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Abe 2010-10-29 15:27:17


Dineshagg: Where did you calculate the 500 kids per class? Vibgyor has 24kids per class and 7 sections per grade. That makes about 170 kids per grade and a total of under 3000 children assuming all grades from playgroup till 12th.

Of course, they may increase sections. But as of now, 170 children per grade is fair and other schools have same children handled by lesser number of teachers. 


 Former member 2010-10-29 15:30:35


I am just wondering how come deens has become so popular this year ?? In case if somebody can point me to its positive, it will be really nice. I am not sure having smart board in teaching makes so much difference. I would really like to know how good they are in academics ??

   Since its new school and seeing the same hype this year for  deens as it was 3 years back for vibgyor (when they also had max 3 sections) makes me wonder what is the guarantee that it will not become money-minded like VIBGYOR down the line ??   I find myself in "once bitten , twice shy" condition where I have lost trust on all new schools at-least !!




Confused 2010-10-29 15:32:40


Congrats to all who got admission.

For rest, what other schools are we looking at now?

If possible share the information.


 Former member 2010-10-29 17:53:42


"Hyped" is the right word for the scene in Schooling for toddlers and small children.

Its amazingly  sad to note that to proportionate every child that pays approx 1 lc Rs to start a preschool, there are min 8-10 children in surrounding among the BPL, maids , servants, other crieterion who will not even see the school for many more years to come.

Also, the schools which are hyped so much, will probably provide a cleaner environment compared to other real meaning schools, which in long run will not increase the knowledge or values in the kids by any degree compared to other schools, but definitely will reduce immunity in children since they will never be exposed to any so called LESS Secure environment in the premium schools.

( During a recent visit to a school in Gadag, situated in tiny premises and having shortange of basic facilities like clean water and a big classrooms, I was amazed to see a IV children calculating difficult percentage sums mentally, relating it to the real life examples) I bet no average or even above average students in premium schools in bangalore can compete with that.

The fees charged for above school is Rs 350/- per anum and half the parents dont pay them. A classroom has 20 benches and 70+ students adjusting on them, some sitting downon floor in front of teacher.Childern wear the same uniform until their body tightly fits in it and torns the uniform. So is the case with sleepers and shoes.Drinking water is filled once in a week in a black plastic tub, which a school pune gives to children by a mug we use in Toilets.

THIS IS REALITY SCHOOLING FOR A VAST VAST NUMBER of children. And in the same state somewhere kilometers away, we are here crossing our fingers and praying gods and congratulating each other who got an opportunity to Cough lacs and feel great to give a start to our preschooler.

Guys, this SUCKS. I as a parent have decided that if I put my baby in a school, and can afford it, I can as well afford to educate two more chidren in my vicinity- The minimum I can do to get the frustration away.  I urge parents who are under influence of Hype of premium schools to look at the options like Vagdevi, HAL public school, KVs and many more options available in surroundings which  will undoubtedly give your children equal or better education than so called premium schools. We know how our government sucks, but that is no reason the small innocent children should suffer due to the diversity. If you are ready to pay thousands and lacs as donation, please consider one child in your surrounding, whose education in a lower rated school by you can be sponsored in 10-20 thousands.



Confused 2010-10-29 19:56:03


Hi Sheetal,

I appreciate your view and the concern that you are showing for the underprivilidged children.

However I believe parents who are discussing here, just want to share some information and its just extending a courtesy to a fellow human being to congratulate if someone got something (admission in this case).

Contrary to what you believe, many people might not be under the influence of "Hype", rather they are concerned about their Kids well being and convenience.

Its not unfair to anyone if one wants a better education for own children.

Admission fees and fight for seats is largly governed by market forces and not purely because of hype.











 Former member 2010-10-29 21:51:08


Hi Confused.

There is much larger picture just beyond market forces and our childrens welbeing and convinience if we think beyond our Family.

This is a great platform to share information and content in my post is just another information which even being aware, many of us pretend not to be aware of.

I have no intention to reduce your Wards admission excitement, and I am a parent too. So kindly take my message in right  sense. Where is the convinience for sending a 4 year old through polluted traffic and let him suffer for 2-4 hours in Bus just in order to reach his great school. People who read other threads will empathise with this. People who doing this to children are surely under INFLUENCE.

Moreever My message is to just give a thought if we can do something to help our bit for our own society. Its no compulsion and nobody is bound to follow that.

