Application form for Kumarans Nursery 2020-2021 batch

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Dewpu 2019-09-25 16:22:03


@Parhar2017, Can't agree more. We can wait till max - end Oct and by that time we would have lost Innisfree, no? Which means we need to keep looking at more options in Oct/Nov just to be sure. Crazy. 

Parhar2017 2019-09-26 11:30:51


Not many great icse schools in South Bangalore sparing a few... Most are cbse schools... Innisfree has its own advantages over kumarans in many ways... Just need to weigh our options

DY16 2019-09-26 11:40:23


Anybody has any updates on interview schedule for Kumarans?

Vinayd 2019-09-26 12:09:50


No news till now.looks like call may come after dasara

pradeep8892 2019-09-26 13:21:42


According to the holiday list updated on edchemy, dasara holidays starts from 28th of this month till 8th of oct. So the probability of we getting the notification in next two days is hardly possible. What I feel is, the school might start the proceedings during or soon after the holidays

pradeep8892 2019-09-26 13:23:07


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v172017 2019-09-26 18:53:47


how many seats are there in TSF for pre kg

v172017 2019-09-26 18:55:10


any idea how they ll short list in submitted form? or they ll cal all who submitted online.

Vinayd 2019-09-26 18:57:12


Don't know what criteria they have

pradeep8892 2019-09-26 20:32:07


The schools teacher to students ratio is 1:25 and they'll allot 2 teachers/section as per their website, so if their per section number is 50 and if they have 4 sections for prekg we are looking at 200 applicants consideration, however the selection process still remains a mystery.

AnxiousB777 2019-09-26 22:19:25


how is DPS south? I haven't seen this school discussed much.

san07 2019-09-26 22:56:31


In tsf they have 4 sections, 50 students per section. This year onwards they have 3 teachers each section. Apart from this they have activity teachers and resource teachers.

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 14:07:58


Just finished an interview with DPS. initial payment, development fee etc = Rs1 lakh in total. Post which ,tutition fee, outsourcing fee, books, transport etc comes to Rs 1,40,000 every year.

The payment has to be made soon. Unsure of what to do now. Kumarans is taking a very long time in comparison :(

Dewpu 2019-09-27 14:18:59


@AnxiousB777, DPS South have moved classes from Nursery-UKG to a new building, no? Construction fully completed? Did you visit their new campus? 

Dewpu 2019-09-27 14:20:36


Post successful evaluation, almost all schools are forcing us to pay in 1 week-10 days. So ridiculous. 

Vinayd 2019-09-27 14:24:22


Tahst how they make money by putting unnecessary pressure

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 14:24:41


The interviews are within the campus. The building looks completed, but it's clear this is a new campus. The grounds are bare. I couldn't do a proper tour because of the classes. Tours are allowed only after classes close for the day.

However, it looks good. I wouldn't fault them on their new building.

Vinayd 2019-09-27 14:24:42


What they mean by development fee

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 14:26:09


It felt to me that they were just splitting up the components for the sake of it, to make it more palatable. I didn't enquire on the details of the components.

Dewpu 2019-09-27 14:46:05


In the name of development / infrastructure, all these schools are taking money - they should just call it donation. Wonder if they actually use the money to improve infrastructure!

SAN113 2019-09-27 15:15:04


Hi wen did u applied to dps?

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 15:37:52


Applied to DPS earlier this week. Their process is much faster.

SAN113 2019-09-27 15:44:14


Ooo is it!! We r also applied on this Monday.. don't know wen they will call for an interaction.. how was that interaction? Did they asked questions to ur kid? Can u share ur experience so that it will b usefull to us.. thank u

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 16:05:21


There was no interview. All she (the principal) said was that we were admitted pending payment. And then she let us ask any questions if we have them. She also gave a chocolate to the kid.

Post which, she asked us to speak with the people in charge of payments. They gave us the fee breakup that I shared earlier.

Our kid was always with us, was not separated, and was not even spoken to. Unless they are applying some other criteria that I am unaware of, it seemed to me that DPS was very rationale in their approach by admitting nursery students without any interview.

AnxiousB777 2019-09-27 16:05:43


Their application did not ask us for our salary details either.

Parhar2017 2019-09-27 16:28:37


In most schools, they do prefer a interaction with child.. it's not interview by interaction.. the teachers are trained so they know what to assess in a child.. bt what I feel is most schools do offer admission irrespective of how the child responds.. cos it's nursery n even they know the child might not be that open

Vinayd 2019-09-27 16:32:53


Very true nursery is a very tender age to determine teh child abilities

Vinayd 2019-09-27 16:33:10


Tsf asked

SAN113 2019-09-27 18:44:26


Thanks for sharing ur exp.. wat u will do now.. will u wait for kumarans? Have seen in newspaper this dps south has secured first place cbse school in Bangalore..

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