal - thank you so much for this information.  Of course, any information is of great value and help.  Especially from direct references - like parents or friends of parents whose kid is in that school.  It is a good thing that calss 8 has 10-15 kids.  but may be as years go, the class strength also grows and so will be the teaching and results experience :)  Also, do they have a breakfast period everyday in the morning, wherein kids first have breakfast b4 actual classes?  because, since the school is quite far, kids from various parts of bangalore may travel and obviously we cant expect kids to have breakfast at 6:30 am if they have to leave home at 7 am to be in school at 8:10 am......  Do you by any chance have information on this?  I stay in BSK 2nd stg and this is one of the concerns for me.  I heard Kumarans in Kanakapura rd has this method.


@Deepak - How is Apollo NPS?  can you pls share the website of theirs?


@Sada - thank you for that detailed info about JSPS and structure.  I too heard Kumarans is good.  The only thing is it is further off in distance compared to JSPS (~4 kms more) and moreover, they do not follow montessori method, it is a very old institution and follow regular schooling practices.

Thanks & Regards



deepakhon 2010-11-19 14:56:15


Regarding Appollo NPS, I met one of their teachers while they were distributing application forms. From what I know, they follow ICSE methodology. They apparently have all basic facilities within the school, but for playground, they transport the students to and fro to some place near PESIT college (engg college). I have a feeling that the playground is shared with NHVPS, Banashankari. I am not sure though. I am keeping this as one of the options because I stay at a stone's throw from the school. There is Carmel nearer than ANHPS for me, but, those zillion sections for each class in that school has put me off. No offence meant, but, I think Carmel is too crowded for my comfort.

Appollo NPS'  website is www.appollonps.in


parentschool 2010-11-21 22:25:09




How is Deccan International School?

By the way I met a parent whose 2 kids go to JSPS. One in UKG and another in 2 std,

Apparently both her kids were in Aurobindo and they re-located so she put ther kids into JSPS. Feedback was that in Pre-nursery and LKG, they go very slow and mostly play based activities and dont strain the children. Concern was that compared to other Montessori or regular kintergarden, they teach less academically. From UKG   


parentschool 2010-11-21 22:32:42


From UKG and Ist std onwards they cover much more stuff...


parentschool 2010-11-21 22:33:15


and she is happy with that....


SoumyaSG 2010-11-22 13:17:50


@Deepak - thank you for sharing that info.  Will check on them.  As you said, the proximity of the playground to the school may be a concern....But hearing the name NPS in it, got my ears straight...




SoumyaSG 2010-11-22 13:22:20



thanks for sharing that review!!  Well, not heard much about Deccan.  As of I knew it 3-4 yrs back, it was an ok types school.  I wouldn't put that in my list...

About JSPS, that is good to hear abt the slow transition.  I feel kids need not be burdened at the age of 3,4 or 5.  may be from 1st grade, they have to get into that rat race, which we have no option about.




 Former member 2010-11-22 13:40:58


LKG is better for  achild nearing 4 yrs


vpuneeth 2010-11-22 17:28:49


Hi parentschool, sheethal, and sowmya,

Thanks a lot for all your info as i wanted some info about JSPS for my kid. As my kid is already in mont 1 i want her to continue over there itself for another year. so any of you guys have info about difficulty for joining for LKG in JSPS or any schools in this area as i heard it might be difficult??





deepakhon 2010-11-22 17:41:48


My daughter cleared the ANPS test and she is offered admission. Tomorrow is the last date, and we might just forgo it and wait for other schools. The only hinderance I felt was the lack of playground. Otherwise, this school is very near to my home, and the school itself looked quite good. The principal is quite approachable and I really appreciated her way of providing feedback on what they expect of the child. So, our wait starts.


SoumyaSG 2010-11-23 09:02:17



I think you need to approach JSPS asap because the admissions may close.  well, i too have not joined my kid, but i have no choice as i am right now out of bangalore and will be in bangalore only in dec.  and i am leaning heavily towards JSPS.


SoumyaSG 2010-11-23 09:04:57



All the best!!!  The moment I land in Bangalore, getting an admission for my kid is the top priority in my list of 'Things to Do'....




vpuneeth 2010-11-23 10:37:49


Hi soumya,

Thanks for your suggestion. I am planning for admission for the next year for LKG as my daughter is going to Mont 1 now and i will continue her in montessorie  for another year. I want some feedback about joining to LKG in JSPS. are they open for LKG admissions? will it be difficult for LKG admissions in any of the schools??

I have enquired one more school on bannerghatta road called Sharewood, which is a one year old school. It is new but they say management is of bethany's school and they have ICSE syllabus. I went there and it is still coming up and i am slightly inclined towards ICSE way of education for my daughter. let me see, will try going to JSPS as well. there is one more school on kanakpura road near metro called RMS i dont know much about it. you have any idea??



SoumyaSG 2010-11-23 13:02:27


Hi Vigan,

yeah heard of it.  It is again a very new school.  I kind of know the background and the people sending kids to that school.  not sure of the quality of education there, but I would not consider that.  I have not heard of Sharewood school...  if you are ok with long distance, Kumarans in Kanakapura Rd is a good one.  they have ICSE too and a very renouned school.  but it is very very far.  May be from metro itself, it is ~10 kms.  I know kids who have studied there and the standards are good.  The only thing is until 1st grade, the english is kind of average, as I have seen kids of lkg/ukg too.  May be after 1st grade, it is good as otherwise it has a very good name.  they have the 1st period everyday as breakfast period because kids come from long distance and they cannot have bkfst that early at home.  I would say it is a good blend of culture and education.




vpuneeth 2010-11-23 14:42:23


Hi sowmya,

thanks yaar. but for me kumarans is on higher side when it comes to fee structure and as well distance is concern to me. Do you have any idea about other schools which provide ICSE and the fee is some where around 55K?? pls let me know thanks.



deepakhon 2010-11-23 14:50:53


Hi Vigan,


     Appollo NPS has a fee structure of around 55k plus transportation, and it has ICSE.

     As mentioned earlier, the only reason I did not join my daughter there was because of the playground being far off from school.



I think I am thinking the same about JSPS, like what you are thinking. But what impressed me was the facilities there. The astro-turf tennis court is something you seldom see in a school, or, am I wrong here?


SoumyaSG 2010-11-24 00:38:53


Hi Vigan

You can try Clarence Publicschool, JP nagar and Oxford School JP nagar.  Both are ICSE.  Im not sure of the fees in clarence, but oxford is really reasonable (~50k or less). 


SoumyaSG 2010-11-24 00:41:57



yes, it looks like JSPS has equal importance on sports.  But again dist is one and also, just started to get good reviews about JSPS thru parents (ref same page).  the more reviews we get the better, since i have time i want to collect as much info possible.


parentschool 2010-12-01 17:31:19


any updates anyone


deepakhon 2010-12-01 17:50:05


My daughter is still awaiting a call from JSPS for her I Std admissions. We applied long time back. I had got an SMS saying that they had a science exhibition last Sat, and that was a generic invite for all of us. I had thought of going to the exhibition so that I could meet teachers and get an idea about the school, but since I had the weekend already planned up, I could not go there. This school is still an enigma for me.


deepakhon 2010-12-02 16:16:07


Just got an SMS saying that my daughter's admission to JSPS for I Std is confirmed. I really have to look for reviews on this school now. The last date for admission is on 10th of Dec 2010. Anyone with any idea about this school, please help me out to make an informed decision.

It gets all the more confusing because the infrastructure is wonderful. I have no idea about how the teaching staff is. The advisory board looks very impressive.



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