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coolbreeze 2019-03-29 14:34:35


Hi All,

My son (3 years 10 months) just finished his first year of nursery at Kumarans. As everyother parent, we were delighted when he got through admission process last year. But looks like, I was in a shock. I am beginning to now question if Kumarans was the right school for my kid at all?

I am sure lot of you might be surprised with this, but let me share my experience. Recently they had year end PTM. My son's teacher expressed concern about writing ability of my kid. I would have been totally alright with constructive feedback, but it went beyond that and more felt like a threathing to me. While she emphasized that my sons writing ability was poor, she further went on to tell me that he will be put into state syllabus instead of the preferred board which was ICSE. 

Now this leaves me concerned. Why are they so insistent on my kids writing ability at tender age of 3 years 10 months? I was all the while thinking pre-kg is more of fun for kids with ofcourse some learning in the class. And if I tie back things together, I realize that my son used to throw tantrums to go school when they were conducting the exams. Was he already stressed? ofcourse they dont send a circular for saying we are conducting exam on so and so date (which I appreciate), but once i saw the answer sheet file, i could make the above correlation. 

Teacher went on to share and say how other kids are writing better compared to my son by totally being oblivious to the fact that they are mostly 7-8 months edler. Each kid has their own learning curve and pressurising them to write at young age is not right. Eventually this is no good for child's self-confidence either especially when ththis feedback is given right in front of him ( multiple times). Do teachers and management understand anything about child physcology at all? 

While i understand this is not right , a subconcious part of me had already started to push my kid to practice writing every day... and i not okay with this feeling. Afterall every parent wants to see his kid happy and putting them under stress at this tender age is no good. 

I am also not sure if this is the norm in every school today and if I need to change my prespective and do what is right. Or i may be over-reacting as a parent too

I am open to suggestions and would like to know if other parents had similar experiences before

Concerned parent 

NavBlr 2019-04-05 12:55:51


Hi Coolbreeze,

Sadly that is how it is. Children in PreKG do learn to write A-Z 0-9. I was surprised at this as well when i sent my kid to nearby montessori. I sent him to just play and pass time but he was writing and bringing answer sheet file home. He even had homework everyday. Teachers are going to compare with other children in the same class and will not consider the few months age difference. Imagine how your kid will perform next year in LKG when other kids would have gone to the next level writing in both uppercase and lower case and even would start writing words. Same as he progresses to higher classes.
Teachers will be questioned by parents if their kids don't perform well later on, hence they try to be proactive in this aspect by informing the parents. May be they could have told this to you without the kid around. You need to understand their situation as well. You don't know how each parent is. Reminds me of parent teaching Big Data to a kid in 5th Standard so that he gets ready for the job market when he finishes college. That's how some parents stress their kids. IIT and NEET coaching from 6th standard? Do you want to do that? 
Being in state board is no shame. If that's less stressful so be it. You should be open to change of board based on the child's abilities. You should not push the the child to stress as a parent as well. 

Now coming to what you could do, give writing practice to the child. Don't pressurise him but try to teach him in some other playful way. Montessori methods might work. Try some youtube videos. Also try to send him to a local montessori school for summer camp. Ask them to teach him some writing. 

Do evaluate how the child performs in LKG and UKG and take a call. It's always the best for child to go to school happily rather than throwing tantrums every morning. May be he will change and progress. 

Still if there are issues even after UKG in a competitive school like Kumarans, I would look out for a school like Steiners or Valley (hard to get a seat and very expensive) with alternative pedagogy . If the kid needs to learn practically without any competitive stress this is the best way. So be patient and decide in 2 years.


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