URGENT HELP!!!! Best school around Roopena Agrahara

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eranjali08 2019-05-27 12:37:50



My son is 2.8 years old. I need to enroll him for next academic session i.e. 2020-21 for Montessori 1/Nursery.
I am just beginning the school hunting. I don't have many people around to help me with reviews. I live in Roopena Agrahara, Bommanahalli and want to find a really good school for my son.
I am currently looking at HSR Layout/Koramangala/BTM Layout/Bommanahalli. Basically any place which is less than 5 kms.
Please please please help!!! Also any pointers on how to do a successful school hunting? Any blogs etc??

eranjali08 2019-05-28 12:25:35


Please reply!!

kavyar 2019-06-05 21:22:24


Hi, If you are looking for preschool, try Rayen kids on Devarachikkanahalli main road. If you are looking for a regular school, you can try St. Francis in madiwala

Aamar 2019-06-06 00:20:51


Hi, I searched play schools in HSR, based on the budget here is the list. (Approx. Fees for LKG) - Sesame Street - 80k - Kidzee - 64k - Bachpan -67k - Redwood - 66k - OI -115k - Klay -110k - Footprints - 99k All above are good schools which can be considered, not included pure schools in above list ex. JSS NPS Lawrence etc. Hopes this helps, as there are no better schools in Roopenagrahara consider HSR.

eranjali08 2019-06-06 07:04:22


Thank you for your reply. My son is currently going to Footprints, HSR. I am looking for a pure school for him for next session. I am actually targeting HSR only. But BTM, Koramangala should also be ok I guess. Can you please help me with those.


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