Application form for Kumarans Nursery 2020-2021 batch

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Sampath054 2019-11-04 14:12:37


I think, it is including all.

karthik339 2019-11-04 14:22:40


What i got is for DKS..

PC193 2019-11-04 14:53:56


Oh..20th Nov is very late. For DKS they had told it will take about only 2 weeks during the interview.

raggy 2019-11-04 15:09:35


@Priash...i did send the email....they dont pick the call which they have provided in the note section to reschedule

priash123 2019-11-04 15:12:33


@raggy - they don't pick the call. I had to send, resend mails twice or thrice.. I got an answer for my third reminder..

2016mon 2019-11-04 15:17:05


@dks2020, in previous years did they announce the result of tsf and dks together?

DKS2020 2019-11-04 16:30:34


If I remember correctly yes.. may b 1 day after other or so due to quantum of results they hv to publish.. They may need to complete TSF interviews to know how many kids to admit which will b based on limits of 1st std syllabus selected

raggy 2019-11-04 16:31:35


@priash....oh ...let me try the second option

2016mon 2019-11-04 18:29:06


@dks2020, I had not applied in any school, now we are literally tensed.

DKS2020 2019-11-04 19:15:51


Same here Ÿ But it's ok..

Navbkrish 2019-11-04 20:27:49


Has any applied in DPS south?

optimist123 2019-11-05 08:29:08


Do majority of children who attend interview get selected? How was it in previous years? They are really delaying.. . Other school options are also closing :(

pvs1 2019-11-05 09:29:37


Do we need any docs to carry for the interview? We have been called on 7th for the interview. 

DKS2020 2019-11-05 09:44:58


@optimist123 not really 100% but I guess success rate shud b somewhere in the range of 80-85%

DKS2020 2019-11-05 09:46:21


No need to carry any documents per se but ensure to keep interview invite handy (just in case)

pvs1 2019-11-05 09:56:51


Thank you.

2016mon 2019-11-05 10:53:52


No documents were needed. But I carry the application form. Name were written in a page,one mam was calling from them.

san07 2019-11-05 10:55:19


Based on last couple of years exp, I think there will be 50% chance of selection. If one is unlucky this yr then keep trying for LKG/UKG but it will depend on seats availability... Sometimes they don't call for admissions. But for 1st they will call for admissions. I think within 3-4 days of completion of interviews they should announce results first dks and then tsf. You can start checking for other schools but go little slow since other schools demand immediate fees after interactions. If not successful in kumaran then you can also consider good private preschool like Eurokids or podar jumbo kids since some other regular schools charge heavy fees and try again kumaran for 1st std.

priash123 2019-11-05 11:21:03


@san07 - absolutely! That's what even I am doing. If not kumarans then will not be giving in for any other school this year. Will continue my kid in the same preschool where she is now. Will check the options next year or directly for first standard.

optimist123 2019-11-05 16:26:55


Thank you for your responses. Keeping fingers crossed for all of us.

optimist123 2019-11-05 16:27:43


@pvs1... . We didn't carry any document. But yes you can carry the application form copy if you want. Good luck for interview

Mayura2017 2019-11-05 17:26:34


Even I want to know abt Lkg admission ?? I m too late I didn't know abt online application for nursery.. Wen I called to d school dey said its not possible for lkg admissions, d admissions is oly for pre kg..

Mayura2017 2019-11-05 17:29:17


Dey said dey won't take admissions for lkg.. Is dat true?? Pls let me know, if I can apply for lkg next year???

DKS2020 2019-11-05 17:50:04


Usually those who get into kumarans pre kg move out of school only after 10th std but school does open up for admissions every yr in case there is any vacancy coming up due to some parents getting transferred or moving out of city or opting to move out their kid to other school etc etc.. this is only on need basis though.. There is good opportunity to apply for 1st std as school does take in kids from outside for 1st std.. All the best

pvs1 2019-11-05 21:22:28


@optimist123  : Thank you v much

raggy 2019-11-05 22:34:13


Interviewed parents...did u check the status online in edchemy?

NewToParenting 2019-11-05 22:48:39


@raggy, Yes, no change in status as of now.

meenu412 2019-11-06 09:43:51


hello frnds..i also got reply that they will tell result by end of the month


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