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Saku123 2019-09-12 11:06:05


This is about an experience I had at Shishya BEML school.

My child is 3 years old and just started Nursery this year. He was late to school today by an hour this morning. I went to drop him.
So I was asked to wait at the reception for few minutes and then called into the receptionist / coordinator 's seat. And she said to me that I have to take my child back home as he is late ( by an hour ). I explained the difficulties that I am going to face, with both the parents going to work and we did not expect the school would sent him back and also there is no one at home as this was neither anticipated nor planned. 
They cited the school rules and lectured on inculcating discipline among children. I told them about my experience - Starting from the lady at the reception , to the class coordinator, a man ( looking like a security in charge) and another man in suit, looking like a manager - All of them lecturing on rule and discipline and not listening to the point I repeatedly made.

The experience I had - I met with a sample of 5-6 people from the school, in the span of 20 minutes including the class co-ordinator and Principal. They all seemed to be trained and well instructed on school rules. However, everyone seemed very robotic and completely hiding the human emotions and human touch in their words and intentions. I must say the principal appeared a little considerate - But the pride of a stance taken by them, perhaps, made her also very robotic. For a moment I felt I am in a police station or government office, talking with some lawyers and security personnel !

This is the thought that is making me sad: Is my 3 year old pending his day among a set of teachers and care takers who are trained to be robots and disciple the nursery kids, and not human beings with empathy and ability to understand or even listen to people like two human beings do ?

I am posting this here, to see if other parents have experienced something similar ( I pray and hope its not so - I wish I am proved wrong; Don't want my child to be among a group of people , if they are like what I just felt , and described above ) 

Please post if you had similar thoughts.


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