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2003leena 2019-10-14 14:22:03


Hi there,I am new to parentree.I am searching for a good cbse school in marthahalli,and Whitefield area.Currently my kids go to Euro school Whitefield but I am not happy with the school, looking for a decent and reasonable school with good academics for the admission in 6 std.Can anyone give a feedbavk about" The brilliant school ",Aces layout and "The holy ctoss school" Whitefield.I heard both are not fancy school but i need a help to get the feedback. Thanks in advance.

gayathri88 2019-10-14 15:37:31


Hi Leena, 

 We are looking for admission in Euro school for my son .
Could you please let me know why you are not satisfied since it would help us in deciding?

2003leena 2019-10-15 21:01:16


Hi gayathri, When we took admission in euro 5 years back,it was somewhat good as the principal was good and willing to listen to the parents for improvement but after she left the school , it is going from bad to worse, principal keeps changing there but almost every year or is not ready to listen ,they are. Completely money minded, they rush through academics before exams but give so much time for events like sports day and annual days.more insistence is on trips and tours. everything is so costly there ,we are ready to pay but what we get is worst quality products be it uniform or their reference book,which is given for parents and hone studies. Don't get carried away with their talks ,they show so many things and facilities but all are waste .if you pay separately for those sports classes and other things then only your child will get to learn those. Those kids only make ways in school teams.A very basic thing which was part of my school days was daily morning assembly,even that is not done,assembly is done once in a month or so by every class.Incessent increase in fees is. Also an issue.overall I am not happy with the management.if you plan to take admission there , consider all these points and then decide . All the best

gayathri88 2019-10-17 14:49:30


Thanks a lot for your feedback.This would really help Leena


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