 Its so unfair for all; person earning 10 lacs to spend 1 lac on education, and a person earning 30 K pa cant afford to send their children to even basic schools since the cost is more than 50% of their earning.

Be Responsible!


agoodmom 2010-10-31 17:42:53


Thanks a lot sdewangan, Lavanya, mom2, Bloom - really thankful to everyone on the forum for timely feedback and responses to queries. This whole admission process has been tough and confusing to say the least - thanks again!


DineshAgg 2010-11-02 09:33:28


congrats agoodmom,

Hi Abe,

I am just passing on what I heard from one of the parents whose son is in Vibgyor UKG. They told me their son is in section P. He may have been wrong about 22 sections but I am sure there are more than 7 sections.



Confused 2010-11-02 10:39:23


Hi All,

I have the same concern about how Vibgyor will be able to cope, once the children grow up. In my list Gopalan International is taking precedence ahead of Vibgyor.

Any infor on Gopalan International?







 Former member 2010-11-08 09:54:56


below post was deleted because of some violation , pasting it after correcting it :

My child is in LKG and they have 13 sections for sure ( till M)  and now all whitefield children will move tomarthalli branch as they are closing down that center and parents are being asked to take transfer. I assume whitefield will also have minimum 4-5 sections, hence there will be minimum 18-20 sections for pre-primary.  Their infrastructure is really pathetic, dunno How they are going to handle so many children in two  tiny skating ring and basket ball court.  The nearby ground which they use for some evnts is on lease.

  The prinicpal of school has no say in this as director of this school ( who owns all centers) is very money-minded. He and owner of all VIBGYOR schools have only one aim in mind and that is MONEY, MONEY and MONEY.  Prev. principal was good but  asked to move because of differences ( she was atleast educationalist and didn't had only money in her list).  



Atmesh 2010-11-22 16:53:45


Hi ,

I was looking for admission for nursery in Vibgyor kids at Whitefield but when i went to visit them for admission i got the shocking news that they are no more part of Vibgyor.

I met with the principal, this lady named "Ami Desai" who told me that they are starting a new Preschool called Tierra preschool, in the same premises and with the same staff. They have even started admission for the same.

Does anybody have more information on this new Preschool being started "Tierra PreSchool"

Any kind of information will be appreciated.



toptree 2010-11-28 00:00:34



Same here, I went to the whitefield center thinking its VIBGYOR but TIERRA was a news to me. The staff sounded confident and I liked the place with respet to a pre-school requirements. However I am not sure if the same place will be used as Tierra.

They seem to have a healthy teacher to student ratio and I could meet with content parents there too. Looking at the mad race for pre-schools and the demand supply equation empowering monopoly to some of them, Tierra doesn't look like a bad option to me even though it's a start-up. After all it's the staff and their vision that makes a school great and help establish a brand. So why can't Tierra be the Deen's of tomorrow? I like the vision and motto shared by the principal.

However I would seek inputs from others who have gone there and experienced.



Atmesh 2010-11-29 16:22:44


Hi Toptree,

Thanks for the update, i have the same concerns about this new place, if it will be still called Tierra or something else or would close down due to less numbers.

But the principal and staff seemed quite convincing and confident and i guess its up to us to trust them and take this risk.

It would be great if you could share some more info about the same and will be great if we can share our thoughts regarding the same. You can reach me at atmesh76 at the rate of rediffmail dot com.



nischal123 2010-11-29 17:35:32



Can some somebody tell me what is age limit for toddler and PG in deenis




aanvi 2011-07-15 16:44:21


hi..2 years..


shilchill 2011-10-31 12:23:57


Hi Aanvi,


Did you hear any update from Deans Academy for 2012 admission.

heard that they have started Giving out calls.




lgb 2012-09-12 00:14:16


Tierra is being acquired by Chrysallis High and will shortly be rebranded as Chrysallis Kids.

The acquiring was suppose to be in 2013 but due to Ami Desai bad health, school is in lot of mess. Last year it was so good that we decided to continue for this year too and what a bad decision it turned out to be!

Anyways, Chrysallis is better management but this year because they are not taking extra fees for Tierra, I have a feeling the branch may be treated as a Step-Child.

Don't know, feel like pulling my kid out of there but again for 7 months cnt afford to give admisison fee and annual fee to new school.

Sad to see down falll of such a good school with great teachers like Tierra.


Rajasek 2012-11-21 12:16:23


Those who applied got Pre-KG, Please check your email. Today we got a confirmation email from Deen's.

All the best!!!



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