Choosing between Vydehi, Euro, GNS, GIS, Chrysalis High and Vibgyor for UKG in Whitefield

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ravi3 2019-09-03 16:23:01


Dear Parents,

I'm assessing schools for my DS who'll turn 4.5 by June 2020. I'm looking for CBSE/ICSE schools in and around Whitefield. I'd like your valuable inputs for the schools below.

1. Vydehi
2. Euro
3. GNS
4. GIS
5. Chrysalis High
6. Vibgyor

I know that the syllabus is different. I'm equally comfortable with my DS going through either CBSE or ICSE curriculum. My criteria in the order of ranking are as follows:
1. Safety
2. Quality of Education
3. Continuity of faculty
4. Affordability (between 1-2L/annum)
5. Availability of music education and sports

Thanks in advance.

12345vero 2019-09-06 20:08:47


Hi am not quite sure about these schools however you can try in National Public School Off ITPL which is near Goravigere, Bidarahalli Hobli. My daughter is also studing there i really like the way they teach, the way teachers interact with parents and students. Admission are going on for 2020-2021 you can check their website for more details and understand better. If u are looking for Safety, Quality of Education, Continuity of faculty, Affordability (between 1-2L/annum) and Availability of music education and sports i would recommend NPS ITPL. You can visit their campus and meet the academic team. They are very friendly.


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